Miracle Arena For All Nations Is A Satanic Coven- A Letter From An Ex-Member of Kofi Danso’s Church

Unrecognizable person writing on a piece of paper.

I wasn’t looking for this letter, I just stumbled across it online in a place that would be difficult for anyone to discover. A lot of the English was broken, some of the content was unintelligible so I edited it not to add or take away from the content, but only to make the English more understandable. This letter is LENGTHY, and presumably from an ex parishioner of Kofi Danso’s church Miracle Arena Of All Nations, based in Canada. The letter gives some insight as to the spiritual manipulation taking place inside of the church. 

If you are not spiritual, and if you know nothing about African magic or ju-ju what this lady has written in this letter won’t make any sense to you and most likely you won’t believe it. But, for those who are familiar with African witchcraft this letter will make complete sense and serve as a real eye opener! Listen Americans, African magic is here  and it’s not going away SO YOU BETTER TAKE HEED AND EDUCATE YOURSELF before going to these African churches, pastors/prophets “ordained” by Africans and letting these people lay hands on you! African magic is nothing to play with and they are COUNTING ON THE IGNORANCE OF YOU to keep them relevant!

The author of this letter did not leave her name but I’m sure if Kofi or his current parishioners read this post, they will know exactly who the author of this letter is:

Prophet Kofi Danso Uses Demons At The Pulpit And Moving The Church Into A Cult

Here is the story that Prophet Kofi Danso did not want the congregation or the world to know why they expelled us from the church on July 30, 2017. Prophet Kofi, the Holy Spirit said “no more demons are to dance at the altar of God”. When Prophet Kofi kneels at the pulpit it is to worship the demon as a supreme God; it is not about the Trinity the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our job is not to prove that which the Holy Spirit gives us to speak He will reveal the evidence. Miracle Arena For All Nations Canada is slowly moving into establishing a cult organization.


 (Simon the sorcerer, wanted to buy the power of God, because he knew that power was more powerful than his dark world power Acts 8:9-25).

 God is the all-knowing power and no power greater than His power. I watch people going to Satan’s kingdom to look for power which is a quick fix of a temporal solution and leading them into hell. All I have to do is spend time in the word of God and surrender to the Holy Spirit fully, and I have all the power of Jesus. He came to Canada with the notion that we in the western society do not have great prophetic abilities. He never thought that anyone would find him out especially two women who don’t have titles. If God did not bring us onsite to shut it down a lot of wives and husbands’ relationships would be destroyed, beginning with their dreams and then control the husbands with demons to the point where they will have to surrender their wives physically for him to have sex with them. Rev Joan Danso does not know about his deep dark world connection, but she is fully aware of some of his sexual activities and continues to allow him to desecrate God’s altar. The church he claims he is building for God is for his financial gains, and it will become a cult compound. This information is released for all of us to learn from this situation whether you’re a man or woman of God, Christians or Non-Christians that we need to build a real authentic relationship with the Holy Spirit so He can give us insight into reality so not to be a fool or be deceived by anyone.

Most people come into the church looking a quick fix prophecy without testing the spirit. The same demons he uses to control his wife, his spiritual sons, the church workers and congregations now take full control of him. The man without the demons could do great works for God. He chooses to disobey God for his love of money and remains in the dark kingdom. The truth of the matter is that the people are too scared of him to hold him accountable for the wrong doctrine that he teaches – lots of them will not study the word of God for themselves. That is how Satan works keep people out of the word of God to prevent them from coming to the knowledge of the truth. God’s mandate was for Miracle Arena For All Nations to take the word of God to the nations of the world but that hasd all collapse now. There was a private note sent to Prophet Kofi by us on July 4, 2017, as lead by the Holy Spirit. Here was the message sent to Prophet Kofi Danso:  

Prophet, God has pulled your grace card He loves you, but you have abused it, trying to take His children into darkness. Several attempts have been made to give you the messages of the Holy Spirit with no success the demons tell you are a big prophet, and we are too small. In 2012 the Holy Spirit sent someone to you about the spirit you are working with other than the Holy Spirit, but you remain in disobedience. Now you are fighting people to pay homage to that demon on the altar because some of us will not bow to it recently beating you in the back. Now the dark world has rejected you their goal is just to put you in public disgrace. God cannot do anything for you because you have chosen darkness over Him. We have removed the demon from the altar. You have used darkness to lock people’s marriages and businesses, you are drawing them in your direction to draw their money to you. When God sends people to work with you, as soon as you get a glimpse of their gifts- fear set’s in, and you frustrate them to leave, but God will not allow you to ruin any more of His people. The church belongs to God, and Jesus is the head not you, and we were sent to reclaim it back for God. It is your last opportunity to surrender back to God and bring back the church to holiness. We know you are trying to fight us using the dark kingdom, Satan himself knows he cannot touch us- it is for your open disgrace. We did not want to disgrace you openly but if that is what it takes to get back God’s church it will be done. In Canada, there are law’s that protects people- you cannot abuse them in the name of God, shouting at people is called verbal abuse.

 Hell is real, and the Holy Spirit showed you in a dream about a year ago that you are leading God’s people into hell, and you continue to do so like you have no fear of God. You know of God, but you do not know Him or some of the things you tried of recently you would have never tried it. It is the most dangerous assignment God ever sent us out on, but it is the easiest. You are bread for me as Caleb would say. Do you think that God would give us such an assignment and not protect us? The Bible said wisdom is too high for a fool you need to figure out where do you fit in. I know God already visited you and told you that you are but a dead man if you try to touch us. If you want to live to see your children grow up then step away from the dark world and walk back to God and ask Him for forgiveness, His arms are open waiting to receive you back. Step away from the church for a month or more call Prophet B to come and help you with the church and tell him the truth because you will need a few people to stand with you and not judge you. You made a mistake and a wrong turn at the same time trying to impress your wife and other people. As the Holy Spirit showed me you can turn around and get back on God’s assignment. Saul who name was changed to Paul did a lot of wrong things to the Christians, and God turned him around, and he wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. If you decide to come back to God, we will stand with you, to help you through the transition process. If you remain in darkness we only speak God language we have to walk away from you and allow God to do His job. My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. We know your earthly father rejected you, but your heavenly Father accepted you, and you turn your back on Him just as your earthly father did. You have a big decision to make. God bless.


Prophet Kofi Danso told his congregation and the world that he is a false prophet on July 9, 2017. Thinks he was embarrassing us as per the information sent, so he stands on the altar and lies to the people by telling them that we said we know he is a false prophet. We cannot speak that which the Holy Spirit did not give us to speak. On June 4, 2017, the Holy Spirit reveals him to another man of God. The depths of information we know the person in 2012 did not have, and our prayers are blocking him, so he is angry we have to leave the church. On July 30 we went to church and were blocked from entering the church and were given letters. The letters that they gave to us had demons attached to it. One morning as I was about to leave for work the Holy Spirit told me to leave angels with the letter, so I did it before nightfall and  that same day someone showed up for the letter but had to leave it because of the angels. They go around expecting witchcraft to continue to work for them to fight people when they try to hold them accountable. The letter stated we were speaking against the church, now releasing the Holy Spirit messages constituted we are speaking against the church. As Paul would say you foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you. Here is how deceitful they are as leaders, Minister Dagma Goliath sister who thinks she can intimidate everyone with her size and Issac Appong who claims he is head of security is known as the outlaw.  When Isaac’s mother told him that an assistant Pastor from Ghana said if they do not pray for him he will die, his attitude was very disgraceful. He made the statement “do they know who my spiritual father is”, the pastor was correct there was a spirit of death following him, but he was too pompous and proud, so I would not tell him. I had got the message before that he would die and left his wife and children very poor. He is bragging about a spiritual father who God has severely reduced his anointing because of disobedience. For two years I supported one of his outreach ministries sometimes using my car to transport ministers and others to the service every Saturday, 90% of the time at my expense even when Prophet Kofi was fighting my finances. I also did prayer line until a prophetic word came for me what God is going to have me do in the prayer line they took me off because of jealousy that God is using me in a mighty way. The Holy Spirit told me to give Prophet Kofi a copy of Bill Wiese and Mary Baster CD titled 23 Minutes in Hell they talk about a pastor who was in hell and how God loves him and keep sending people to him with the message of repentance but refused just as he is doing now. This church has a fast turnover rate, two books were given to the Prophet Kofi Leading Multicultural Teams as led by the Holy Spirit because he was failing in communicating with people properly. His skills are screaming, controlling and bullying people so that they can be scared of him. The types of members he likes are the undocumented, the illegal, unintelligent and the poor, so they are afraid to challenge him when he is doing the wrong things. Him running the ministry is not about the souls it is about his financial gains. He runs the church like his private business, once in a while he will call up some people and give them some money for food or rent, but it is a show to bring people in the church to increase cash flow. If he wants to say that we have a familiar spirit, then a lot of his pastors and prophet friends have familiar spirits too because some of the things the Holy Spirit lets us release first, then He sends another man of God to come and give the same revelation that they are so respected. On April 13, 2017, the Holy Spirit ask me to release the fact that some people in the church marriages and business are locked up and he needs to unlock them as per the Holy Spirit. On April 16, 2017, an Apostle from Nigeria came to preach and was unlocking the businesses and marriages in the church. He told Prophet Kofi Danso to love God. His love for vanity has disconnected him from God. Another Pastor from Ghana on May 28, 2017, preached about his finances being low – we had that revelation over two years ago. Another worker who handles the finances for the church is working with empty envelopes in the demonic realm to empty out the finances of the church for over two years. Feb 2017 another prophet came and preached that the pulpit could not be rich and the pew poor that was downloaded to us about six months before. We watched the demon at the pulpit on June 4, 2017, during that Sunday afternoon service the demon tried to muffle one of the son’s words who was preaching, he said turn to the book of James and a lot of people thought he said the book of Judges. The Holy Spirit gives us instruction on how to remove the demon from the pulpit, and we did and asked for a lot of angels to be released upon the altar. The 25 of June 2017, Rev Joan Danso preached that Sunday afternoon- she was free, and she even tried to sing, in three and a half years in the ministry she has never done that because there was no demonic restriction. On June 29, 2017, during the evening program the visiting pastor told the congregation if they could see the large numbers of angels on the altar they would run out of the church. It blows Prophet Kofi’s mind that we are two little women with no title where did we get such power and authority from because he blocks all of his prophets and pastor friends, so they cannot see the demons much less to remove them from the pulpit as we did. The guy who was dressed in black on June 11, 2017, walked up to Prophet Kofi and asked him to pray for him the Sunday afternoon after they returned from Israel and he quickly pretended he got delivered which was not true. He was telling the ushers to hold the man, so the demons wouldn’t hit him at that time demons were beating him. He knew there was a spirit in that man that would have exposed him. Most people who are affiliated with this ministry will not grow and achieve their God-given predestined life because there is the severe spirit of jealousy, envy, covetousness, greed that runs from the leaders down to some of the workers into some of the members.

books pages

Over a year and a half ago the Holy Spirit told me to take my book that I am writing and go to Rev Joan Danso for help, it was supposed to be private and confidential, but she gave it to Prophet Kofi Danso to preach out of it and plagiarized my material in his book. He had the nerve to come to a workers meeting and read that section of his book. The plot was to get me angry to leave the church, but it failed. God did not need them to help with my book, but He needed to use it to show us their true character that they try to hide behind dressing. She never came back to me about the book, but I did not want them to be part of it in the first place, but because the Holy Spirit redirected me back to them, I had to go. Late last year the Holy Spirit opened the spirit realm for me to hear both of then discussing my book and Rev Joan asked Prophet Kofi what is in it for them; that is such a bad behavior for leaders of a church. Everything that God gave me to succeed while I was in their ministry Prophet Kofi Danso fought it. He fought the marriage God gave to me, the new car God ordained for me because the one I now have is getting old. I honored Him by using it to do his work always but he fought my living accommodations for me not to have any place to live, my business not to grow, my book not to be published, split up friendships so if I need some help there is no one to help me and my finances for me not to have anything to make me to come and beg from him to get my bills paid. There were times he would make this statement he is testing them to see if they can be trusted but I know that conversation was directed to me. That was not a smart decision because he did not know who I am, so how can he test me? His idea was for me to come and beg from him so I would have to leave him in his darkness to continue deceiving the people of God. One of his famous sayings is “he does not do something for nothing”.

Mrs. Danso

I got into some deep financial issues, but I do not beg. When I came into Christ, I was born into an inheritance. One day I heard the Holy Spirit say, “we do not beg”, then I was reassured that I was on the right track. The Holy Spirit told me He was watching if I would conform to get my bills paid and the book published. The marriage he is trying to block for me God is destroying him, the man who went to him about marrying me made a big mistake because as a married man and a prophet of God he (Prophet Kofi) has interest in me. I was aware of it for over two years. Even if he were not married, I would not be interested in a man like him because he is a prophet everyone should want him. He is having extramarital affairs, and his wife is covering it up, her conversation “do not tell anyone we have to cover Papa sin”. A lot of women in the church see him astral project his spirit at night and go to their bed to have sex with them, and there is also physical sex happening too with some of the young ladies in the church and he gives them money. When he says “he looks, watch and see” it’s not all true; he astral project his spirit to monitor people to get some of the information. The man who went to him about marriage for me, he used his image two times to astral project his spirit to have sex with me, but each time the Holy Spirit unveiled him to me. The first encounter I told him “no sex before marriage”, then he replied, “Kofi can tell you when to have sex” and the second time he said “if not now then when” the Holy Spirit told me he is trying to put stuff inside of me to destroy internal organs. Someone who was having an intimate relationship with him when he tried to have sex with her, and she refused he made the same statement “if not now then when”.

 Here are two different people, one received the statement from the spirit realm and the other from the physical but they are identical. There is no sanctification, or holiness is going on in Miracle Arena for All Nations. For some of the male guest speakers, Prophet Kofi Danso selects young ladies to go to their hotel rooms for personal pleasure. Prophet Kofi Danso is deep in the dark kingdom. He can change into a fly, bat and bird etc. He works a lot of witchcraft. One of the reasons why the demons were beating him is because there is a human blood sacrifice he needs to produce already, and he has not produced it yet, and it has to be a close family member. That sacrifice would make him very rich and he would pay a tithe of two point five million thirty-three dollars and twenty-five cents to a church in Ghana.

 A month before he blocked us from going into the church the Holy Spirit gave me this revelation and told me not to release it yet until after the Catch the Fire Conference. The last Friday of the conference August 25, 2017, the Holy Spirit told me to watch the program. You see the importance of waiting on the Holy Spirits timing because if I had released it before he would say see she do not know what she is talking about only the people in my close circle knew ahead of time. Then I heard Bishop telling him God is going to make him very rich. The riches is not from God it is from the dark kingdom. He so proudly talks about he killed his grandmother she was a sacrifice, and now his wife supposed to be the next human sacrifice to make him very rich. If Rev Joan Danso died eventually, her four children would end up in foster care and separated in different caregivers’ home. He asked her before if she would die for him but she did not know that the conversation was real. We shut it down and will continue to do so. We are the women she fought against who are keeping her alive. The Holy Spirit talks to me about Rev Joan Danso, that ladies like her look the other way or put their head in the sand and allow their husband to get away with a lot of wrong things. After a while it’s heard they are dead and found out their husband sacrificed them – that’s the message revealed to her but due to lack of discernment she could not understand the message. The Holy Spirit told me Prophet Kofi Danso now does not want to make the sacrifice, but the person who introduced him to the kingdom of darkness is pushing him to do it. Demons are running around the church putting sickness in a lot of people, some of them did not come into the ministry with demons and now are filled with demons. Over a year ago one Sunday afternoon as the service was over I felt a spirit push something in my throat and the Holy Spirit showed it to me that it was a large wooden wall plug. I went to Prophet Kofi to pray for me to remove the object when I told him what it was he sat down looking at me with a shocked look on his face. About two weeks later the Holy Spirit send me to one of the sons to pray for me, the same night when I got home I just coughed and heard it hit the floor. He is using people’s tithes, offering and seed sowing to initiate them to the dark kingdom. The fire that was at the church on Friday, Sept 15, 2017, they are blaming the devil but it wasn’t the devil, that was the wrath of God. We are out of that church now, and they still do not have a clue who we were. We were the two women who sat on his shame and disgrace interceding for him to turn around. After his continued defiance of God, He allowed Prophet Kofi to throw us out of the church so He can unleash His wrath upon him, his wife and all who took part in it. When he does something for a person it’s to lock them into him, and then he initiates them to Satan kingdom. He releases his spirit into other people to communicate to others without their knowledge and then exits. He uses that spirit with his armor bearer very frequently to even communicate with us to get information. When you find a visiting man or woman of God come and preach in the church, and after you see Prophet Kofi take the microphone to start another sermon, It’s because that person had cleared the atmosphere and he goes back to contaminate it again so people won’t have the ability to see who he is. Prophet Kofi’s demon told me that he hates me because I see too much, hallelujah I am on the right path for God. He tried to lay hands on us, hit us on the head and ears about five to six months ago in a Sunday afternoon service instantly the Holy Spirit told me he is was trying to block us from hearing.

Astral Projection


When you read this story, share it not as a gossip but as a teachable moment to see how we can easily get deceived. To the men and women of God who preach from his pulpit and could not locate that demon or got blocked by Prophet Kofi, check in with the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit, when He sent the men first they got frustrated by Prophet Kofi and left, He laughed and said I will send him two fearless daughters that he cannot touch, when they get there I will cover them and make them look weak and frail until the time is right. The devil knew that we were the two women that were sent by God to help him turn things around and we would have been effective. The person who brought him into the dark world knew he could get bigger than them and they did not want that, and now Prophet Kofi carries the same spirit. Some of his sons who think he is paying their rent it’s to keep you back from excelling above him because he must be on top all the time. For son’s that are waiting on their immigration documents, they will be waiting for a long time or get deported because he blocked them from receiving it. For workers who have great prophetic gifts and should get it developed, it will never happen under their leadership. Right now, his “sons” who prophecy is by association; he controls what they see. To all the other men and women of God who are genuinely serving God do not run away from him but fight him back to God’s side do not let Satan win. Now the body of Christ needs to stand up stronger as a united front and claim him back for Christ. We would love to see him turn around and make it into the kingdom of heaven but he cannot continue to desecrate God’s altar. We cannot do anything more for them because they think it was us they were fighting but it was God, and no man fights God and wins. A lot of people do not know the real Jacob story behind “ I will not let you go until you bless me”, he was trying out his strength on God Genesis 32:22-31. Hosea gives a different account of the same story than Genesis “he was not blessed that same day” as most of us think. Hosea 12:2-6 (AMP)

 2.The LORD also has a dispute [a legal complaint and an indictment] with Judah, And He will punish Jacob in accordance with his ways; He will repay him in accordance with his deeds.

  1. In their mother’s womb he took his brother by the heel, And in his maturity he contended with God.
  2. He wrestled with the angel and prevailed; He wept [in repentance] and sought His favor. He met Him at Bethel And there God spoke with [him and through him with] us
  3. Even the LORD, the God of hosts, The name of Him [who spoke with Jacob] is the LORD
  4. Therefore, return [in repentance] to your God, Observe and highly regard kindness and justice, And wait [expectantly] for your God continually.

As the Holy Spirit said, a lot of people waiting for God to use them but God could not because they do not have the patience to wait on God to be processed. Moses processing took forty years. It took me three and a half years and the other sister two and a half years of our lives for God to use us to unveil the darkness in Prophet Kofi ministry. When he lied in church that day to the congregation about the information, we sent him. That day we could stand up in church, reveal the information but the timing was wrong. The Holy Spirit was using all of these incidents to prove that which He gave us to speak was true. If that which we speak was not true why are we thrown out of the church and go to the length of put men at the door to block us from entering? God wants us as His children to come up higher and know His ways instead of just His acts, to achieve more from Him. Psalm 103:7 (KJV)

  1. He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel. God is making a shift to a wave of fearless children to the natural eyes they carry no title, but in the spirit, they demonstrate the power that will baffle leaders on the pulpit.

Prophet Kofi was deceived by some of his prophets and pastor friends that told him a lot of people hates him especially men of God, some of those people wish they could have reached out to him and helped him become acculturated to this society, and some tried but his harsh response turned them away. Do not allow this story to let you run from God but let it push you into a closer relationship with God and pursue Him even more. The Bible tells us in the last days what men will be like, e.g. shall be lovers of their selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy etc. 2 Timothy 3.

God bless you, see you at the top.


This indeed was A LONG LETTER, but it was worth reading in my opinion. This confirms what I already believed to be true, but unfortunately may fall on some deaf ears. The church opened this dark door and welcomed this witch Kofi and others like him into the churches and gave them access to our children, and our communities because no one is discerning these “men of God” before inviting them into the church. THEY KNOW who is spiritual (which is not many) and who is not (the majority), and they are reeking spiritual havoc- unleashing their demons to control people, send sickness, and cause deaths just as they do/did in Africa! No, this isn’t a war against Africans, I’m married to one- this is a spiritual war against evil and the only way that it can be fought and won is spiritually! You lazy Christians had better learn NOW how to REPENT- FAST AND PRAY so that God will open your spiritual eyes and teach you how to see in the spirit realm, and fight REAL SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Daily repentance and living Holy and PRAYER are the weapons needed to fight these demons, but you can’t fight what you can’t perceive! It’s time NOW for the REAL PEOPLE OF GOD to rise up! 

Kofi Danso Dream





24 thoughts on “Miracle Arena For All Nations Is A Satanic Coven- A Letter From An Ex-Member of Kofi Danso’s Church

  1. Wow this is really shocking to me , I have been watching this ministry for almost 2 years . No wonder that’s why I have started to notice that none of the young women in this ministry seemed to get married and no one in the church seems to get wealthy or get rich. This church sounds like its a cult , not a prophetic church. All we can do is pray for the members and the workers to open up there eyes and leave this ministry.

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  2. I believe ALL OF THIS because I was in a “prophetic teaching” class that’s being given by a black American who calls himself a prophet and is a close friend of Kofi. He was “seeing in the spirit” one time and he actually THANKED KOFI “papa” instead of thanking God! I don’t know if anyone else caught that, BUT I DID and I will never forget it! I watch a lot, and keep quiet because when you try to tell something to people who aren’t spiritual (but think that they are) they wont believe you. I KNEW that Kofi was communicating with this so-called prophet spiritually allowing him to “see”. It was Kofi’s demon operating through him. He uses his prophetic school to lure those people’s souls into the kingdom of darkness and they have absolutely no idea! They’re not learning to “see spiritually or prophesy” in that school, they are being assigned a demon to operate through them AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! People please be careful.

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      • I’m not surprised. I took his class also. He started to get greedy. Also I tried watching Mr. Danso once and I never felt any anointing on him. Tim long seems to worship him for sure.


      • I’ve stopped watching him completely for a few years and went back to watch him just out of curiosity. He has gotten SO ARROGANT NOW, he even threatened that anyone who spoke against him on his periscope would go crazy within 4 minutes, now does that sound like the spirit of God to you? He really fooled me at first- it took me a while to discern him because he’s so “likable” He too will be exposed soon… He allowed Kofi to impart him with a marine spirit.


      • Yeah he had me fooled for a second also. I no longer watch him. Yes, he is very likable and very arrogant! I remember him telling us in class how he will sometimes show up in our dreams..that’s called Astro projection, which is satanic! Yes, God gave me a vision of him being exposed!! I’m glad we got out!


      • He’s actually using an occult method called DREAM INTRUSION. Dream intrusion is used very often in West Africa, it’s actually a common practice. When people quarrel with each other they oftentimes appear in each others dream to try to cause harm or to influence them to do evil


  3. This is indeed a very long letter, long because this lady has been surpressed for so long and is finally releasing. I totally believe this lady and understand fully what she is talking about. Kofi na mami wata!


  4. Mami wata! Kofi is possessed with Mami wata, which is common where he’s from. These stupid Westerners let anyone lay hands on them! It’s almost impossible to get rid of a marine spirit. The one working through Kofi is a very powerful one.


  5. Thank you for this insightful article exposing the works of darkness.You have really accentuated the truth that these folks are blood sucking charlatans! I truly believe all you are doing is from God..he is really using you.

    With that being said,can you please write an article or even articles on TB Joshua?If you haven’t done much research on him,kindly start with a short one as I am yearning to learn more about the tactics he is using which I’m sure other ‘prophets’ would try to adopt.

    How is the man trying to deceive people?Has any of you had visions or dreams from God about him?All I know is his miracles are not bonafide as they are very temporal. The receivers usually die after a little while just as the presidents or former heads of state do.Furthermore,we have the building collapse catastrophy.What other evil.works is the an doing?He also prophesied 2 days before the US election which turned out to be wrong.I guess a true servant of God would have seen it way before. Kindly write a short article to start with,then long ones later since he is so famous and more people should know.


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    • To Lengwe Katambila, I remember that on the night of the election he said that Hilary Clinton was going to win the election and she didn’t win. Last year he said that someone was going to get arried in 40 days but it never happened . Many of his prophecies don’t come to past

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      • Hey..so sorry it took years for me to respond coz I had never seen your respond.Just recently saw
        it ..Let’s band together to further the gospel ..you are all free to email me on

        To discuss more of the same and the gospel in general


      • Sorry it took me a long time to respond.I had recently seen your post while doing a review of this article.I really wish to hear from you all well as others via email on : katalengwe@gmail.com

        I have turned on alerts in order to view responses to this article all the time.Will be more alert next time.cant believe it took me 2 years to respond.Apologies and I agree.u are absolutely spot on! Great comment..


  6. study Kofi..he only prophesies to ppl who he has a consultation with earlier that day. so many of them in the church are illegal they do not have papers yet he can not help them. He has no reason to.If they become landed they would leave and go do better for themselves. Kofi is a genial and thief. All the ministers are idiots and con man. They all have gansta past. Why did Emanuel leave?

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  7. I ran across Kofi Danso on YouTube and I liked the worship team but there was something not right about this ministry. The more I watched the deeper the feeling got but unfortunately i sowed into the ministry anyways. $50 one time. Afterwards I noticed that demons were trying to feed and have sex with me in my dreams and my finances haven’t been the same since. One night I was sleeping and a demonic dog came. I’ve never heard a vicious grawl like that before. Immediately I started pleading the blood of Jesus. Through prayer the Lord revealed that this was a sexual demon and I kept hearing witchcraft. We have to be so careful ya’ll and always led by the Holy Ghost.

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    • Hi, I went to a prophetic church for 5 months and the prophet is also from Ghana and I went through the same things as you did . when I started sowing seed in this church my finances started to go down and I had strange dreams and there were so many people were leaving the church . When I first came there , there were 4 or 5 choir members and before I left there were only 1 or 2 left. some of the members that left think that the prophet is using occult powers to prophesy to people and using tithe money to buy a house . No more prophetic churches for me , they only do more harm than good.

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