Keep the following scriptures in mind when listening to questionable “prophets” and pondering on their “prophecies”. Not all dreamers are receiving dreams from the Kingdom of God, rather, some are receiving them from the spirit of Baal and from their own hearts [according to God].  If a “prophet/prophetess” says “I HAD A DREAM” and in that dream, God told someone to continue in a way that is WORLDLY and that will lead others to the world and away from God, THAT WAS NOT A DREAM FROM GOD! Real prophets don’t prophecy for popularity, the authentic gift is used to edify [ to give holy instruction for improvement, to educate], exhortation [to urge/persuade someone in a holy way/direction] and comfort [to console]. 

dreamers finalAnd I have seen folly in the prophets of Samaria; they prophesied in Baal, and misled my people Israel,

and I see disgrace among the prophets of Jerusalem, adultery and continuing falsehood;  they encouraged the evildoers so that they not repent, each man of his wickedness, they were all like Sodom to me, and Jerusalem’s inhabitants were like Gomorrah.


Therefore thus saith YAHUAH, Master of Legions, concerning the prophets: Behold, I shall feed them wormwood, and give them poisonous water to drink, for deceit has spread out over all the land from the prophets of Jerusalem.

Thus said YAHUAH, Master of Legions: Pay no heed to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you; they are deluding you. They speak a vision of their own heart, not of the mouth of YAHUAH.

They always tell those who anger Me, The LORD has spoken: There will be peace for you; and to all who follow the vision of his heart they say, “No evil shall befall you.



But which of them was exposed to the mystery of YAHUAH, who has seen or heard His word? Who obeyed His word and heeded it?

Behold, the storm of YAHUAH, a fury shall  go forth; a tempest shall seek rest; it will rest upon the head of the wicked.

YAHUAH’S wrath will not recede until He has accomplished it and upheld the plans of His heart. In the end of days you will have an understanding of it.

I did not send those prophets, yet they ran, I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied.

If they were exposed to My mystery, let them proclaim My words to My people and bring and bring them back from their evil way and from the wickedness of their deeds.


Am I a God only from nearby- says YAHUAH- and not a God from afar?

Can a man hide in concealments and that I not see him?- saith the LORD. Do I not fill the heaven and the earth? saith the LORD.

I have heard what is said by the prophets who prophesy falsely in My Name, saying, I had a dream, I had dream!

How long! Is anything in the heart of the prophets who prophesy falsehood, the prophets of their hearts deceit,

Who think to make my people forget My Name through their dreams that they tell to each other, just as their fathers forgot My Name through worshiping the Baal.


The prophet that has a dream, tells his dream, but the one with My Word, speaks my word of truth. How can the chaff compare to the kernel? said the LORD.

Behold, my word is like fire said the LORD; and like a hammer that shatters a rock. 

Therefore, behold, I am acting against the prophets, says YAHUAH, who steal my words one from the other.

Behold, I am acting against the prophets-says the LORD, who train their tongues, and deliver an oration.


Behold, I am acting against those who prophesy with false dreams- says YAHUAH- who tell them and mislead my people with their lies and with flippancy. I did not send them nor commanded them. They were of no benefit to this people- says the LORD.

If this people- or a prophet or a priest- should ask you, saying, “What is the burden of the LORD?” Tell them, “What is the burden? I shall reject you! says YAHUAH

And any prophet or priest or one of the populace who says “burden of the LORD’, I shall deal with that person and with his household.

So shall you say to one another, and each man to his brother:”What did THE LORD pronounce?” “What did THE LORD speak?” Never again mention “burden of The LORD”, for although a burden comes to a man of His word, you have perverted the words of the living God- YAHUAH, Master of Legions, our God. 

Say thus to the true prophet, What did YAHUAH pronounce to you?  What did YAHUAH speak?

And if you still say, “burden of the LORD”; therefore thus said YAHUAH; Because ye say this thing, “burden of the LORD”- when I sent to you, saying, “Do not say burden of the Lord”- therefore, behold, I am acting, and I shall completely forget you, and I shall discard you, and the city that I gave to you and your fathers, from my presence.

And I shall place upon you an everlasting disgrace and everlasting humiliations, which shall not be forgotten.

$$$ SOCIAL MEDIA False Prophets $$$

13 thoughts on “The PROPHETIC Dreamer

  1. This is a very important topic, especially now that we are in the age of Social Media. With each advancement in technology Satan advances his devices of deception, to lure God’s people away by keeping them spellbound by the magic of the false prophets. We are all spiritual by nature- we’re spiritual beings which is why it is so easy to be misled when it comes to spiritual matters, because we as a people haven’t been brought up to accentuate our spiritual side, but to focus more on our physical attributes. so when we get close to or show interest in the spiritual Satan takes advantage of our fleshes ignorance and leads us astray. We must be PRAYERFUL in this hour and don’t be afraid to BREAK AWAY FROM THE CROWD because the crowd will cause you to miss God. The way of God is not a popular way- and it’s not easy because it goes against what’s mainstream. Great writing!

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  2. Thank You! Our problem of laziness still remains to be one of the biggest hindrances. We’re too lazy to inquire of God, too lazy too wait for Him to answer us, too lazy to discern spirits, too lazy to call out ungodly spirits… it’s a shame! This is why these false prophets are as bold as they are today, it’s because nobody’s calling them out as God has commanded us to. Most are too lazy, others are too afraid.


  3. I can tell you who comes to my mind when reading this post. It’s the truth though, and no one will be offended except those who are guilty of “dabbling”. People are indeed perishing for the lack of knowledge, but unfortunately when presented with the truth they don’t want to accept it because it’s not comfortable or convenient. God doesnt want any of His children to perish so I pray that all who read this post will take head to the warning. Blessings!


  4. We’ve got people, prophesying and living a double life at the same time, They can “see” everything except their own pitiful lives and their own shortcomings but let them tell it they are God’s right hand man… God sees all! The first thing God will tell anyone that He’s talking to is to repent of their own sins. There are a lot of people in denial and they call themselves super spiritual. It’s sad.


  5. We should question EVERYTHING, and a true man or woman of God would never be offended by this because this is what our Father told us to do! To be honest, there are ways that the evil, false prophets manipulate dreams as well so PRAY and ask God to show you who’s who and if you have a dream and you are not sure of that dream, ask God to show you again and He will. God doesn’t want His people to be deceived but if you keep running behind prophets don’t blame anyone except yourself for being disappointed because at the end of the day, nobody is forcing anyone to listen to them.


  6. This is my kind of topic O! If God would just allow the people to see what is true and what is false just for one minute most people would run mad from disappointment. There is true and false in everything. There are prophetic dreamers and there are dreamers of dreams that come from wandering spirits, even the devil himself. Just because it looks good and sounds good doesnt mean that it is of God. Even if you receive a dream about a person wait before believing that dream because there is such thing as dream intrusion where people can use evil spirit to make you dream what they want you to see.


  7. The problem with this stiff necked generation of people is that YOU CAN’T TELL THEM ANYTHING, especially if they are Christians. May God be praised for everything that has been written on this blog and everywhere that speaks the truth and opens the eyes of the blind.


  8. Tell the truth and shame the devil! There are so many online prophetic dreamers that are not operating from the realm of God at all!!!


  9. There will be a time SOON when these false prophets/dreamers will call on Satan to help them and even he will deny them! Satan’s reign is only for a season…


  10. I am a dreamer too but I know that not all of my dreams are coming from God. The problem with fame seekers is that they go online every time they have a carnal dream and say it was from God. Your day of shame is at hand too for leading Gods people astray (this is to the false dreamers on Social Media), for causing God’s people to look in places where God never wanted them to look because they were led there by false dreamers and false prophets. You spoke when God never told you to speak and by doing so you led many people astray. False prophets and false dreamers will see quick judgement in this season and by this they will KNOW that judgement is NOW, not just on the “Day of Judgement”. God bless you poster.

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  11. A very good example of this are those false prophets on YouTube who had dreams of a 3 days of darkness that was supposed to happen on 19 April 2019. I read the comments of many many Christians who were misled by these lying dreams and actually went out and purchased candles, tape, etc. and the lying dream never came to pass! I dream as many others who read this forum probably do, but I know to weigh each dream, sometimes I don’t share my dreams until i know for sure that it was a dream given to me by God.


  12. First John 4:1
    “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1).
    In the above verse God’s redeemed saved people are commanded to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God

    I love the Lord Jesus the Christ with all my heart and praise God for saving me. I watch sermons on U-tube sometimes..Out of curiosity I was watching 2019 Christian Video U-tube sites. I came across a husband and wife ministry team on U-tube named (Henry and Monic). This couple have discernment against many of these famous (charlatan) Prosperity Teachers/ Prophets who have been getting money by shamefully selling (fake) blessings from God for cash.

    I agreed with this couple’s Henry and Monic’s assessment against many of these Prosperity teachers and preachers because God revealed to me long ago I could trust Romans 8:32.,This Bible verse in Romans declares God with His Son Jesus FREEELY GIVES US ALL THINGS! However, many other Videos from this couple about various ministries and famous persons was questionable. Most of their ministry is centered on their own dreams / interpretation, a big red flag. Like the Bereans in the Bible I tried to find Henry and Monic ( of Praise Master Jesus) core Bible statements, core Bible doctrine and Information on what church and ministry they originated from. Since I could not find any specifics I will not be watching their Videos anymore.


  13. If you don’t know that not all dreams come from God then you are a stupid person that can easily be used by Satan. I talk about Henry and Monic too. I don’t trust Moic at all with her lips like harlot and eyes painted like a clown. She is not representing holiness at all and I don’t respect her. She leads women in the wrong direction by say Jesus Jesus but look like Jezebel.


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