Malawi “Prophets” Use Witchcraft, Satanism and Magic

Africa is filled with mysteries, high level witchcraft, dark magic. white magic, satanism, occultism, human sacrifices and the list goes on and on. I too was once a skeptic until I visited Africa: West and South Africa and began to make my own investigations.


 In an interview on a Malawian television talk show, “prophet” Kautsire made claims that modern day prophets are not using the power of the holy spirit to perform “miracles”. Kautsire stated that when he visited South Africa, he met a very prominent, well known false prophet [name witheld] who shared detailed secrets of his fame and fortune and ability to fool people into believing that he is a genuine prophet of G-d. He was told of certain rituals that he had to perform if he were to become a renowned prophet. Kautsire stated that the ritual involved sacrifices that included the killing of family members or church members,  which isn’t uncommon to hear of or witness in Malawi or other parts of Africa. 

ritualists remove human hearts ijebu igbo ogun state

Human hearts removed by ritualists who were captured and arrested in West Africa 

“I am speaking this from experience, some prophets have had to sacrifice their church members to gain fame. You have heard of people dying in places of worship, it is because they are using the people as sacrifices,” said Kautsire [a comment which commentators said was referring to the Nigerian teleprophet TB Joshua at whose church over a hundred people died].

“There are some who are told to keep a worm and keep feeding it, the worm grows into a snake and when it comes to that stage where it is a snake, it brings in a lot of money. The catch is that one should never sleep with their wife but the snake,”said Kautsire disclosing the secrets in the dark world of prophecy. 


How many testimonies will it take for Christians to OPEN THEIR EYES? America has it’s share of false prophets yes, but the stakes are higher now- now Americans are travelling to Africa to learn this evil and they’re bringing it back to the United States! Many of these American preachers who are travelling to Africa, aren’t just going there to preachTHEY ARE GOING TO AFRICA TO GET JU-JU and their congregation WONT EVEN KNOW IT so that they can become or remain rich and famous and appear to be prophetic!  Even more, because the fake African prophets are being exposed in their own countries- they are now moving to the United States to spread their venom here! There’s a lot of people going around claiming to be “awakened”…. well, I have reason to doubt it. 

occult money

 Money acquired by evil means in Africa 

A Warning to Americans who want to worship unknown African gods


Confession of An Angry Spiritualist

False Prophet/Magician “Pastor” Alph Lukau

6 thoughts on “Malawi “Prophets” Use Witchcraft, Satanism and Magic

  1. It’s true, most Americans will never see it coming because the Christians believe that if they say they don’t believe in it, it can’t affect them but that’s FAR from true! The ONLY way that it won’t affect you is if you are living holy, I mean genuine holiness! Your posts will help many eyes to open.

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  2. Thanks for posting this keeping the people informed. There is so much that that black church in America doesn’t know, and think that because these prophets and preachers come from Africa that they are harmless and innocent, but I know better and other Americans are learning too.


  3. I pray that the seekers of God’s Truth will be led to this site. It is full of information not taught in the church most likely because the pastors dont know it (or are involved it). May the eyes of God’s people be opened


  4. Abigail from south Africa..we almost seen this “false prophets” all we need to do is read our Bible and pray ourselves at our homes to save our life’s let’s all repent to the lord AMEN


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