Who Is Prophet Chinedu Nwagbor AKA Henry?


This question is regarding “Henry” aka Chinedu Nwagbor, the social media YouTube/Periscope “prophet” from Nigeria currently residing in Texas who prophesies and interprets dreams with his wife Monic. [Henry and Monic] – WHO IS HE?  On two Periscope episodes, he saw “the spirit of death” over people and on a recent episode he testified of unexplained money appearing in his bank account.   WE ALL KNOW that there is no money in heaven, there’s no need for currency there, God doesn’t have a huge bank up there making unverifiable deposits into people’s bank accounts- so my question is WHERE DID THE MONEY COME FROM? Someone else has missing money that is now in his bank account! 

According to a Nigerian source, there is a type of witchcraft (ju-ju) that “every Nigerian Igbo man knows about” that works by giving someone money in exchange for their money. Anyone who knows/practices this witchcraft, who gives someone money (even if it’s one cent) when they mix that money together with their own money it will cause them to loose money and the money they loose will go to the person that gave them the one cent (or whatever amount was given to them). This is done spiritually by witchcraft AND AMERICANS DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!    Oftentimes the person wont even realize that their money is missing. They may have $100 dollars one day and wonder “Where did that money go so fast? I don’t even know what I bought with it”- That’s how it works! And this is why in Nigeria, Nigerians don’t take money from just anyone, even if there is N1000 note laying on the ground, no one will pick it up, they will leave it there because they KNOW THAT THEY ARE LIVING IN A COUNTRY RIDDLED WITH WITCHCRAFT.  Henry gives away money on YouTube and then boasts of having “miracle money” deposited into his bank account AND PEOPLE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAN!  Henry, who are you? 

Miracle Money 2

A Nigerian man named Egwuowu contacted me regarding Henry’s “testimony” that he posted on YouTube and told me “you American’s are being deceived by these Nigerian “prophets” because you don’t know anything about us, you don’t know the right questions to ask and you know absolutely nothing about the evil spiritualists and practices that take place in Nigeria.” “I know that there are false teachers and prophets everywhere however, speaking as an African man, people should investigate anyone who calls himself or herself a seer or prophet from Africa, because our background is totally different from other people. Our African ancestors were highly spiritual and I don’t mean that our fathers were all worshipers of the living God, rather, our ancestors  knew how to manipulate demonic realms and used their evil powers to achieve their aim, and some of that knowledge was passed down to us, it is still used very heavily today in Nigeria.  For instance, I know some elders in my village who could travel spiritually without using cars or other material modes of transportation, they could teleport, appear and reappear whenever and where-ever they wanted to, and some were able to travel through flames of fire and walk through walls. There’s a ju-ju that is used to make you “bulletproof” if someone shoots you with a gun the bullet wont enter your body.   If you are in doubt learn about a place called “Okon Aku Ohafia”. You Americans take this as a joke, or will even doubt that it is true and that closed mindedness of Americans is why we are able to dupe you people”.

I asked Mr. Egwuowu to share more stories of fetishness in Nigeria and he said “There were people who could send letters to their sons and daughters living anywhere in this world without going to the post office by making an incantation to a demon; after conjuration, the mail will appear to the intended address. Some old men could mail their letter by throwing it into a river and the letter will appear under the pillow of the recipient. Till date, there are spiritualists everywhere in Africa who can send demons to afflict someone with sickness and diseases wherever the person may be in the world. The spiritualist I knew then, all that they needed to send sickness or an accident to someone is the person’s photo, name, and address. But IF YOU ARE REALLY IN CHRIST this ju-ju can shake you, but it can NEVER kill you. If you are HOLY, you are covered by the hand of God, nothing can by no means hurt you”. 


 Ritual killers caught in Nigeria with a human head that they were going to use in a money ritual 

 I asked Mr. Egwuowu to elaborate further and he said to me, “If an Igbo (the name of Henry’s tribe) man’s mother takes him to a “prophet” to inquire about his destiny or what’s causing him to be stagnant in life, you must know the type of “prophet” his mother took him to!  Did his mother take him to a “fetish prophet?,” did she take him to a “mami wata prophet?” did she take him to a “prophet” in the bush or to one in the church? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PROPHET that his mother took him to?  Was it prophet Eddie Nagwu (who was called a prophet but was actually a magician)? Was it T.B Joshua (an occultist who is also called a prophet)? Did she take him to Olumba Olumba Obu’s prophet (an evil spiritualist)?  Did she take him to an Aladura prophet (they use the bible but they make invocations to demons)? Was it a Holy Sabbath prophet (they use demons to prophecy)?  Was it a Cherubim and Seraphim prophet? Was it a Celestial prophet? Nigeria has ALL TYPES of fetish demonic men and women who are called prophets but are in reality nothing less than witches, sorcerers and magicians and most of them are more than happy to indoctrinate others into their world of spiritual darkness which is how most Nigerians become big prophets and seers, with large successful ministries”.  Mr. Egwuowu added that “many prophets and seers from Nigeria don’t even know that they are operating with a marine spirit! Many are born with marine spirits and they believe that their abilities are God given gifts”!

This actually brought to mind a time that I was visiting a village with my spouse in West Africa . There, I met a young boy named Uche who was possessed with a marine spirit (mami wata). The boy told me how he was initiated by his mother, and how his older brother and him would travel spiritually during the night to the marine kingdom. He told me many amazing stories of his young life that has been invaded and controlled by a marine demon. I didn’t take this child’s life story seriously until I saw him with my own two eyes astro project himself into the room that I was sleeping in  later that night (actually around 2 or 3 that morning)!


                            Left to right: (top)Olumba Olumba Obu, (bottom)TB Joshua, Prophet Elijah 

Mr. Egwuowu informed me that its not uncommon for a mother to take her son to a “prophet” who will “help him” by laying hands on him with additional instructions that will give him the ability (with the help of demons) to “see” and to “prophesy.” Egwuowu added that Chinedu never stated the name of his village during his testimony and knowing the name of his village is important so that one can trace where he’s from and know what type of fetish activity goes on in his village, Henry failed to tell the name of the man that GROOMED HIM teaching him about the bible after his mother took him to the “prophet.” Mr. Egwuowu concluded that, before a person is accepted as a prophet by his own community in Nigeria a very thorough investigation is done to know without doubt if the person is using ju-ju or any other fetish means to prophesy or see into the spirit realm. “This is something that Americans DON’T DO! If someone comes and tells you your name you will automatically assume that he/she was sent by God”

                                     PLAY VIDEO TO HEAR HENRY’S “TESTIMONY”

Henry’s testimony of past struggles and poverty may pull at the heart strings of some Americans, But don’t let your emotions blind you to not question him, and his “spiritual abilities” just as every other prophet/prophetess should be examined and TESTED as Yah commanded us to do, and if “Henry” is indeed genuine he won’t be offended by being scrutinized instead of being accepted at “gift value”.  If American’s tested prophets- carefully examining them as Yah commands us to at the onset of their arrivals we wouldn’t have half of the false prophets/magicians that are in circulation currently. They may still perform their magic secretly, but they wouldn’t be as bold as they are today publicly. 

The most dangerous thing about today’s false prophets is that they are introducing strange demons that Americans know absolutely nothing about, and are quickly recruiting anyone interested in learning how to prophesy or see in the spiritual realm which will lead to other dangerous desires and practices such as getting rich quick by the use of demons putting our generation and future generations at risk of being sacrificed to foreign gods through spiritual manipulation. If these false prophets AREN’T STOPPED from entering the country AND BUILDING CHURCHES and the false ones that are here aren’t forced to leave – this country will one day SOON be so spiritually corrupt, it will be like living in Africa or Haiti where no one can give hugs anymore, shake hands or drink water from your neighbors house because you won’t know who is holding black magic (ju-ju) and who’s not. MARK MY WORDS!


African spiritual healer

I thank Egwuowu for his questions and invaluable educative contributions about his country and things that I and most other Americans don’t know about Nigerian “prophets,” and things that we should know and ask people from Nigeria who introduce themselves as prophets in the United States. Mr. Egwu actually submitted a long, informative letter in attempts to teach us what we don’t know concerning Nigerian prophets. I extracted a portion for this page and will submit on another page the rest of it.  The only thing is….. WHAT AMERICAN IS GOING TO TRAVEL ALL THE WAY TO NIGERIA TO INVESTIGATE A COULD- BE FALSE PROPHET !?

The questions that are asked in this post are legitimate questions that should be addressed by “Henry,” Chinedu Nwagbor and I hope that “Henry” will address them soon so that I can post his response. I’M NOT SAYING OR EVEN SUGGESTING THAT ‘HENRY’ IS A FALSE PROPHET (not yet), but I AM SAYING that the public has a right to know who he is and the public has a right to ask ANY QUESTION to help them determine if he is authentic or not as to make a well informed decision whether to put trust in him since he is offering his “services” to the public and is actually receiving money from some people. You are not sinning by questioning ANYONE who calls himself a prophet [1 Thessalonians 5:21 but TEST ALL THINGS. Hold fast to what is good] 

1 John 4:1- Don’t believe every spirit

Matthew 7:15- Beware of false prophets

2 Peter 2:1- False prophets also arose among the people…

Matthew 24:24- For false christ’s and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders…

Matthew 24:11 – And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.



34 thoughts on “Who Is Prophet Chinedu Nwagbor AKA Henry?

  1. This is a very post submitted tastefully and I appreciate it. I dont know who brainwashed Christians into not questioning and examining prophets as God tells us to. The questions asked here are questions that I too want to know and was actually waiting to see when someone would address it. All of the prophecies about movie stars is what raised the red flag for me. Im not saying that God doesn’t love famous people, I know that He does, but one prophecy by the wife that God to Missy Elliot to keep singing her music got me- I mean, why didn’t God send her a message about being Holy and repentance? Why didn’t God send a message telling her to come out of the world and the pleasures of this world and come unto Me? You can’t even leave comments on their page.

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  2. I for one am waiting for him to answer your questions because I too want to know who he is. There is so much that we don’t know about concerning African ministers in the US but it’s well known about them in their own countries. It’s only fair that he answers these questions so that all concerned can make their own decision, but him not answering will cause me to come to my own conclusion because to be honest he and his wife are on my suspect list.


  3. Abi? Me, I’ve watched dis man for YouTube and it makes me wonder O! I am from Nigeria, and everything written in this article about juju and witchcraft is true. Why doesnt he send dat money to the village where it could feed an entire family instead of playing kalo kalo on YouTube? The only way you receive miracle money is by witchcraft or 419. Period.


  4. This post has been a real eye opener for me. You are right, we don’t question so called prophets as God told us to, instead we accept them as you wisely said “at gift value.” I know that you’re only writing these things because of the love that you have for Gods people or else you wouldn’t be teaching us these things that we clearly don’t know concerning African witchcraft. I want to learn all that I can so that I can teach my family, church and community. Blessings to you.


  5. There’s not one lie written on this page- everything that is written here it the truth. The only ones being fooled are the Westerners. We Nigerians know better!

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  6. Do you really think that this man is honest enough to come out and explain in depth where he came from and which baba his mother took him to to fortify him with prophetic ju-ju? NO! He thinks because he’s in the United State that he will now use his powers to deceive you people and become an overnight superstar which could never work in Nigeria. I will repent and take back all that ive said if he comes out and tells us who he is, but until he does I will put him in the same category of every other juju laden false prophet from Africa because there are too many of them. This thing that he’s doing I’ve seen it over and over again, even a small child can do this thing that he’s doing in Nigeria.


  7. This man is TOO PROUD and TOO STUBBORN to address these legitimate questions. He’s too full of himself just as most Nigerian preachers/pastors and prophets are!


  8. It’s a shame that other Nigerians who have arrived in the land of milk and honey (America) know about all of these things mentioned in this write-up but they wont come forth to warn Americans so that they and their families will be protected. There are MANY AFRICAN DEMONS that are now actively causing wahala in this place called America. This is so because when Africans come over here they bring their evil ways with them which include fetish activities to gain wealth and gain. If they tried it in Nigeria they would be questioned but they know that they wont be questioned here because of the ignorance of the people

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  9. The people have been warned, a lot of people want to be entertained therefore they will tolerate a false prophet or a witch. In my opinion, God would be telling celebrities to REPENT and turn from their wicked ways – COME OUT OF DARKNESS and SING SONGS UNTO ME instead of telling Missy Elliot “keep singing your music”. You mean God didn’t show you that unclean spirit on Missy Elliot? Oh- I guess God doesn’t care about that! I’m sorry if this hurts Monic’s feelings BUT ITS THE TRUTH and I’d rather her feelings be hurt and a multitude not be deceived! God said that His sheep know His voice. ASK GOD TO TEACH YOU WHAT HIS VOICE SOUNDS LIKE for those who don’t know! People please WAKE UP!


  10. Man…. RED FLAG NUMBER 1 is when they link their paypal account information to their page, 9 times out of 10 THEY ARE A FALSE PROPHET! RED FLAG NUMBER 2 is when a “prophet” tells people to guess the number for a prize (a form of gambling) the spirit of God has NOTHING to do with that!


  11. As I’m learning more and more of Nigerian witchcraft, especially what’s going on there now currently I don’t blame you for questioning the authenticity of this man (and his wife) as should others. One day Americans will regret allowing just anyone into this country and Christians will especially regret accepting EVERYTHING as coming from God.


  12. Let me tell you something THAT I DO KNOW about this Chinedu, he is a Nigerian and he is Igbo and he just posted a “vision” that he had on Youtube about TB Joshua. There’s not ONE PERSON in Nigeria who doesnt know all about TB Joshua, how wicked he is and about the black body of water that he uses for rituals located behind his church. TB Joshua may be a mystery to Westerners but he’s well known in Nigeria so this “vision” that Chinedu had is bogus! Don’t be fooled by this man.


  13. I agree with you Justice, I’m not a prophet BUT I DO KNOW THIS that God will expose EVERY WICKED man or woman who parades themselves as prophets of God while using an unclean spirit to see or obtain knowledge. All evil, every charm has an expiration date!


  14. This man is a Nigerian (red flag no#1) and I don’t care who this offends, I’m just telling the truth. Most Nigerians are not credible people especially when it comes to the prophets. Why on earth would these people be peeping into the lives of famous people spiritually instead of calling them on their sin? They talk about Cardi B, heck- I never heard of her until I heard his wife “prophesy” about her. Let me tell you this about God, He does NOT overlook our sin and pretend as if we didnt do it! He loves us enough to BRING IT TO OUR ATTENTION so that we can repent and turn away from it. God wants US ALL to be holy vessels that can be used by Him. Any other talk, prediction or anything else that does not address the sin DID NOT COME FROM GOD.

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  15. Dis post no real eye opener sha. You can bring d horse to da water but you cant make him drink. Don’t expect Chinedu to answer any questions O! Dat one, he wont do. But, one tin i will talk, if you ask God to show you d truth about dis man, God go show you na by dream or na open revelation. Just ask God and expect an answer.


  16. God says to not be entangled with the world, and He tells us to be separate and to come out from among her (Babylon). I saw that post too when the wife said that “god” told Missy Elliot to keep singing her music. What kind of god is that who would tell her to keep singing her filthy, worldly music that doesn’t uplift God? Her music doenst even make one think of God or being holy, it draws you closer to the world. Don’t be afraid to question a so called prophets authenticy people. God is a holy God and there is no darkness in Him AT ALL! Can you imagine? He told Missy Elliot to “keep singing your music”. Sit down, abeg!


  17. We are living in times that are disgustingly wicked, Yeshua could return AT ANY MOMENT! God is calling His people OUT OF THE WORLD and into the safety and bliss of everlasting life by being holy, and set apart. Don’t let anyone deceive you. Be led by the Spirit, and not by your flesh. These people actually use big names to say if that person is a real man of god or not (Marcus Rogers)hoping to score brownie points with him perhaps. You don’t need a “prophet” to validate another “prophet” by telling you if “he/she is a REAL man/woman of God”. Chinedu needs to prove who he is before trying to prove who another man is. It’s shameful how far people take things in this last hour. God isnt a joke and His gifts aren’t a joke to be commercialized and used for all sorts of propaganda. I don’t know who these people are but my spirit doesnt agree with what they are doing. To gamble in the name of God is the biggest blasphemy one can do to His name. God is HOLY, God is PURE, God will never change! He is the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!


  18. Very respectfully written yet getting your point across. At the end of the day, no one wants to be deceived and if we ALL questioned “prophets” before just accepting them based on predictions there wouldn’t be so many hurt and betrayed (and dead) people today. God tells us to test the spirits yet some of these “prophets” are so arrogant, if you question them they get offended and then start spewing death curses on you. That alone is a sign of them not being a genuine prophet sent by God.


  19. Henry has a sweet face- he seems to be a very likable person and I’m sure that he is very likable, probably misunderstood a lot. The wife seems to be bossy and controlling but maybe just because she’s a strong, independent, confident person. As far as if they REALLY love God goes, only they and God know that, as far as if they are prophets of God or not, I’m just not sure at all. I’ve been watching and meditating but one thing that I KNOW is not of God, is when the wife said that GOD TOLD MISSY ELLIOT to keep singing her music….I have to agree with you Rosaline, Na, God didn’t say that! Missy Elliot has some filthy music that doesn’t glorify God and doesn’t even make one want to live for God or even think about Him so there is no way that God said that! I’ve disappointed by so many prophets that I will never ever ever trust one again


  20. I’m sorry but I have listened to him and his wife over and over wanting to believe that this is really God and I cant! I’m not saying that they are literal devil worshipers- no, I’m not saying that at all. I am saying that because WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS we all have some level of spiritual gift weather realized or not. I believe that we can’t just believe everything that we see that astonishes us is someone operating in a super spiritual way and then just call them prophets, I am saying that there is an apparent gift in Henry but it’s not something that doesn’t exist in ALL OF US if we would just cultivate it by eating clean, detaching from the world and meditating on God. There is a difference in a prophet and someone who is operating in a gift. I believe that the real prophets are hidden- they are not on social media making a lot of noise, they are behind the scene doing the will of God not even wanting the slightest attention put on themselves because they knw that it is not about them being recognized but about doing the will of the Father. I believe Henry is a good guy but he’s not perfect, he has a gift but he is not a prophet.

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  21. I agree with Ahwin, there’s ‘something’ there with Henry but I wouldn’t be too quick to call him a prophet or to say that whatever he has is from God! I won’t comment much on his wife because I don’t want it to seem as if I’m being disrespectful but I will say this, she isn’t even close to being a prophet, I think that she has tapped into something that is not of God at all! Telling these evil, filthy singers to continue in what they are doing is not God AT ALL! Telling people of dreams of who Rheanna really is, and stuff like that IS NOT GOD! Why would God want to show us who Rheanna really is? He wants her to know who HE is, that filthy demonic girl isn’t even remotely interested in being holy, why would God give Monic a dream and say tell the people that Rheanna isn’t who they think she is- come on, give me a break! WAKE UP PEOPLE!


  22. The only thing that seems to bother me is that they never anyone leave comments in their youtube videos, I mean if they said that they are true prophets they can at least let people leave comments. I agree with those who said to test everything, and not to believe everything you see read and hear .


    • Melly, I believe the reason they wont allow anyone to leave comments is because they get a lot of people telling them that they are false prophets and they don’t want their viewers to read those negative comments and they too don’t want to read them. The wife gave a reason why they don’t allow comments but I believe that she lied. I agree with everyone as well who said to “test everything” because at the end of the day people are becoming more and more lovers of themselves and will do anything for fame, follows and likes. We’ve got full term abortions, all of this crazy stuff going on with transgenderism, and all sorts of other things that they gave absolutely no warning about! They tend to “prophesy” about things that have already happened such as in the case of TB Joshua and that gay prophet Holmes. They wont say anything that goes against the grain too much in terms of what’s now considered to be socially acceptable such as gay rights, abortion, same sex marriage, etc. All of this mess about dreaming about movie stars is actually embarrassing coming from a black American woman who claims to love God. I saw her video as well (if she hasn’t taken it down) when she said that God told Missy Elliot to keep singing her music. Why would God tell her (who happens to be gay) to keep singing her filthy music? She has said other questionable things also which is THE REAL REASON they don’t allow comments and have probably deleted some video’s. They don’t want to hear the negativity which comes with the territory when you put yourself on a platform for everyone to look at.


  23. This is a good example why we can’t judge by how humble they appear or how believable their “prophecies” seem and to be honest, MOST of what we are seeing as prophecy is not prophecy but is a gift of knowledge or an ability to know things by whatever method is being used. The real prophets are not on social media trying to convince the world that they are prophets. Real prophetic people let their gifts speak for them and could care less who believes they are genuine or not. A real prophetic person isn’t easily offended- a real prophetic person MUST spend some quiet time alone with God and away from social media from time to time- A real prophetic person is a separated person. Many will be disappointed one day to learn that most of these people who call themselves prophets are not prophets at all.


  24. It is obvious that this man and his wife are receiving information from familiar spirits or their own flesh. I’m not a hater or a fan of Juanita Bynum- but to be honest, she is the perfect example of how a woman should dress modestly. I look at women such as Henry’s wife and others that wear cheap, loud make-up and blouses so tight that you can see how large their breasts are and pants so tight that you see how big their behinds are and NO MARRIED WOMAN OF GOD, especially ONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE HOLY should wear clothing that accentuates her figure! NO ONE should know what a married woman’s figure looks like, or if she does/does not have big breasts EXCEPT HER HUSBAND! These two so called prophets are bashing Yuanita Bynum on their blogs when they need to remove the boulder in their own eye!!!!


  25. Whilst they do reveal come issues that are true and only God could have revealed to them, some of the things they say are in the ‘flesh’ and they need another Prophet or Apostle to correct them. If they feel they are beyond the point of correction, especially the missus, then there’s an issue there. I quietly discern from God and some of the things they were saying I knew was definitely not somewhere you should go IE being able to interpret everyone’s dreams and people in water who are single being married in the Spirit? I cam’t go into detail but this is not from God. God bless you. stay true.

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  26. This is what I have to say concerning these people. I have watched them. The wife talks to much, oftentimes not allowing Henry to really talk even sometimes putting words in his mouth and she’s LOUD, with LOUD makeup and I just get bad vibes from her. She has a haughty spirit but will deny it because even she can’t see it. She likes drama at times and she’s not completely honest (such as in the case where she pretended that she couldn’t pronounce Marcus Rodgers name). She’s a bit conniving but tries to hide it and Henry coming from a whole different culture doesn’t even notice it. Henry is likable, and very charming but has been influenced wrongly regarding a few things since he’s been in the United States. I believe that he’s means well but I wouldn’t call him a prophet- no, not at all. He is developed more spiritually NATURALLY because of where he comes from and is naturally able to know certain things. He gets a lot of stuff wrong because he’s trying to operate in a seat that he was never called by God to occupy and he’s too proud to admit it. Henry is a very proud person who doesn’t like to be corrected which could prove to be a stumbling block for him in the future.


  27. Keep exposing because It’s what God told us to do! He will NEVER destroy the righteous with the wicked so don’t let anyone tell you that “you’re doing more harm than good”. We’ve gotten to this point because the people who claim to love God kept their mouths shut and sat back and watched Satan come in and they are still keeping their mouths closed. All this “don’t judge” is going to cause a great judgment on the land and those who didn’t judge while claiming to be walking upright before the Lord.


  28. I will say this because I love God and I hate deception. Why does the wife look like a harlot? The red lips and make up on eyes? God told us to be modest as women and all she is doing is teaching black women ALL WOMEN that the way God made them isn’t good enough, she teaching them that natural beauty isnt good enough that they should wear makeup. I will never agree with this. She is teaching a sermon with her appearance without even talking. Number two I DON’T CARE IF YOU REPENT OR NOT If you marry twice you are an adulterer according to God. Even if you repented the marriage is still adulterous so you and Henry BOTH need to repent and be baptized again before preaching to ANYONE and ANYTHING. God does not make any exceptions concerning the laws of marrige- it’s the false Christians who have misspoken for God and has taught people that what God says is our sin has been “covered by the blood” that’s not true. The Saviour came to take sitn away not to cover it, he even said he came to fulfill the law not take it away. Neither one of them are fit to teach anyone anything because they are both unclean. Even Henry can not divorce her to remarry another woman to have his children for him because he is already an adulterous. Like it or not Monique, you are still married to your first husband. REPENT the both of you and this time stay married. On top of that neither one of you are prophets at all. You may have some dreams here and there as most people do (God said that in the last days He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh) so your dreams are nothing special at all- furthermore most of them are fleshly, dreams that comes from Monique sitting on her behind watching television all day and watching unholy things on Social Media. I’m just telling the truth.


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