How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 1

I am about to reveal to you how MANY [not all] false prophets obtain their ability to prophesy, obtain secret/personal knowledge, perform fake miracles and obtain wealth, fame, fortune and popularity. There are wealthy business people, celebrities, and pastors/preachers who use these methods as well. These methods are used in the United States and throughout Africa and this knowledge comes from a TRUSTED SOURCE confirmed by a knowledgeable source from West Africa who has first hand knowledge and experience in magic and occultism. Initiates would be killed for disclosing this information, but since I am not an initiate I AM DISCLOSING IT in hopes that your eyes will be opened to the reality of how far one will go to obtain fame, influence, power, and money under the guise of  “the prophetic.”

magic 2

Those seeking power who are unable to access this secret information on their own are made to pay a considerable amount of money to obtain it, especially in Africa so that they can become wealthy or achieve whatever their earthly desires are, but what they soon learn afterwards is that this secret will cost them- in the end- a lot more than money, it will cost them their soul. 

I’ve learned that there are “elemental spirits” [demons] that can be conjured by anyone to work for them. By means of the secret processes of ceremonial magic it is possible to contact these invisible entities to assist you in achieving selfish desires. Many of these demons are stubborn and are difficult to be controlled but then there are those that aren’t stubborn and are waiting to be employed and will serve the seeker faithfully, but you can’t go to them directly [not at first], you must go through a stronger higher spiritual entity to gain access to the lower demons, he’s sort of like a pimp.


You must go through the PIMP (head demon) to get to the whores (servant demons)


The magic seeker must make an agreement with this higher demonic entity (the pimp) to be given access to one of the lower demons “the servant demon (the whore).” When the magic seeker enters into agreement with the “the pimp” the magic seeker must agree to certain conditions, those conditions will be something like this… the pimp demon will ask the magic seeker, “why did you summons me?” and the seeker will tell him why [i.e. I want to be rich and famous…] the pimp demon will say ” I will make you rich and famous for as long as you live- If you will sign yourself over to me,” and the seeker will then either agree or disagree.  

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The magic seeker is usually instructed to stand inside of a circle “a seal” to protect himself from being harmed by this entity (the pimp) during an invocation. Certain prayers and invocations are recited while the seeker is standing within the circle, and there are certain symbols and words written within the circle.  

The entity may say ” In addition to you signing yourself over to me, I will serve you if you walk naked publicly once a month” the seeker doesn’t have to agree, he can say “no, choose something else”, the entity can then say ” I will serve you if you have sex with 50 women each month” If the seeker thinks that this is something he/she can accomplish, then he’ll agree, if not he’ll tell the entity, “no, choose something else”, the entity can then say “this is my last offer- I will serve you if you offer me one human soul from your family or congregation each year” [this death is done by spiritual means, the deaths will appear to be by natural causes or by accidents] if this is something that the magic seeker believes he/she can accomplish, then he’ll agree and seal the contract with the pimp demon by SIGNING HIS/HER SOUL OVER TO HIM knowing that the demon will ensure that the seeker receives EVERYTHING that he/she asked for- now the seeker of magic will be given access to [the whore] the servant demon and the servant demon will tell the seeker it’s name [this is why some false prophets will say, “my angel just walked in the building” or “my angel just touched my right shoulder and sometime they will even tell you it’s name- ITS NOT THEIR ANGEL, IT’S THEIR SERVANT DEMON!!].


Sometimes the false prophets say things like, “my help is here” or “my angel is here” but what they are REALLY referring to is their DEMON- their servant spirit/the whore


If the seeker of magic chooses well, he/she will choose a servant demon that will faithfully serve him/her for their lifetime. When the false prophet seems to be prophesying or speaking hidden/unknown personal details of one’s life- it’s really the whore spirit speaking through the false prophet using the voice of the false prophet. No, it won’t sound anything like the movie THE EXORCIST, since the false prophet/prophetess has made a covenant with the higher demon (the pimp) to access his/her soul, the demon has been granted permission to use the soul of the false prophet and thus speak through him/her. It is a seamless transaction of the host {false prophet} submitting to an evil spirit that can not be seen with the natural eye, but IF THE SEEKER EVER FAILS TO PROVIDE THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN TO THE PIMP- THEY WILL DIE, or sometimes go crazy and after death their soul wont ascend up to heaven, the soul will remain with the demon to be his servant for all eternity.

To many Americans this all will sound like a scary novel, but it’s not – IT’S REAL and will continue to happen whether you believe in it or not, and many pastors, false prophets, aspiring false prophets and false evangelists have brainwashed their congregants to not believe such stories by saying that their “power” comes from G-d, just to keep them ignorant and their secret safe! Many will talk about other false prophets to hide the fact that they too are magicians also.My in-law was sentenced to 25 years in a foreign country for selling drugs, he and 4 other men, my husbands uncle [a West African spiritualist] instructed his brother to give him the complete name of the Warden of the prison and the name of the Judge and he would be released. In 7 days, AFTER BEING SENTENCED he was released from the prison while the others were left to serve their sentences! He sent his “servants” to do the job. This is not an uncommon practice for a high spiritualist. 


Demons can take on any appearance, they don’t always appear as ugly, unapproachable beings. They oftentimes take on the appearance of children, beautiful women and handsome men. 


During the negotiation process the demon will ALWAYS require things of the seeker that will be very difficult to continue throughout one’s lifetime and the requirement is actually designed to make the seekers life miserable even if the demon is providing them with enormous wealth and fame. Demons can require women initiates to not have sex with their husbands and only have sex with women OR require male initiates to engage in homosexual activities EVEN IF THEY’RE MARRIED just to make them miserable and likely to break their agreement so that the demon can take the life of that person. Demons can require initiates to have sex with children or animals as a mandatory part of the agreement to provide one with fame, fortune, etc. These pimp demons require seekers of magic to do unthinkable evils, they aren’t nice, sweet, subtle, caring entities-these spirits are evil spirits and evil spirits serve only those who live to pervert and destroy.

There are ways that the false prophets call their “servants” during a church service when they need them quickly WITHOUT YOU BEING AWARE, there are certain things that must always be done before invocation, and there are things that YOU can do to never, ever be affected or harmed by these false prophets. I will write about those things in another posting. 

While many people are envying false prophets because of their wealth and fame, the false prophets may give an outward appearance of being happy and content- showing off their wealth, but secretly they are unhappy and taxed by the high demands of the pimp demon responsible for their success.  


Stay Tuned For Part II- How false prophets invoke servant demons, why False prophets MUST ALWAYS give thanks and honor to G-d, names of some of the servant demons. 

Matthew 24:24 – For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Romans 16:18 – For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.


How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 2~ (How servant demons are invoked)

4 thoughts on “How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 1

  1. I’ve been searching and waiting and wondering when I would come accross information such as this! This is very interesting and educational and this is very much needed especially today! The truth must be told and not many have access to this truth. Thank you for posting this, I can assure you that this will be a real eye opener and help for many. Im looking forward to part two.


  2. Let me be the first to THANK YOU for caring enough about God’s people to share this information. God’s people perish from the lack of knowledge!


  3. Those who truly love God and are in search of the truth will be led to your page. The people of God need to learn about these things as they are not taught in the church. We are living in a time where no one seems to be seeing spiritually and this is most dangerous because we are living in a time where we are surrounded by darkness and fooled by all sorts of spiritual manipulation.


  4. Please Please Please continue to educate the blind people in Christianity who are so spiritually blind that they can’t differentiate between the Holy Spirit and magic


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