South African “Pastor” Isaac David Nyengele – Another Pulpit Predator?


 This man has several titles… Minister,Pastor,Prophet Isaac David from South Africa who now resides in Texas deceiving the masses.

Here’s another “man of G-d” in the United States from South Africa using the pulpit to take advantage of women [sexually] other than his wife! According to his Facebook Page he is a former pastor of Harvest By Fire Ministries International/HBFM Int’l.  He has so many selfies on his page, I wonder when he has time to actually read his bible!


There are numerous women, men and children who are victims and who will be victimized of sexual abuse from men of the cloth and IT HAS TO STOP! Laws need to be implemented to protect women, men and children from sexual pulpit predators such as “pastor” Isaac David Nyengele. I came across a video of a woman who had an encounter with this pulpit pervert- he used his status to seduce her- but she was smarter than he anticipated her to be, she learned that he was married and confronted him- But instead of his wife showing concern for the woman who was targeted by him, she showered her with insults, afterwards, Nyengele blocked his would be victim from all of his social media accounts then lied and said that she was the one pursuing him in an attempt to protect his reputation! Watch the video below and her other videos about her encounters with Nyengele! 

Yes…. this lady uses A LOT of profanity, but that doesn’t make her testimony uncredible. 

chat with p

In conclusion, Anyone can be a “pastor” these days! I mean, you can come straight out of prison for rape or manslaughter and assume a position on the pulpit and the BLIND CONGREGATION will back you by saying “Who are we to judge?” and make you a millionaire with their tithes and offerings! Americans don’t even know enough about these African “preachers” being introduced into America to follow them! Please read my article American prophets~ made in Africa (Introduction), most of these African preachers/prophets are introducing BLACK MAGIC to American churches AND THE AMERICAN’S DON’T KNOW IT!  This guy happens to be a supporter of TB Joshua, a man who once called himself God and is a known West African occultist.  American’s DO YOUR RESEARCH about African pastors/prophets and magic, and I’m not talking about a google research because most of the information on Google isn’t even close to being accurate!   Many of these charlatans must have sex with numerous women to satisfy a demon [I’ll write more on this later]. 

Heck, the pulpit is currently occupied by rapists, murderers and thieves who just haven’t been exposed yet!  What will it take to remove charlatan’s like this man from the pulpit?   Unsuspecting women, children, men and the elderly are now targets of sexual abuse in the church but the Christians are too brainwashed or too hypnotized to see it and do something about it!  God is doing a lot of uncovering in this season- every lying pulpit pervert and thief will have his/her day in the court of Heaven- that’s for sure. 

The last thing that this country needs is another false prophet/pulpit pervert. 

This is why God tells us over and over again not to put our trust in man EVEN PREACHERS, PASTORS, and PROPHETS! These men should be tried and proven before being allowed to mount a pulpit, but that’s not happening.

It’s better to take refuge in God than to trust in man- even if he calls himself a pastor or a prophet! (Psalm 118:8)

God says to not even trust your friends or put your confidence in a guide (i.e. pastors) and keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in the bosom, (Micah 7:5) but the Christians teach the opposite of what’s written!  God even said that any man who puts his trust in another man is CURSED… (Jeremiah 17:5). The “church” should be ashamed that its supposed standard of holiness has been compromised for sex, fame and fortune. From the Catholics to the Pentecostals, not one Christian denomination is blameless- not one! If there’s no shame, no genuine repentance and no real fear of God on the pulpit- how can they teach these virtues to their followers? Matthew 15:14 refers to them as blind leaders of the blind. 




16 thoughts on “South African “Pastor” Isaac David Nyengele – Another Pulpit Predator?

  1. I heard about this…. I’m happy that you picked up this story in support of Latesha. The problem is that so many “G-d loving” Christians will hear of something like this and just sit back with their arms crossed and say/do nothing! They don’t even seem to care that this young lady (and most likely others) have been victimized by this scum bag! It’s incidences like this that should provoke the President to stiffen GreenCard allocations towards Africans – YES I SAID IT! This country has enough mess from our own Americans- we don’t need extra mess added to it, especially from sex hungry false preachers!

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  2. I heard about this too and I’m sure that a lot of Christians have heard but no one is sounding the alarm- until now! I never heard of him before until recently. This man needs to be exposed so that the community will be protected. The church is such an unsafe place now because when holiness is no longer a standard Satan has a legal right to gain entry which is exactly why the church and Christianity has failed.

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  3. This man has no shame at all! Just look at him- he’s very very arrogant. It’s embarrassing to be called a Christian these days because of fake preachers like him- what does it mean anymore? Where is his wife? You mean to tell me that she just sits back and knows this is happening without saying one word? That makes her just as guilty as him! I know that he’s married because I saw the wedding pictures online somewhere. Children are being raped on the pulpits, Preachers are being caught with crack-pipes- and false prophets like this man is thinking of whose going to be the next victim of his manhood instead of teaching them the word of God and how to live holy- how disgusting!

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  4. This is why people are no longer going to “church” those who really have spiritual insight don’t go. Look at this clown! Don’t the woman care that their daughters and grandchildren are being looked at by these nasty perverts? This type of thing is going on everywhere- a lot of woman are too afraid to report it in fear that no one will believe them. Well, this is a new day and age and if you talk people will listen! It’s time to CRY LOUD AND SPARE NOT! These monsters need to be dealt with by the church high officials! In fact, the government needs to step in. Lot’s of women are now even suing

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  5. This man should be ashamed of himself. Nasty! Let me catch him near my wife and daughters, he’ll be enroute back to Africa flying with the cargo in a wooden box!

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  6. Now, if everybody started saying “send his nasty behind back to Africa” his people would say black Americans hate Africans. If that’s what ya’ll do in Africa GO BACK THERE AND DO IT, we have enough mess in the American churches, especially the black church. Respect yourself you filthy man! REPENT!

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  7. Sorry this man is not a South African. We don’t have such surnames and we also struggling with these so called prophets from other parts of Africa, we are their playing ground.

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  8. It’s really bad with these African pastors ESPECIALLY the Nigerians! These people are the descendants of the serpent who deceived Eve in the garden of Eden! If you see one coming in one direction you better run run run in the opposite direction!!! They will greet you with a smile, but that smile is a trap.

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  9. Mpho whether South African or Nigerian he is disgusting! His last name is not a Nigerian name, it is a South African last name. The point is that PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN THEIR EYES and come out of Babylon. The white man’s religion called Christianity that is brainwashing us to worship a god called Jesus doesn’t make any sense. We would have never heard of Christianity if it weren’t for the white man- think about it. I’m not loosing my inheritance from God because of following a false, manmade religion and worshiping a false god (jesus). Just saying!


  10. He is quite the eye sore if I must say so myself. Another example of a jobless sorry excuse for a man pimping women instead of getting a job!


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