Who Is Bishop Joseph Garlington and What Is His Relationship With TB Joshua?

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., PhD is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh; a multiracial and cross-cultural community of more than two thousand members, which he founded with his wife in 1971.  He is also the president of Building United of Southwest Pennsylvania. Bishop Garlington is also a musician, and recording artist, author and scholar and is a known visitor, recipient and friend of the Occultist TB Joshua of Nigeria. 

Garlington 3

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington Sr. speaks at CCOP’s Christmas service in 2014

A reg flag is automatically raised as alarms sound whenever I learn of a preacher, pastor, prophet or anyone who calls themselves a religious leader has established a relationship with TB Joshua, even if it were only a mere exchange of text messages! What does darkness and light have in common?  When I first learned of the connection of Garlington and TB Joshua, I immediately did a google search to locate this Joseph Garlington [ I’d never heard of him before] to see if there were a public link connecting him with TB Joshua. I successfully found some information where Garlington was defending TB Joshua, but since then that information has been removed from the internet but that won’t stop me from questioning and suspecting him. What made PASTOR  Garlington go visit TB Joshua on NUMEROUS occasions? Yes, I read the book The Secret Evil Life of False Prophet/Occultist TB Joshua FINALLY EXPOSED!  and Mr. Garlington has been implemented as a frequent guest of TB Joshua. The ONLY REASON any “man of god” goes to visit TB Joshua is if HE’S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING THAT GOD WONT GIVE HIM! 

Garlington 4

 Mr. Garlington, is what you were looking for hidden in that ring you always wear?

A former student of the “C3 School of Ministry College”   https://c3churchwatch.com/tag/joseph-garlington/ had this to say about Mr. Garlington… “Joseph Garlington seems involved in some ecumenical movement in the US. In the past he was involved in the problematic Shepherding Movement and is still involved with the occult-like, pseudo-Christian cult, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), movement. He often speaks in Prosperity Movement Conferences (Promise Keepers).  He also endorses the false teachings of Bill Johnson (he did a foreword to Bill Johnson’s book, Face to Face with God: The Quest to Experience His Presence). Students went on to describe Garlington as well as the other teachers of the college as “evil” and “teachers of all sorts of evil” and also stated that C3 invites many ‘Generals’ and ignores the scriptures. “Jude demonstrates that people like Sumrall and Hee are perverters of God’s grace. C3 College is allowing such deceptive teachers to deceive students with their erroneous teachings”.


Here’s more talk of  Joseph Garlington and his involvement in the NAR MOVEMENT.

Leaders of this movement claim that these prophets and apostles alone have the power and authority to execute God’s plans and purposes on earth. They believe they are laying the foundation for a global church, governed by them.

They place a greater emphasis on dreams, visions and extra-biblical revelation than they do on the Bible, claiming that their revealed teachings and reported experiences (e.g. trips to heaven, face-to-face conversations with Jesus, visits by angels) can not be proven by the ‘old’ testament.

The new Apostolic Reformation (NAR) sprang from the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement. They claim that they have been given authority to lay the foundation for the “new” global church.

They believe they are restored apostles called and ordained by God to be the government for the emerging “New Order” church. In order to maintain this governance they stress strict obedience and submission to them in all matters.

They claim they hear directly from God, and many claim that Jesus visits them in person. Like the true biblical apostles who established the early church, these so called restored apostles believe they are called to lay the foundation and government for the new Kingdom (one world church).

Here is what the Nigerians think of  TB Joshua who actually mention Mr. Joseph Garlington.

JG 1

To just look at this man HE APPEARS TO BE as harmless as a lady bug, but I have learned to not be fooled by the way one looks or carries themselves.  TB Joshua always has a pleasant smile on his face but is known to be one of the most dangerous spiritualists in Nigeria and I knew this long before this lady published her book about him.  There are many American preachers/false prophets who go to Africa to obtain a demon to assist them in becoming famous and wealthy. Not only do clergymen go to Africa for these reasons but business people do as well. I pray that if Mr. Garlington received a charm [demon] from TB Joshua that he destroys it and repents! I don’t expect him to admit that he has, but he doesn’t have to confess it to me- but he should confess it to his followers and confess it to Yah, our Creator who sees all and knows all. He should seek forgiveness from Yah even if he looses everything that he has in the process of doing so. No one eats from the plate of Satan without paying- no one. The eternal rewards from Yah are worth much more than anything temporarily gained through darkness. Am I implying that Mr. Garlington has benefited spiritually from TB Joshua? No, I’m not – but neither am I dismissing the idea because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN BABYLON. 

People are attending church services every Sunday and not growing spiritually because they have been brainwashed and spiritually manipulated by their so-called leaders with no authentic relationship with God. You can not afford to take anyone at face value anymore. Spiritual discernment is just that- IT’S SPIRITUAL and has little to do with how well poised, or how articulate and educated someone is. 

While the undiscerning are sleeping the workers of iniquity are diligently looking to find ways to keep themselves relevant while keeping you ignorant. These people know that you can’t differentiate between black magic and a miracle or a demon from an angel. And they will try by ALL MEANS to sway you away from studying or otherwise learning of African Magic, Indian Magic, or Black Magic because they don’t want you to be able to recognize their evil works.  Babylon is falling, and the people of God need to come out of her while there is still time. These false man-made religions are riddled with lies and deception and Yah will destroy them and those that partake of them. Shalom!

The Secret Evil Life of False Prophet/Occultist TB Joshua FINALLY EXPOSED!


15 thoughts on “Who Is Bishop Joseph Garlington and What Is His Relationship With TB Joshua?

  1. Merci de continuer à nous éclairer par vos connaissances de l’occultisme et ses sbires. Vous êtes très courageux. Votre blog est si riche que tous les chrétiens devraient le connaître. Que Dieu vous bénisse pour votre excellent travail! Merci!

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  2. Wow! You really can’t take anyone at face value, despite how well read they are in scriptures because Satan too knows the book. The problem with the “church” is that they have been groomed since birth to no question the man on the pulpit. Even if we see something and we know it’s strange, we just continue on as if we havent seen anything at all. I believe that is why most church goers are spiritually blind, it’s because God allowed them to see the wickedness but instead of them speaking out, they play dumb and say nothing- so God rewarded them with a DUMB spirit. There is so much evil taking place in Christianity it’s now a shameful thing to say ” I am a Christian”.

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  3. I don’t know what more God has to do to show those who claim to love Him to leave this false manmade religion called Christianity. We wouldn’t know anything about this religion if our ancestors weren’t forced to partake of it during slavery. Their god is white like them their saints their Mary and everything is white. Yah, the God of our forefathers never formed a religion He told us through Yahshua to follow The Way and that way is holiness. This white mans religion leads straight to Hell.


  4. You know what’s sad, the Christian church of today really don’t care. They wouldn’t care if this man himself were TB JOshua as long as 1. He’s saying what they want to hear 2. He’s not preaching against sin 3. He’s profe-lying to them 4. He doesn’t get caught up in a scandal that will bring shame upon the church


  5. You see, the problem with the black church is that THEY NEVER ASK QUESTIONS and when news like this surfaces THEY IGNORE IT! But, at the end of the day those who read this dont have any excuse but they will making excuses before God when He questions them


  6. The sad thing about this is that you’ve warned the people, people will read this and totally disregard it UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS but when that “something” happens it will be too late! Religious people are some of the dumbest people that God has created.


  7. You’re talking to a group of people who have actually been spiritually dead for many years! They will read this and not even think about it thats how far gone they are. This same man who calls himself a pastor will usher his entire blind congregation to accept the mark of the beast, and because they are more connected to him than they are God they will follow him. The black church doesn’t question anything, and it’s so shameful. They will allow Satan himself to go on the pulpit and sing a solo as long as it sounds good.


  8. Sandra I am on the same page with you! You can provide facts to a group of hypnotized, brainwashed people and they will totally disregard the warning still hoping that their tithes and offerings will guarantee them a place in Heaven. If this man had any association with TB Joshua and lived to tell about it, and/ or is not afflicted in any type way it’s because they are birds of a feather.


  9. …. and none of his blind followers will question him. They are just as dumb as a rusty penny. God is using so many people to warn others against these foxes, many have heard but others will perish. Just like when God told Noah to build the ark and others laughed at him. Noah and his family were saved while the others perished.


  10. I have heard Bishop Garlington many times. He has even given a few services at our church. I think he is a TERRIBLE preacher. He is condescending, ignorant and rude to a LOT of people. He should never be a pastor!!! If he received a demon – it shows!


  11. I was married to someone who submitted to joe garlington & joe made him a church leader and used him to “manage” some of the members with whom he did not want to help himself. This was to flatter and play on his pride. It worked. Joe had left his 1st wife and 3 children & married another woman who had 3 children & whose husband had died. She seemed very vulnerable. Joe was condescending, arrogant and dismissive of women including his own wife. His control over the men in his church whom he flattered by calling & making them “shepherds” was irresistible to them & their self pride. He called them “mighty men” which they loved. Joe’s influence over my former husband was the direct cause of destroying his life, marriage and then causing the death of my daughter because he wanted to prove that he could test God by putting her life in direct danger while lying to me . She was killed by his action. He had been physically & mentally abusive to me and I had left him while my daughter was a baby but with Joe’s influence he has never repented for any of his actions.
    Domimating women was one of the attracting promises that drew him there.
    Causing the death of my daughter revealed what he was prepared to do to have the power of subjugating women .  He felt supported because this was role modeled by joe. Accountability and responsibility was bypassed by claiming this was because it was God who allowed it & many are willfully  obtuse enough to accept that.


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