Why Isn’t Tithe For The Poor Taught In “The Church”?

fat pastorI have NEVER heard ANY preacher preach about, talk about or in any wise teach about  “TITHE FOR THE POOR.” At the end of every three years you are to take all the tithe of your produce from that year and store it in your towns. Then the Levi, because he has no share or inheritance like yours, along with the foreigners, the orphan and the widow living in your towns, will come, eat and be satisfied — so that Yahua your God will bless you in everything your hands produce. ~ Deuteronomy 14:28-29.

Me having a mother as a pastor and being surrounded by the religious Christian community my entire life already know the excuses that most church leaders will give for not teaching about the TITHE FOR THE POOR, they will say “God was talking to the Jews” well, God was talking to the Jews concerning ALL TITHING!!!!!  But since the Levites [who were Hebrews chosen by Yah to keep the temple] no longer exist, the Jews currently don’t give tithes, If there is ANY JEW accepting anything called “tithe” they are counterfeit Jews.

The Gentile Christian fraudsters leaders  have manipulated the minds of religious people to believe that they can win favor from Yah and ward off curses by giving 10% of their income [tithes] to their pastors. But, in reality according to the Bible, only the Levites were required to pay tithes [to bring the tithe of tithes into the storehouse which wasn’t money, it was food! Deut 14:22-29] Nehemiah 10:38. In reality, it is the duty of THE PASTORS (since they claim to be the Levites) NOT THE CONGREGATION to bring the tithes into the storehouse to benefit the poor . Nehemiah 13:5. 

Has your tithe paying saved you from any type of loss during the corona virus pandemic? Is your cup running over? It’s time to accept the truth that God is showing you and free yourself from being monetary slaves to false prophets and pastors!  Repent of your sins and seek holiness, which is more valuable than riches. 

10 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Tithe For The Poor Taught In “The Church”?

  1. It’s really a shame that most people would rather believe lies and suffer unnecessarily than to adhere to the truth. Religious people have it all wrong- they call the blinds those who don’t go to church but I’m beginning to see that the REAL blinds are the religious people. You’re right, tithing is the biggest scam in operation today!

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  2. The REAL shame is that the Christians of today love ignorance! If the masses are tithing they will continue doing it, even if they KNOW they aren’t benefiting from tithing! Anyone who has been tithing and giving offerings faithfully for 6 months should be WEALTHY by now! There’s no shortage of money so what is the excuse? The sad truth of the matter is most Christians won’t wake up until they are dead and have crossed over. There are a handful of Christians who know the truth about tithing but because fear has enveloped them, they sit quietly on the sidelines and watch others debate about it!


  3. I’m learning…. I would say I’m learning late but it’s not too late, I’m learning in just enough time to teach my family members and friends of this fraud that has crippled my family for generations! I used to tithe until I learned the truth through this virus, my mother tithed, her mother tithed, and her mother did. We all tithed mostly to the same pastor for years only to have NOTHING now! We have lost everything and the church wont even pay our electric bills and money for food to help us sustain during this pandemic. We had a conversation and added up all of the money that we had given in tithes in just the past 15 years and our money combined was over 300,000!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth are we suffering now? Why have we lost everything including the lives of some family members and we’ve been tithing????


  4. Tithe for the poor isn’t taught in the church because the church is full of poor people! Most of the people occupying the pews are poor, uneducated people who feel hopeless because of their lack of faith and their disobedience to God who are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme or a magic bible verse that will make their despair disappear. If the pastors taught about the tithe for the poor, they would be utterly out of business!


  5. Yeah, what Timothy Moore said. It’s not taught in the church because there’s too many poor people in the church, the pastor doesn’t want to share any of the money!!!!


  6. I paid tithes my whole life, my mother taught me to. Now, I’ve lost everything-everything because of the virus, I can’t even get my pastor to answer his phone much less help me pay a bill. Maybe God allowed this to open my eyes to the truth because to be honest, I never needed anything while I was tithing so the tithing was never “tested”, now, I’m in need and the only help that I received was a stimulus check that was spent before i received it. My job is gone forever. Now what?


  7. It’s not taught because the thieves in the church are just that, THIEVES! You’ve included verses in the bible where it can be found and yet those false prophets that do read this and even those who already know that it’s in there will never teach this to their followers because they want all of the money, besides, they would have to take an offering for the poor and that’s a no-no!


  8. I have never heard of this in all of my years of church going! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know that this was even in the bible. The church of today isn’t interested in teaching the truth, it is only interested in popularity, the pastors are only interested in hiding their own sins instead of repenting of them. If God would allow us to see the wickedness of most of the people mounting pulpits I can assure you that most people would never attend church again! The preach forgiveness when I know many who haven’t spoken to family members or friends for years because they can’t forgive them for one thing or another, that’s just one item on a very long list. This counterfeit of today is not the church of God, it’s not the body of Christ. This is an intruder that eased it’s way in and took over! The first time I saw gays on the usher board I wondered, when I heard of pastors impregnating THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS, my mouth opened and stayed that way when the pastors were not told to step down, but when I saw LGBT pastors, and pastors marrying same sexes together that’s when I KNEW that God wasn’t in ANYTHING called the church (of today).


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