Shame on the religious rulers…

Shame on the “leaders” who continually oppress others who are being trained by God. When you see them breaking out of the chains of religion and letting God use them you bully them into believing that they aren’t good enough or qualified enough to be used by God, and this needs to stop! Basing your own credibility on a title and “time in service” is laughable! You had a “day one” in ministry and you probably made your share of mistakes when you first began, and are most likely still making mistakes. There’s so much hatred, control, jealousy and cliques in Christendom that I’m beginning to see it as a man made kingdom instead of an institute of God. Bullying and oppressive behavior aren’t characteristics of Christ and there’s no place for it in God’s Kingdom- it comes from darkness. Stop using your title to bully and condescend others. The real battle is with the kingdom of darkness, not our brothers and sisters in Christ. Worry about that sin going on in your church and in yourself that you’re too afraid to address because you don’t want to loose members and lovingly offer advise/correction to those you see preaching/teaching in error.

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