Deception through the name Jesus Christ part 2


Paul the apostle also mentioned that most will have a form of godliness but denying its power.  The power in this context represents “a moral force,” not necessarily Charismatic gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophesy, healing the sick, etc. Paul is telling us again that in the last days (this present time) there will be many deceivers; performers of “miracles”, bible quoters, church attenders, preachers and teachers of  doctrines who lack the spiritual ability to attain holiness. Most acclaimed believers in Christ have lost the beauty of the moral force, they don’t have the consciousness and passion for holiness, conforming to the accurate image of Christ is no longer a goal. What kills the moral force is the pursuit of worldly pleasures and cares of this world. When believers cease from pursuing holiness and sinlessness in Christ and become earthly (money, fame, popularity, material), conscious they stop producing genuine fruits of the Spirit, and by that, they’ll only entertain religious beliefs without reaching spiritual maturity in Christ, which as a result will make them subject to a deceiving spirit.

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