What Gospel Artists Will do for money!

cceewinas1Is CeeCee Winans so hard up for money that she’ll take it even from Satan himself? Who doesn’t know TB Joshua (Temitope Balogun Joshua)? Anyone, except those who have been charmed into believing that he’s a credible “man of god” knows that he is a known ritualist, a partaker of black magic and no one to hold hands with if you call yourself a true man/woman of God! He has spiritually sacrificed many lives in Nigeria and South Africa and just wait and see what happens in Mexico now that he’s left his footprint there. I am disgusted but really shouldn’t be surprised that CeeCee Winans endorsed this man by singing for him in Mexico.  I wonder what he gave her in exchange besides a tremendous amount of money?  She’s so non-spiritual that if she is having spiritual problems in her life due to her endorsement of  TB Joshua she wouldn’t even know it! She’ll attribute health problems, mental health problems and bad luck to “normal things”  instead of her association to TB Joshua. TB Joshua’s money has his demons attached to it. I will NEVER purchase another CC Winans cd, THAT’S FOR CERTAIN! 



Alvin Slaughter and  Vashawn Mitchell  also endorsed Joshua by singing for him in Mexico and Mitchell has performed for him on his birthday as well as other events! Do you realize that your endorsements are leading others to believe that this magician is an authentic “man of God”? Your actions have led people to darkness. Do you know the implications of your actions? OR DO YOU CARE?! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!


You all shook hands with a ritualist and most likely used those same hands to “lay on” people!  AND YOU DID IT ALL FOR MONEY and who knows what else! He recently built a school in Ecuador, JUST WAIT AND SEE if there wont be some huge catastrophe there claiming the lives of many! To the nonspiritual people the catastrophic event will seem “normal” or seem to be “caused my natural causes” or “unpreventable” events, but anyone who truly knows the nature of  Joshua KNOWS WHAT HE’S CAPABLE OF! Just know this Cee Cee Winans, Vashawn Mitchell, Alvin Slaughter and anyone else who go to dark places to obtain money or fame- NO ONE EATS FROM SATAN FOR FREE!  There is a price to pay. 

People of God this is why you should pray pray pray and use discernment before buying “gospel music”. Know what spirits you’re bringing into your house, even if the music sounds good. 

4 thoughts on “What Gospel Artists Will do for money!

  1. This is what the Lord says: “Away with your hymns of praise—they are mere noise to my ears. I will not listen to your music, no matter how lovely it is. “I want to see a mighty flood of justice—a torrent of Holiness.” (Amos 5:23-24)


  2. Can you imagine, the blind Christians are still hailing these money hungry heathens as people of God? All that I have to say is that the alarm has been sounded, it’s time for the Christians who REALLY love God to WAKE UP and come out of religion and ask God to show them His truth! Religion has made complete FOOLS of Christians!

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  3. What people WONT do for money! If these people didn’t claim to be Christians, authentic followers of Christ that would be one thing… I call this sell out behavior and if anyone questions them- they already have their rebuttals well rehearsed. Hmmm, I know the excuses church folk can give to justify ANYTHING under the sun. They should be ashamed of themselves!


  4. We are living in the last days! I pray that the fear of God would fall upon the people so that they would come back to Him. These are perilous times.


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