BEWARE Of The CarbonNation Cult!

cult 1

 “Nature Boy” Elgio Bishop and his “wives”

I’ve said it before, and now I’m saying it again. There are people who think that they have been “awakened”, but the truth is that many have been awakened into a movement of evil delusion. There are movements such as “the black awakening,” the “going back to Africa” movement, the African god movement, and so many other distractions that are leading people everywhere except to God!  If you’ve been awakened to anything that’s not leading you to the TRUE GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the God of the Jews; If it’s not leading you to Elohim, Adonai, Elshadi, The Almighty God who created the heavens and everything above the heavens, and the earth and everything below the earth- YOU HAVE BEEN AWAKENED TO DECEPTION! 

Natureboy 2

 “Nature Boy” Eligio Bishop with two of his “wives” one of which states she had herpes that was cured by Eligio 

Eligio Bishop [ who refers to himself as god and lord] is the founder and leader of a CULT called ‘CarbonNation’ [formally known as MelanNation until he decided to welcome Caucasians] disguised as an “awakened” community of people who want to connect with nature, uses social media to lure people who have low self esteem, are easily mislead, have a residual source of income, are looking for something other than organized religion, or are running from obligations such as child support, paying bills, etc. This guy is a MASTER MANIPULATOR who knows how to get into the psyche of weak minded people by using various methods of manipulation and conjures evil spirits according to a woman who left the cult. He studied under the now late Dr. Sebi and is trying to mimic his persona and lifestyle blatantly fooling people into believing the he can cure disease without medication, and convinces these people that their diseases are “all in their minds” and can be cured by changing their mindsets! He has manipulated the wives/girlfriends of those who join his cult to become his “wife” [not legally] to enjoy a filthy lifestyle of sex with multiple women and justifies it by saying that their African ancestors lived polygamous lives and that polygamy is natural. 

cult 2

It has not been reported that gay sex transpires in “Nature Boy’s” cult, however here are some of the male members who were [and some currently are] members

This cult leader has openly admitted to having sexual relations with men and has sex videos on the internet of him participating in gay sex acts! He has had sexual intercourse with children and under-aged girls and lours these people to his cult location outside of the United States. He was once in Belize, the Caribbean and is currently located in Mexico and he admittingly has a criminal record. The awakening that should be going on is within our families and communities! We need to KNOW who our children and family members are connecting with on Social Media. There are so many Christians who claim to love God, but they are sitting quietly reading reports like this and just watching evil unveil making excuses for not speaking against it or doing anything to expose it. There are so many free resources available that EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to come against evil and to expose it bringing awareness to our communities.

cult 3

 This young guy has herpes and joined the cult believing that “Nature Boy” could heal him but was only brainwashed to believe that his herpes is “in his mind” and can be cured by adjusting his mindset. 

The formation of man-made religion is what really paved the way for cults in the Western world. Many of us have been groomed as children to submit to a leader (other than our parents), to blindly trust in him and obey his doctrines. God tells us CLEARLY to not put our trust in man – It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man [Psalm 118:8]. Put no trust in a neighbor, have no confidence in a friends, guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms [Micah 7:5] Thus says the Lord, cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord [Jeremiah 17:5]. Many have asked, “how do I know if I’m being led to a cult or if I’m already in one?” The answer is:

  1. If it points you AWAY FROM GOD putting the focus on THEM as your leader
  2. If it does not teach ABSOLUTE HOLINESS with no exceptions
  3. If you HAVE TO give them something in exchange for something
  4. If you are FORCED TO or PRESSURED TO believe in their doctrine or set of rules OR
  5. Are punished or rejected for not following their rules

If all of these apply, or even two of these apply to your current situation you are most likely in a cult or being lured into joining one. 

Check out this video of “Nature Boy” and his satanic sex cult [click on the arrow in the middle of the photo] and share it with everyone that you know. 

8 thoughts on “BEWARE Of The CarbonNation Cult!

  1. Wow! The deception is everywhere today and it’s so blatant! I don’t even recognize this world anymore, a spiritual door was opened a few years ago and things will only get worse. I have heard of this man and his cult, there is also an AME Zion pastor involved with him as his lover, financial sponsor and more!


  2. This is WACK! Man, people are following anyone and anything these days, it’s sad and scary at the same time. All of these people including the leader are young. These young people are the future of this world which means WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE!


  3. Everything is crazy these days. There are a lot of Sebi wanna be’s in rotation. This guy is lie Dr. Sebi on crack! You people are Hebrews! Recognize and act accordingly.


  4. Yeah, this dude is sick! And it’s easy for certain individuals to fall prey to someone like this. There’s others with the same mentality as this man walking around and have formed their own cults.


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