Beware of Perverted Bishop ‘SEER’ TB Luke Perry

There is another PERVERTED FALSE PROPHET on the loose! He has been exposed and identifies himself as Bishop/Prophet ‘Seer’ TB Luke Perry {apparently a follower of occultist TB Joshua} however, TB Luke Perry is not even his real name!   This so-called seer exposed his penis to an innocent woman who met him on Social Media and initiated a sexual conversation with her, even declaring her to be “his wife.” Most likely he has done this to other women and will do it again and it’s time to introduce this pervert to the community so that you, your children and your women will be safe! 

                                           False Prophet Pervert TB Luke Perry

It’s very easy to fall into these traps of manipulation when your only desire is to follow someone who claims to have a spiritual gift instead of seeking God to get to know Him better so that you can serve Him perfectly.  God tells His people to EXPOSE false prophets [Ephesians 5:11] and exposing them will indeed help keep our communities safe from these spiritual sexual predators. If this man really is a “seer” he would have seen beforehand the end result of his filthy behavior.

I discovered that this false prophet [who is obviously not very intelligent] actually follows a witch called “Professor Adobos” that sells “magic rings” spells for luck, spells for love, and spells for money and restored relationships, I wonder if he obtained his ring from him? – What type of “man of God” would do that!? A false one! 

WATCH THIS VIDEO as a woman exposes false “Bishop TB Luke Perry” for exposing his penis and chest to her after meeting on a Social Media platform. This video captures this pervert apologizing for his behavior and then calling his victim rude!  (This video is rated R, it is very explicit and not suitable for children)

Discernment is crucial in these last days! Don’t follow these social media false leaders based on photoshoped pictures and claims of spiritual gifts.  An undiscerning person can’t differentiate between spiritual gifts and witchcraft/black magic and you can possibly find yourself soul tied or in financial distress because you’ve linked yourself to a black magic practitioner believing him to be a prophet/seer!  False Bishop TB Luke Perry is a perverted fraudster using his self given title and pulpit to target unsuspecting women. TB Luke Perry is not this mans real name! Please, beware of him and don’t allow him to “lay hands” on you or your family members!  



Americans, these wolves are very convincing! Pray for discernment and BE CAREFUL who you invite to your churches and allow to lay hands on you no matter where they are from, or how well they preach, jump around in the pulpit and quote scriptures! 


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18 thoughts on “Beware of Perverted Bishop ‘SEER’ TB Luke Perry

  1. If no one exposes them HOW WILL WE KNOW? I heard Latisha talk about this man on her YouTube channel and I think that it’s really nice of you AND IMPORTANT TO THE COMMUNITY to help her expose this filthy man. I mean, no man would ever expose his penis to a woman if he has respect for himself or for her. This man clearly isnt fit to be on the pulpit or even my sister’s nextdoor neighbor!


  2. I believe Old boy had/has a wife named Greta, at least this lady is in his Google Plus very small circle of friends. This clown is actually on Google Plus asking people where he can go to obtain fame and power! Please, continue to expose these perpetrators, it is what God commands us to do.


  3. A teacher told us just today of how there was a very religious man who had a wife and trusted another man to be alone with his wife because he studied the bible day in and day out non stop. He dressed as if he were the most holy person and pretended to be so humble and so full of knowledge. One day while he was alone with the mans wife he convinced her that he was “a special man sent by God” and convinced the woman who was in love with her own husband with no marital problems at all TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM- and she did! She couldn’t believe just how subtly this man brainwashed her into having sex with him. My point is that this Luke Perry man is a number of thousands if not millions of other perverts who are hiding behind bibles to deceive people! I’ve heard many American women share their testimonies of the same thing happening to them and their bible carrying African (Nigerian) husbands.


  4. See his face! Nnche. God will punish perverts like this man, no be small . He wouldn’t try it in Nigeria, but maybe he would. This man no b man of god.


  5. These false prophets are just as bad as these fake marriages that they do, marrying women just for green cards. Soon, they will be banned from all countries then the people get offended and ask why they are not welcomed anywhere. It’s not all of them, but most that leave a bad imagine for their country


  6. You women should leave these Nigerians alone man. Look, there are plenty of good black American men here, the problem is you’re not letting them find you, you too busy chasing them. wearing tight tight clothing that looks disgusting and showing all that cleavage and all that weave and makeup I don’t know what kind of man you think will be attracted to you. Be modest that’s what a real man who is decent will always want. jmo


  7. He is an ugly one, isnt he? Lol! This is what becomes of a man who refuses to get a job! He turns into a pulpit pimp! Lol!


  8. I’ve seen this clown on FaceBook and I know a young lady (I wont mention her name) who was victimized by this man! He is certainly not a Bishop nor is he a man of God. Thank you for exposing him and keeping America safe! To God be the glory.


  9. This is a good example why we can’t judge by how humble they appear or how believable their “prophecies” seem. To be honest, MOST of what we are seeing is not prophecy but is a gift of knowledge or an ability to know things or obtain knowledge of something by whatever method is being used. The real prophets are not on social media trying to convince the world that they are prophets. Real prophetic people let their gifts speak for them and could care less who believes them or not and a real prophetic person won’t be spending too much time on social media- a real prophetic person isn’t egotistical and wont have their photos posted all over the internet like some lunatic.


  10. Thanks for the warning and for supporting Latesha. This man should be exposed as well as all of the other filthy false prophets that are using God’s name and religion and the church to prey on innocent women and oftentimes children. They need to be stopped! And they wont be stopped if we keep our mouths closed! God said to EXPOSE THEM, and it’s about time we join together and do just that! Amen.

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