“Prophet” Anthony Lott Jr. – Believe Me or Be Kicked Out of Church!


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Is it MANDATORY to believe everything spoken in church by a “prophet”? Since when do people get kicked out of church [the so-called house of God] for not accepting everything that is spoken by the preacher/prophet?  If this is what today’s church has been reduced to, no wonder there is such a rapid decline in church attendance. The pulpit shenanigans have become increasingly blatant and rampant to the point that I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been an attempt to ban “places of worship”. This clip should be a REAL EYE OPENER for those who ever doubted the authenticy of prophet  Anthony Lott Jr, and most other Christian charlatans. 

For those of you who watched the video, did you hear when he tried to induce fear in that man for not believing his “prophecy” by saying that he would develop a condition in his body? 



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                          Matthew 7:15 

 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

8 thoughts on ““Prophet” Anthony Lott Jr. – Believe Me or Be Kicked Out of Church!

  1. This is the truth! The churches of today are nothing more than businesses. There is no fear of God and no respect for the people. You hear more occurrences of sexual immorality, murder and theft coming from the pulpit than what takes place in “the world”. The truth is that there’s no difference in the church and what they call they world. The preachers are pedophiles, homosexuals, witches and thief’s. If you don’t seek God and find Him for yourself you will be punished together with the church of Babylon. Come out of Babylon before it too late! Leave these false prophets who are nothing more than witches who dabble in all sorts of magic and call it “word of knowledge”.

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  2. Wow! Seriously? That guy was escorted out of the church because he didnt receive the prophecy. I’ve seen it all! Today’s church is nothing more than a mockery of God- I hear of more sexual immorality, murder and theft coming from the pulpit than in the world. These people are so blinded by their sins they continue without true repentance… Holiness isn’t the example coming from the church leaders, it’s all about fame, fashion, houses, cars and money. Smh!

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  3. This is disgusting! Kicking people out of the church because they don’t stroke his ego! Man-made kingdoms will all fall along with fake over-inflated ego. The church system is a BIG JOKE!

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  4. Theresa this post was written in 2018. Since it was written the Catholic perverts have been exposed for molesting children, Baptist and Methodist pedophiles have been discovered and a host of other evils have been exposed. No one needs to “find fault” in the church, just open your blind eyes and you can clearly see it- it’s not hidden! Same sex pastors, pastors joining same sex people in marriage…. you tell me what’s wrong with the so called church!!!! The church is the people, that’s who God is coming back for, holy people! This post is not to “sway” anyone but to expose evil!


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