2 Things That Occultists Disguised As Prophets Wont Do

There are TWO THINGS that won’t happen and you should not expect to come from African (or American) ritualists who disguise themselves as prophets of God. For Americans who have absolutely no idea what a ritualist is- a ritualist is one who uses spiritual means to sacrifice a person or a group of people that is connected to him/her in some capacity, usually someone blood related or is a very close comrade, friend, church-member, etc. or someone who is receiving monetary support from him/her to satisfy (pay) a demon for a service that the demon rendered to him/her. This service is usually a provision of increased money, instant fame or evil spiritual power that will enable him/her to captivate audiences, obtain hidden/private information about a person and pass it on as if God revealed it to them, and to perform other “wonders” with the aid of higher demons. 

(1). A False Prophet Spiritualist/Occultist WILL NEVER ADMIT that he/she is an occultist. Do you really expect a witch/wizard to give up their spotlight as a renowned “prophet” by admitting that they’re louring you and your children to get close to them, to be groomed for a sacrificial offering? This sacrifice isn’t anything like what you’ve seen in Steven Spelling movies or read in horror books- the sacrifice is done SPIRITUALLY and will always, ALWAYS appear to be an accidental death such as automobile accidents, plane crashes, drownings, still births, miscarriages, etc. And oftentimes done in numerical patterns such as people dying in sets of 3’s or 2’s, etc. 

 (2). A False Prophet Occultist WILL NEVER look at the corpse of the person that he/she sacrificed. He/she will ALWAYS make an excuse for not coming to the viewing of the corpse! Looking at the actual corpse (not a photo of the corpse) of the sacrifice will cause the False Prophet Spiritualist to die. 

Americans YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED about these demon riddled false prophets from Africa as well as the American false prophets who visit Africa/African witches here in America to obtain access to demons that will help their ministries grow, allow them to “see” into the spirit realm, allow them to obtain increased wealth and to allow their music ministries to grow. These people are selfish and ruthless and have submitted their souls to the KINGDOM OF DARKNESS. If you mingle with these people, receive money, gifts, anointing oils or ANYTHING from these people- you have put yourself in a position to pay with your life or the life of your children or loved ones and your untimely demise will appear to have happened by an accident or other “coincidental” means. 





False Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Secret of “Raising The Dead”

Malawi “Prophets” Use Witchcraft, Satanism and Magic


10 thoughts on “2 Things That Occultists Disguised As Prophets Wont Do

  1. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!!!!!! Exodus 22:18. Next time, test this witch by tricking him to see the dead corpse, if he is guilty of the death he will die.

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  2. Wow! this is what the people of God need- THE TRUTH! I want to know everything that my pastor has been telling us that we don’t need to know and not to read or listen to. This is why we are so ignorant of Satan’s devices because we’ve never been taught about them! I bless the Almighty God, the author and revealer of all truth!


  3. These are the type of things that we need to be learning about now because this is the world that we are living in. We are living in a spiritual world were weather we like it or not people are dipping and dabbling in dark, occultist practices and we need to learn so that we will recognize this evil when we see it. May those 3 souls of the boys who were spiritually sacrificed rest in peace.


  4. What more does God have to allow to happen to His people to get them to COME OUT OF BABYLON! It’s time for those asleep to awaken!


  5. We Westerners have a lot to learn and fast OR we can just stay away from these charlatans and put our complete trust in the Lord.


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