Kofi Danso Dream

This dream was submitted by an unnamed contributor:

In 2016 I met someone who is a very close friend of Kofi Danso, this man talked about Kofi so much until I decided to do some research to see who this Kofi Danso was all about. I stumbled across a YouTube video of Kofi Danso and his wife preaching in his church in Canada. I’d never heard of him prior to meeting  this very close friend of his – that night I had a dream that was so vivid and so real- a dream that I will never forget. I shared the dream with my spouse who is a dreamer like me and we both immediately knew the meaning of the dream but we also knew that many people wouldn’t believe or understand the dream because most of his followers are not spiritual -so I wrote it down and kept it to myself, until now.   Here’s my dream:

I was in the Miracle Marina For All Nation’s church in Canada, Magician/Ritualist Prophet Kofi Danso’s church- I was there witnessing a child dedication service.  Wives and husbands that are members of the church were gathered around the pulpit holding their small babies, while Kofi Danso and his wife Joan Danso prayed and layed hands on the babies.

babies in church

After Kofi laid hands on the babies- anointing them, the church suddenly turned into a graveyard, and instead of the couples holding their babies, they were holding shovels digging graves to bury their babies in. 

grave 2

The meaning of the dream is that DANSO’S HANDS ARE NOT CLEAN! He’s operating in a HIGH LEVEL of WITCHCRAFT that is affecting the members of his church and those that come close to partner with him. Danso isn’t even above performing human sacrifices. Kofi is not what he appears to be outwardly, his church is a graveyard where he has caged the destinies of many of his church members, those who call him “papa.”



5 thoughts on “Kofi Danso Dream

  1. Wow! I too have had strange prophetic dreams about this Kofi and I don’t even know this man. It’s time for the prophets and dreamers who sitting quietly and are not recognized by the public to come forth with their prophetic dreams and prophecies concerning this evil man so that our communities and children can be protected from the reach of his evil.


  2. Greetings to you all?I’m grateful for this story which has just reinforced the feelings I had towards this ministry.

    Any info or dreams or stories here concerning TB Joshua?I’m looking forward to writings on him as he is bound to deceive so many due to his fame.

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  3. Marine spirit is at work in Kofi Danso, a very stubborn and powerful one. He’s probably not happy with that spirit being in him because it is in control of him and will tell him to do things that he doesn’t even want to do.


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