Matthew Mellerson, 29, is accused of sexual contact with inmates at Richmond Jail, where he was the prison pastor. Photo Courtesy RICHMOND POLICE

A preacher in Virginia is accused of having sexual contact with inmates at a prison where he served as a pastor. 

Matthew Mellerson, 29, has been arrested on felony charges over claims he used his position to lure inmates into sexual activity at Richmond Jail, and Christians wonder why their religion is not respected and church attendance is declining. It’s because there is more sexual misconduct transpiring in the church than in the streets! 

Mellerson, who also served as a sheriff’s deputy, has been suspended from his position pending the charges.  Authorities say there are eight separate charges and at least three male victims, WVTR reported.

Footage available on YouTube shows Mellerson preaching at the First African Baptist Church in Richmond in 2014. “Even in your darkness, God still has his flashlight on you,” he says at one point. There will no doubt be some of his foolish followers who will say, “who are we to judge him.” 

Nikki Shaw, who was visiting Richmond Jail, asked NBC: “How long was this going on? How nobody noticed? How did he get to do this and nobody realized it was going on?


His LinkedIn profile states that he holds a Masters of Divinity from Virginia Union and a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religious studies from a college in Florida which only makes him an educated sexual predator who is a disgrace to the badge and the pulpit. Matthew Mellerson is a mockery of Christianity and is now added to this list of Pulpit Perverts of 2018…The Result of Disobeying God.  Anyone can become a pastor in today’s church and this is happening because THERE IS NO DISCERNMENT! Christians go by academic qualifications to chose leaders instead of going into prayer to ask God to show them the hidden nature of the person. How many examples of perversion must be seen in order to convince you that God is not in religion? Religion is man-made with self appointed leaders.  Come out of Babylon followers of God while you still have a chance!  



  1. You know whats sad? THIS DOESN’T SURPRISE ME, it’s common to hear of filth coming from the pulpit! From preachers who advocate same sex marriages to keep themselves relevant and popular as to not loose followers, to Preachers having sex with children and smoking crack. The Christianity of today is DESPICABLE and people like THIS MAN has contributed in making it like so. I DARE another CHRISTIAN to ask me “which church do you go to?” In fact, I DARE another CHRISTIAN to ask me “ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?”


  2. Oh my goodness!!!! If God would lift the veil and allow us to see everything we wouldn’t be able to handle it all at once. No shame and no fear of God. THIS is what’s wrong with religion today. And if you speak against it, YOU are considered an anti-christ instead of the one’s who are going against the teachings of Christ.


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