The Secret Evil Life of False Prophet/Occultist TB Joshua FINALLY EXPOSED!

A slideshow of TB Joahua’s Satanic Cult Community The Synagogue Church of All Nations located in Ikotun Egbe, Lagos Nigeria

People who have been intimately involved with TB Joshua [Temitope Balogun Joshua] in his cult community called The Synagogue church Of All Nations located in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria are beginning to speak out and expose the evils behind the scenes of this known occultist who calls himself a prophet. People have actually spoken out previously against TB Joshua explaining how they were loured to his compound, sexually violated and spiritually manipulated eventually finding themselves on the floor of his church rotating uncontrollably, but unfortunately the Christian community ignored their warnings and many just didn’t believe them. There are several books in circulation currently, one written by Hephzi-bah Bisola Johnson describing how she was trapped through spiritual manipulation, hypnotism and brainwashing for over a decade by TB Joshua abandoning her own life to become his sex slave and servant. Her book details faked healings and other “miracles” fabricated by TB Joshua, and gives first hand insight of a life of secrecy and tricks that TB Joshua used to lure naive people looking for quick fixes and miracles into “spiritual terrorism” and occultism. She narrates how her and the other cult members lived, how they were systemically initiated into the dark world through deceit and were terrorized to swear into secrecy and complete allegiance to TB Joshua and his evil.  Ms. Johnson’s book is a real eye opener of  the dangers of following man-made religious groups and “pastor/prophet worship,” instead of obeying God and following “The Way” which is a life of absolute holiness and obedience to God. 

What most Westerners don’t know about “Temitope Balogun“, born June 12 1963 is that he is really a Muslim, and his real name is Abdul fatai, [which actually means servant of god in Arabic] he renamed himself TB Joshua in efforts to “repackage” himself to make himself more acceptable to the Christian community targeting the Christians to sell his occultic ministry,  in fact, his “church” began as an “interfaith” church of sorts with a confused, mixed doctrine of  Jesus combined with a falsified version of Islamic beliefs, mixed with black magic but has gradually changed it’s narrative (on the surface) as TB Joshua was groomed into becoming a more appealing typical Pentecostal style pastor who learned to pass his demonic, dark art signs and wonders off as “the prophetic.” It is quite embarrassing how Westerners are so easily deceived and captivated by pulpit magic and deception which oftentimes causes spiritual death, family breakups, the loss of lives, livelihoods and money.  


 Foreigner seeking a miracle from TB Joshua



kissing babies

 TB Joshua kisses babies and children for the camera and is also secretly having sex with them! Parents, STOP letting “men of God” kiss your children! 

TB Joshua is still THRIVING today because even though Christians claim to want to know the truth, the reality is that they’d rather believe lies. According to the lady that broke free of TB Joshua’s spiritual enslavement, “he takes advantage of people who are naive  weak or in desperate situations and he bewitches them by pretending to help in order to trap and harm his victims”.  Bisola Johnson who lived in TB Joshua’s compound for over a decade claims that she wasn’t fed well and the living accommodations were substandard during her time of captivity there. She states that Joshua uses black magic, manipulation and brainwashing to lure people to and trap them in his compound. She said that she [and the others there] weren’t allowed to date, to mention marriage or visit their families. She narrates a story of young girls who arrived at the compound as virgins who have never gotten married or has had sex with any man other than TB Joshua during their 2 decade spiritual entrapment there. She states that Joshua has ritual sex with the women who go to him for counseling and children as young as 6 years old! There were also arranged child orgies and forced sex. Many of the women were impregnated by him with the babies being aborted and used for ritual purposes. 


This evil dark magic practitioner has traveled all over the world fooling the naive and initiating other evil predators[pastors] into his kingdom of darkness




Ms. Johnson has reported seeing numerous local and international personalities being bewitched and hypnotized by TB Joshua, including famous athletes, politicians, TV personalities, State officials, pastors and housewives after watching TB Joshua on television and being lured into his compound. In her book she mentions one United States pastor named Bishop Joseph Garlington of Pittsburg who visited and received from TB Joshua, most likely infecting his clueless congregation in the United States with the evil passed onto him from TB Joshua. According to Ms Johnson, TB Joshua also targets certain people of interest by sending scouts out with flyers, mail circulations, phone calls, etc.  He also lours people to him by using a spiritual method called dream impregnation, using this method allows him to spiritually impose on his target by appearing in his/her dream to relay his intended message to his target. She has witnessed thousands of people worldwide and of all nationalities visiting TB Joshua in Nigeria to be healed- many of them paid to live in his compound during the healing process and he would lie to them, telling them they are healed and would demand them to stop taking their medications, she has witnessed the death of most of these people [who are named in her book] although TB Joshua would lie and say publicly that he healed them. Ms Johnson states that she tried to warn a lady named Christine that the Synagogue WAS NOT a house of God but she didn’t believe her because she was blinded by the faked miracles that she saw on television and fell into the trap of TB Joshua, that trap cost her the life of her only sister and nearly the innocence of her 14 year old daughter who narrowly escaped being sexually molested by TB Joshua

TB says Clinton will win the election

 False prophet TB Joshua predicted in November 2016 that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential election. He claimed that his “prophecy” failed because Americans prayed for Trump so God answered our prayers.

 Ms Johnson, a former sexual and spiritual slave of TB Joshua states the reason TB Joshua deceives, destroys and murders people (physically and spiritually) is because he is an agent of satan, a practitioner of darkness in the highest level and he needs a higher ranking in the dark world for his master satan to be relevant to him. So each murder, each incident of child sex or sex with women is actually ritualistic and it grants him status and ranking in the spiritual dark kingdom.  She states that TB Joshua uses diabolic means [demons] to cause people to fall on the floor and rotate in his church and assigns monitoring spirits to individuals of interest. He hypnotizes people in his church audience to make them jump, confess, and do whatever he wants them to do in efforts to give the impression that what the spectators are witnessing is real. When you see Joshua display strange hand gestures, leg/feet gestures and widens his eyes as he’s “ministering” to his victims, he does this to terrify his subject and spiritually manipulate their sense of reasoning. TB Joshua uses metaphysics and conjuring of evil spirits to manipulate and control his subjects and uses cameras to further manipulate the viewers by editing scenes. Ms Johnson discloses in her surprisingly detailed 376 paged book of how an ignorant American Christian journalist [ Jerrell Miller of Digest Newspaper] who was not spiritual and deceived by the demonic signs and wonders of TB Joshua would visit TB Joshua and relay lies to Americans via his newspaper giving Americans the impression that TB Joshua was not a false prophet. The false reports of Jerrell Miller caused many innocent people of America to become victims of TB Joshua. Ms. Johnson discloses of how Joshua uses the photo’s of people that he has placed on a demonic alter used in prayer to manipulate them out of money. These people are supporting TB Joshua blindly and recklessly under intense spiritual manipulation because TB Joshua has their photographs. And those who carry TB Joshua’s photo are also under his demonic influence. This should make one mindful of posting photos all over social media because we are living in a time now where many people are secretly operating in demonic activities!

church kids

Children [possible victims] of TB Joshua’s evil synagogue


She names EVERYBODY in her tell all book from false prophet Kobus van Rensburg of South Africa to False prophet Chris Oyakhilome of Nigeria who have visited the wizard TB Joshua to be “anointed” with power to perform signs and wonders in their churches. She goes on to expose his satanic MARINE DEMON prayer mountain located at the church compound. 


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  A slide show of German people visiting TB Joshua’s demonic shrine aka prayer     mountain in 2007

Prayer Mountain
Years ago TB Joshua started his demonic church with 8 people on his evil, highly occultic Prayer Mountain. On the Prayer Mountain are also his spiritual slaves that he calls his ‘prayer warriors’ who pray 24 hours a day.  TB Joshua instructs people in search of miracles to visit this place and take a spiritual bath where the water flows. He gives each person a photo of himself to keep in their home which he uses as a point of contact to “teleguide” them spiritually. The members also use his photo to request personal blessings of him and for spiritual protection. The Prayer Mountain is not an actual mountain but a nature area, where the weekly demonic prayer services to a marine demon are held. They are held weekly at night, on Wednesday night from 12 up to 5 a.m. according to former visitors who were told that “each prayer that is prayed on the sand is answered.” There have been MANY unpublished deaths at TB Joshua’s “prayer mountain” undoubtedly ritual deaths and also mysterious deaths of Synagogue citizens (TB Joshua’s slaves) during his times of nightly prayer. 

death 1



church collapse

 In September 2014 more than 70 people [foreigners and Nigerians] were killed as the result of TB Joshua’s church collapsing causing the deaths which many have speculated and believe was a ritualistic episode. 




 A body being pulled from the rubble of TB Joshua’s collapsed church 

My spouse has had quite a few second handed experiences with TB Joshua’s demonic shenanigans. One story that I remember is while in Nigeria as a missionary worker my spouse [who is a Nigerian] had a friend who was ill and went to TB Joshua’s church to be healed and was given “miracle water” that was supposed to heal him. He hid the water beneath the bed without informing anyone that he visited TB Joshua. My spouse had a strange dream that night of being chased by TB Joshua and the next morning asked if anyone had anything strange in the house such as a charm, etc. After a thorough search of the room the demon laden “miracle water” was discovered hidden beneath the bed and was discarded by the person who put it there who unfortunately died later of his illness. The miracle water was a hoax- the young man lost his money and eventually died when he most likely could have used that money that he spent on demonic “miracle water’ to seek traditional medical attention along with prayer and perhaps would have been alive today.

Josua annoiting water


The name of the book is THE TB JOSHUA I KNOW by Hephzi-bah Bisola Johnson. If you can manage to get past the first few pages of bible quotations you’ll get to the real meat of the hidden evils of TB Joshua’s demon filled, evil empire as only one with first hand knowledge can expose it. This book will shock you as Ms. Johnson exposes names, photos, secrets of staged false healings and mysterious deaths as well as false prophecies and the spiritual manipulation of thousands of people by TB Joshua. MANY Western preachers as well as athletes, gospel artists, famous people such as Mr. Universe have secretly gone to TB Joshua for either spiritual endowment to benefit them financially or for medical reasons. The truth will certainly make one free! Purchase the book and share it’s contents with anyone and everyone that you know! 

What Gospel Artists Will do for money!






29 thoughts on “The Secret Evil Life of False Prophet/Occultist TB Joshua FINALLY EXPOSED!

  1. Hmmmm FINALLY! I always knew that this man was not of God but because I don’t know of the evils that go on in Nigeria I would have never imagined all of this. God is revealing truths in this hour, all of the evils in Christianity are being exposed! BE YE SEPARATE NOW or pay the price later! Miracles don’t lead you to God, only the truth does!

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  2. One reason people won’t expose him is because they are so afraid of him and his evil power but that fear of him just goes to show their lack of faith in God. God tells us to expose all evil and He tells us to do it publicly so that others will see, but these so-called Christians wont do it and they even criticize people like you who do do it. Those who criticize those who exposing evil are the real enemies of God!

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  3. You would be surprised of the so called preachers/pastors in the United States who support this man with the tithes of their church members. There are a lot of people suffering from spiritual sicknesses because their leaders are secretly supporting this monster.

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  4. You haven’t heard anything yet. There are so many stories from the white and black communities of being scammed and conned from this evil monster TB Joshua. Anyone who went to him to be “fortified” to do false miracles in their church will soon regret it if they haven’t done so already.

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  5. This TB Joshua sounds just like the useless Nigerian man I married! He is a master manipulator, hides his evil behind his bible and lies each time his mouth is open. He knows how to get into the minds of women to manipulate them. He eats like a pregnant woman but weighs no more than 135 pounds soaking wet! People there has been a big evil introduced to the naive women of America and Africa, this evil comes directly from NIGERIAN MEN especially those toting bibles and quoting scriptures!

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  6. Because of FEAR of a man thousands of people have been duped, raped and murdered. If only someone could’ve sacrificed himself/herself in the early stages of learning this mans true character many people would have been spared heart aches and pain. A selfish man is indeed a danger to himself and to society!

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  7. This is bittersweet in that so many people have been murdered by this man, thousands of women have been raped, millions have been duped out of their money and even more are still under the influence of his demonic spell. I am so happy that he has finally been exposed by an insider, I pray that even more will come forward. Many people will be disappointed and surprised to learn that even their own pastor has visited TB Joshua and have received a demon from him to help them in their ministry to draw large crowds of people.

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  8. Karen Bass, I feel your pain indeed! It’s time for all of us to open our eyes and keep them open to the wolves in sheep’s clothing that have snuck in among us. There will be many disappointed people and heartbroken women as God’s steps up His unmasking of evil in this year.

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  9. Truths are being exposed praise God! What was once hidden is now being revealed as these people use the name of God to do evil God is not pleased.


  10. The sad thing is now that he has been exposed prophets are all over social media “propheylying” that they had this and that dream about TB Joshua!


  11. It’s a shame how many people fear this man. You would be surprised of how many people have secretly gone to him for one thing or another. They are too ashamed to come out publicly and admit it


  12. They are all being exposed now but the bad thing about is that they arent even scared. While one false prophet is being exposed the others continue to misbehave as if their own turn isnt coming.


  13. please satan is very very real and has more than a million demons as that testimony says of ex Satanist Gustave Adonner..the devil is just beyond aggravated, who many people still think is a fantasy and does have satanists praying & fasting daily for christians to get sick and be destroyed …persecution for Christians is very real..many men of God have been…Pastor Benny HINN ,,, Pastor Rodney Browne….that bisola lady is a liar ..she has videos where she has continually come back to scoan asking for forgiveness for years…shes just going to make money off of her books and when the funds are up…she will repent by going back to Scoan knowing that she must repent as the ‘prodigal daughter’ quote on quote and God being ABBA Father and always compassionate towards his creation will forgive and so will scoan members because that is God’s principle and forever his will…to forgive..


  14. Well, here’s a true story… I know of a young man (he’s dead now) he was my friend and was very sick and didn’t have money to see a doctor So, he went to TB Joshua’s church and collected some “holy water” with instructions as to how how to use the water. He put the water under his bed to sleep and I had a dream that a big snake was chasing me, I woke up and asked everyone in the compound if they brought juju in the house. No one admitted to bringing juju or anything strange in the house so I searched myself and discovered the water under the bed, my deceased friend admitted to bringing the water in the house and putting it under the bed. I made him get rid of the water. He later died. He didn”t die because of the fake holy water that he collected from TB Joshua’s shrine, he died because #1 the water could never save him #2 he didn’t have money for proper medical care #3 he should have prayed to God and trusted in Him for healing instead of going to TB Joshua’s shrine #4 Who know’s, maybe the water expedited his death.


  15. You know, people take this thing as a joke, they dont know how serious the matter of playing with TB Joshua and people like him is. It’s either you decide NOW to realize that you too are spiritual and not flesh and blood and ask God to help you see the truth, or perish with the ignorant blind masses.


  16. The thing I find strange is that unlike other Pastors he has never been arrested for the above. I myself was healed of something which could never leave me no matter how many Pastors I went to for prayers. I longed as a beleiver to be free of mustabation but to no avail. When I started watching TB Joshua I realised that I could be free from this afflication. I emailed him and he just sent me a scripture and encouraged to me to say it until I was free. Todate that urge has never come back since I read that scripture. I thought I would die without being free. Anyway the work he is doing many real christian pastors are not doing. My advise is that if he is not a believer can we quickly replace what he is doing with the true gospel else the blood of men and women will be upon our heads as we shout it out that he is a satanist. The church needs to be relevant in these days else men and women like him who fill in the gap, do humanitarian work, help restore families, visit prisoner will take over what the church is meant to do. Thank you for providing information so we can choose.


    • Kaoli Chona do you seriously believe that you were “healed” from masturbation just because you read a scripture in the bible? Or was it because Joshua told you to read it that you stopped masturbating? Masturbation is not a sickness and does not require healing- if you want to stop masturbating you keep your eyes off of womens breasts and buttocks and keep your mind pure and stop watch pornography if you watch it. You did masturbation because you were UNCLEAN. It’s not the church that needs to be relevant, it’s we as individuals who need to be relevant and stop acting like BABIES! Can you imagine a grown man going to TB Joshua to stop masturbating? And who says that TB Joshua is not a believer? A believer in what? Christianity? I’m sure that TB Joshua believes in God, even Satan knows that God is real. You seem to be a person who needs to seek God for himself, you need a real encounter with God my friend. Are you “restoring families, visiting prisoners?” I’m sure that the answer is no. You worry about what you are doing in obeying Gods commandments and if you really believe that TB Joshua “healed you” of masturbation, just wait for masturbation to return back to you 7 times worse than it was before! God is the only healer, and deliverer not TB Joshua or any other man.


  17. Everything you wrote here about TB Joshua is 100% correct. God has revealed it to me and many children of God that this man was demonic. But he played a fast game on people’s psychic. If the Spirit of God is in you, you would know that TB Joshua was a lead occult Prophet in Nigeria. That’s why he didn’t mingle with genuine men of God. God will still remove more of them. He has brother prophets in Abuja and Delta and all over the places. Evil men whose public display does not match their true colour. Thanks for the article.


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