Prophet Bushiri’s Church Under Siege in Wake of Recent Deaths

fire on the mountain1

 Angry Pretoria Residents Barricade The Entrance of Bushiris Church 

On Friday the group had blockaded entry to the Pretoria showgrounds where the church is housed.  This comes after three women were killed in a stampede last Friday. 

Police believe that members of the congregation may have pushed each other as they panicked over a thunderstorm, leading to the stampede. 

Angry residents are demanding that Bushiri tell them what led to the incident.

Regional secretary of the South African Civic Organisation in Pretoria Portia Mokwena said Bushiri owes the nation answers and vowed that the church would not operate until he explains what happened, BUT DO THEY REALLY EXPECT BUSIHIRI TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH? The TRUTH is that this was ANOTHER ritual killing and the only way to stop it from happening again is to MAKE HIM LOOK AT THE CORPSES IN PERSON, that will determine if he’s responsible for the deaths or not. 

Mokwena said a community member only learnt of her mother’s death on Friday. 

“People died in that church and there is nothing happening against the church. A woman from our community was informed Friday that her mother was among those who died in Bushiri’s church.  “She was not aware where her mother was until she was told that she was dead. We want answers and this church will not operate until he gives us what we want. Bushiri is not in the country now, we are aware that he is coming on January 18 to take more money and leave,” said Mokwena.

bushiri wealth

Bushiri flaunting his wealth 

Occultist Bushiri is feeding the South African people to his demon


Police investigation 

She accused Bushiri of only taking money from his flock and failing to help church members deal with their problems, despite claiming he could heal people.

Mokwena said people sleep outside the church waiting for the false prophet Bushiri to pray for them.

A community member who identified himself as Thabiso, said there were also questions around Bushiri’s claimed Christianity.

“We want to question him. Some among us want him to vacate Pretoria. We are going to continue protesting until his church is removed from our showgrounds. He must respond to our questions about the deaths and why the bodies of the deceased were removed without informing the police.  “We are aware that the church service was expected to begin today (Friday) and we are disrupting it. This is our message to him,” he said.

Police spokesperson Captain Augustina Selepe told News24 earlier this week that a case of defeating the ends of justice had been opened against the church.

This is after preliminary investigations revealed that the bodies were removed from the scene before police were informed of the incident. They were taken to Bushiri’s  private mortuary called Red Ford Mortuary. A case was also not registered with the police after the deaths.


bushiri on plane

 Guess who didn’t show up at the funeral of the three woman killed at his church? He and his wife IMMEDIATELY traveled during the funeral- the same thing that he did 3 months ago when 3 others died from his church! 

2 Things That Occultists Disguised As Prophets Wont Do

The people of South Africa may want this blood sucker to go, but according to his speech made after the incident, he doesn’t plan on going ANYWHERE! 



11 thoughts on “Prophet Bushiri’s Church Under Siege in Wake of Recent Deaths

  1. They need to BURN DOWN THAT CHURCH OF EVIL!!!! The way I see that place and those poor people, he doesnt have a problem slaughtering all of them like cattle to appease his deity. The man is evil, you can see it in his eyes, as if he doesnt even have a soul.


  2. Enough is enough! It’s time for everyone in South Africa that is not sent by God to leave! The poor are getting poorer and now the death toll has increased in South Africa. Strange accidents and such. Why?


  3. How many warnings do we need? How many more lives must be lost before our eyes open? Maybe this is happening to us because we put our trust in a man that came out of nowhere that we dont even know instead of putting our trust in the Almighty God!


  4. This should serve as a warning to all of the Americans who follow these foreign so-called prophets!! People have been warning us but we don’t listen to warnings until after the damage has already been done, and then it’s too late


  5. Christians are so blinded that they will watch a million of their own people fall at their feet and still call this man a “man of God”. I wish that these people would wake up before it is too late.


  6. This man needs to be stopped immediately. There are so many of these young occultic false African prophets who have fooled so many people, even in the United States because other false prophets like Benny Hinn and Juanita Bynum support them.


  7. This man is a played out thing of the past! Any one who considers him to be anything less than an evil witch is a fool


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