Benny Hinn’s Link To Occultism

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More and more people are beginning to see through the Benny Hinn magic shenanigans. I have good reason to believe that he learned a lot of it from African magicians and also uses Indian black magic but his source of “power” will remain a secret most likely until he dies like most other church magicians, Benny Hinn will take his secrets to the grave. Here is an interesting testimony of a lady who went to one of Hinn’s live performances. 

Here’s what DATELINE thought of Hinn when they questioned and investigated him regarding his unverified “miracles” 

Hinn [as well as most other “prophets” and Christian leaders in the Christian entertainment industry] uses a combination of magic (Hinn uses occultism a combination of West African magic and Indian black magic) and various mind manipulation techniques such as coercive persuasion, meta communication and neuro-linguistic programming- used to change and control the beliefs and behaviors of his followers and to take advantage of their weaknesses to satisfy his own desires. His followers aren’t even aware of his influence process or of the changes occurring within themselves due to his mind manipulation tactics and are often coheresed into giving unspecified amounts of money to this criminal only to regret giving it later, when they’re at home no longer under the influence of his persuasiveness. 

Hinn uses the Jewish People/Jerusalem to gain acceptance as a credible “man of God.” He has made many people to believe that he is Jewish, but he’s not. Via a taped confession Benny Hinn claims an Arabic heritage. Upon investigation it has been confirmed that Benny Hinn IS NOT A JEW, he’s a  PALESTINIAN! Click this link to read this investigation concerning Hinn’s birthplace, his parents and his nationality.

Below is some TRUTHFUL information that I sourced from an online Microsoft Word Document that I found to be quite educational and eye-opening. 

                                                   BEING SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT

Classic Pentecostal preacher Joseph Chambers stated that it was ‘absolutely the biggest pack of “ultimate lies” from demons and devils that I have ever reviewed … Rick Joyner is an ultimate false prophet’. [Paw Creek Ministries, Review article from website.]
2 Sermon preached at Blaisdale Arena, Honolulu, 28.2.97 quoted in R Liichow, The Two Roots of Today’s Revival, p193.
3 In The Final Quest Joyner relates a vision of seeing a man whom he considered had ‘gone off the rails’ in his teaching yet is sitting on a great throne in the highest part of heaven’s throne room. All commentators believe this to be William Branham; Joyner does not name him specifically, however, the description makes this obvious.
4 Rick Joyner, The Final Quest, Morning Star Publications, 1996, pp. 131-132
5 Morton Kelsey, Christo, p39, 148-149; Afterlife:The Other Side of Dying.

Description: This is when a person falls to the floor backwards, usually today into the arms of a ‘catcher’ but sometimes into chairs, resulting in physical damage. The initial cause of this is a leader laying hands on, or even hitting, a person’s forehead. The background cause is the passivity and suggestibility of the victim, resulting from letting his mind go during a long emotional worship time that involves repetitive singing and loud music. In extreme cases, where the leader is deeply versed in occult techniques, people fall to the floor in droves upon the leader waving his hand or blowing on them from some distance away. In very extreme cases a person may be thrown against a wall by the motion of a leader many yards away.
Claimed scriptural support: There is none. Occasions when a person fell in the presence of God or his angel were very different. The person usually fell forwards and fell into a submissive, fearful and worshipful posture in the presence of the almighty. They did not fall backward lying unconscious for long periods; indeed usually God raises the person to his feet and speaks to him. E.g: Rev 1:17; Ezek 1:28; Dan 8:18.
Claimed historical evangelical support: There is none. Claims that the theologian Jonathan Edwards supported this are false, and are the result of violently twisting certain of his writings. Some revivals, such as the Irish 1859 revival, did have physical excesses but these were condemned by many at the time as false.
Origins: This became prominent with the growth of the Pentecostal Movement. In the early days of this it was normal to have a supply of blankets on hand in order to cover the nakedness of women who had fallen and exposed themselves. Precursors of such falling have been evidenced in secular mass hysteria (e.g. St Vitus Dance) and in supposed revivals where extreme emotionalism and odd phenomena were allowed to occur (when sober men controlled meetings they did not arise). The most famous of these were the Cane Ridge Revival (1801) in the American west, and those which followed, where all the excesses later seen in the Toronto experience were manifested. These often led to wanton sinful behaviour; a contemporary saying was that ‘as many were begot as born again’. Falling over in a trance had been manifest in many heretical groups through history, sometimes happening on a wide scale, such as Holiness meetings led by Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924), the early Mormons (1830 ff.), the Shakers (1770 ff.), the New Light Prophets (1742 ff.), or the French Prophets (1688 ff.). But the occurrence goes back much further through the various ‘enthusiast’ groups, millennial extremists in the post-Reformation period, the Medieval Mystics and early church extremists such as the Montanists. The difference today is that what was always considered to be extreme, fanatical and aberrant in history (right up to the 1960s), is now widely considered to be normal as a result of the Charismatic Movement.
Occult sources: Falling over in a trance, usually backwards, has long been evidenced in all sorts of occult groups. Almost any shamanistic type of ritual will involve such trance inducement (e.g. by repetitive drumming, drugs, dancing etc.) and falling backwards unconscious. Examples of this can be seen going back to ancient orgiastic fertility rites and demon worship. Modern Hindu cults that have invaded susceptible western seekers in the last 50 years frequently have individuals fall backwards in a trance upon being touched by a master. As a result of this touch people are demonized and become suppliant, willing disciples of this master. The most famous of these masters in the 1970s was Guru Maharaj Ji of the then Divine Light Mission (now Elan Vital). It is also noteworthy that stage hypnotists can exactly mimic the effects of Charismatic and occult leaders in getting people to fall unconscious backwards. The difference is that these entertainers debrief the victims afterwards to get rid of any bad effects of being hypnotized. Religious leaders do not, thus many people are psychologically damaged by the experience.
Conclusion: There is no scriptural support for this, therefore it should be condemned out of hand. Neither is there any valid historical support, since it only occurred in heretical and aberrant groups. It clearly has a long occult history and has been very evident in the 20th century on-wards alongside the rapid growth of New Age ideas and Hindu cultic advancements. The Pentecostal promotion of this happened alongside these modern occult developments. The practice is to be utterly condemned.

Here’s the link if you’d like to read the above citing in its entirety.

Since Benny is an Arabic prophet of the Christian people WHY DIDN’T GOD USE HIM TO WARN THE CHRISTIANS ABOUT 911? Since he shares the same language as them you would think that God would be sending tons of warnings through Hinn to warn the Westerners of their plans to harm our country. I mean, why isn’t God using Hinn as a mouthpiece for the Christians? for Americans? Or- is God just using Hinn to make the Christians fall out on the floor and then give him all of their money? 


5 thoughts on “Benny Hinn’s Link To Occultism

  1. Benny Hinn is about as outdated as my great grandfather’s old Ford truck! I guess anyone who is giving this man money or who supports him in any way must be just plain ignorant. I suspect that is why he enjoys 3rd world countries so much so that he can take advantage of their ignorance while passing the offering plate. Have you ever seen how the poor Africans come in droves just to see this magician perform? Just one dollar from each of them would bring in well over a million dollars (in their currency of course). If it were not for the ignorance of Christians this man as well as all other false prophets would not be in commission, living famous extravagant lives! What American doesn’t know that this man is a thief and a fraud?! If you truly love God and want to abide in His Kingdom, RUN RUN RUN from Benny Hinn! Pursuing a life of Holiness is the way to please God and enter His Kingdom, NOT following and giving your money to Benny Hinn and other false prophets who only cares about putting YOUR MONEY into HIS BANK ACCOUNT!


  2. This man is one tired magician who is now being replaced with these younger African magicians. Soon there will be competition in the land and they will all turn on each other.


  3. The truth of the matter is that Christianity has a lot in common with occultism, it’s just that the Christians have been brainwashed to believe that all of the confusion seen in church today is of God. They have turned the church into a side show and it’s quite shameful to say the least. Most Christians have been slowly indoctrinated into occultism and the indoctrination was so subtle it will be nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. 99.9% of what is seen in Churches today is unbiblical and not of God. Sadly most Christians are being controlled by a puppet-master and what they think is spirituality is mere magic.


  4. It’s really time to shed some light on this topic so that the people of God will discontinue being deceived by con men wearing suits calling themselves prophets of God. This man shakes hands with some of the most evil, demonic African false prophets and Americans are still being influenced to give their money to him or purchase tickets to see him. Benny Hinn knows his ending, don’t think for a minute that he doesnt know what he’s doing because he does.


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