How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 2~ (How servant demons are invoked)

I am about to reveal to you how MANY [not all] false prophets obtain their ability to prophesy, obtain secret/personal knowledge, perform fake miracles and obtain wealth, fame, fortune and popularity. There are wealthy business people, celebrities, and pastors/preachers who use these methods as well. These methods are used in the United States and throughout Africa and this knowledge comes from a TRUSTED SOURCE confirmed by a knowledgeable source from West Africa who has first hand knowledge and experience in magic and occultism. Initiates would be killed for disclosing this information, but since I am not an initiate I AM DISCLOSING IT in hopes that your eyes will be opened to the reality of how far one will go to obtain fame, influence, power, and money under the guise of  “the prophetic.”

If you’ve read part 1, you now know the first stage in which the false prophets undergo to obtain “power” [they don’t really have power, it’s a demon working for/through them]. After the agreement is made with the higher demon (referred to as the pimp in part one), they magic seeker is then given access to the lower demons (the servant demons referred  to as the “whores in the last segment). There are many servant demons- so many that no one can list them all- Machiel {the demon of litigation and justice}, Baruel {the teacher demon}, and Aciebel {controls things on/below the water} are just a few of millions upon millions of servant demons, there is a demon for financial assistance, a demon for removing sickness, a demon for finding lost objects, etc.

There is a demon that can do ILLEGALLY  FOR A PRICE what G-d will do FREELY to those who trust and obey Him. [Illegal demonic acts are for example giving wealth to one who is not worthy according to G-d, or illegally removing a sickness that the sick person did not believe G-d to remove] 

When the magic seeker is given access to the servant demons he/she will choose one to service him/her for a lifetime. 

Once the false prophet has chosen a demon to serve him/her for the entirety of his/her life, and the demon begins to perform for him, he is then considered a magician or an illusionist.  Certain rituals must be performed to summons the servant demon. Each demon has it’s own sign which is used for invocation, the sign must be made in front of the seal that is stood upon by the magician [ discussed in the last segment] in the early hours of the day before sunrise. There are certain objects that must be brought inside of the circle with a certain invocation calling the name of the demon that the magician wishes to appear. The name of the demon must be called precisely and distinctively. Each demon can only be invoked at certain days/times of the week, month or year.  If one has chosen a demon who isn’t stubborn and responds quickly, a summons can be camouflaged to appear as “praying in tongues” which is one of the most preferred ways to openly summons a servant demon without be suspected. When summonsing a demon, the demon must be called two to three times. Singing is another way to secretly summons a demon, and many false prophets secretly summons their demons while “preaching,” others summons them before they appear on the pulpit. There are servant demons that can be summoned with certain gestures such as widening the eyes, or scratching one’s head. The magician will choose and perfect a method that is discreet and convenient. The old trick that is used of waving a coat to make someone fall is by the use of a servant demon. 

The beginning of the invocation ceremony begins with prayer. Believe it or not, the magician MUST pray to the ALMIGHTY G-D! Yes, he prays to G-d and gives honor to Him as the most High, as the creator of the heavens and the earth and all the inhabitants of the earth and heavens. They pray to G-d because EVEN THE DEMONS ARE SUBJECT TO HIM,  and although these evil spirits are demons, they still bow before G-d, demons can not exist without G-d allowing them to, the same as humans. The magician knows that there is a hierarchy in the spirit realm, structured sort of like the American military. The chief of the military is the President, whether the soldiers like him or not he’s still the president [their boss] and they must obey his orders. There is a (hierarchy) in the military called “the chain of command,” if you need to get to the President, you cant break the chain of command- you have to go up the chain of command to communicate with the President. In the spirit realm, it’s the opposite, you have to go through G-D [the president] the Ruler, and the Controller of EVERYTHING seen and unseen, before the magician can gain access to the lower world. If reverence isn’t made to the Creator [the highest in the spiritual hierarchy], the magician can never gain access to these servant demons. *The in depth explanation of the system of spiritual hierarchy/ order of the angels is lengthy and will be discussed in another article in the future

* In part 3, I will share more about invocations, why the magician/illusionists [false prophets] always pray to G-D, why they acknowledge Jesus, why they pray and read the bible AND G-D HASN’T SENT A LIGHTNING BOLT DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO KILL THEM and what the magician MUST DO ALWAYS to keep the demon responsive to him/her.


There are servant demons that can be summoned with certain gestures such as waving a handkerchief or prayer.

2 thoughts on “How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 2~ (How servant demons are invoked)

  1. I really enjoyed all of the graphics. Such an interesting read, this is one thing that is missing in all religious teachings, the reality of the presence and conjuring of evil.


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