Alph Lukau prophet of Baal, Is Making South African’s Look Like Fools!


Maybe Alph Lukau [aka Moses] would have had better luck if he tried to resurrect a dead fly!  He certainly is not able to resurrect a dead person!  Anyone from South Africa should know why he would hire a Zimbabwean man to pretend to be dead! He couldn’t wait to advertise his shameful ruse of resurrecting a “dead” man on social media platforms. After which, three funeral parlors (The Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix, and Kingdom Blue)reported the act to the Jeppe police station on Monday according to representative Prince Mafu. Watch this hilarious video….

Did you notice that Alph Lukau already had food waiting for the “dead” man? Did you see the “dead” man’s mouth moving in the coffin? Why would a man after being DEAD for 5 days want food as soon as he’s “resurrected,”  Not good acting at all. This is almost laughable! 

How shameful! And the South African supporters of this Charlatan should be ashamed of themselves too! He is clearly making fools of his South African. Granted, his congregation is so large that not even half of them were afforded the opportunity to see this man who was clearly alive prior to reaching Alph Lukau’s shrine  church. With all of the AIDS and HIV victims running rampant in South Africa, and people dying daily of it- why hasn’t “Moses” healed South Africa of it’s poverty and sickness? WHY DID HE MOVE TO SOUTH AFRICA TO BEGIN WITH? It’s because of THE POWER OF THE RAND and HE KNOWS THAT SOUTH AFRICAN’S ARE SPIRITUALLY BLIND AND GULLIBLE  and his own country will not allow him to dupe people as he is doing in South Africa but, don’t expect him to admit it!  The following video shows that an investigation was prompted immediately after the release of Alph Lukau’s video of “raising the dead” the mortuary personnel are stating that Alph Lukau’s claim of raising the dead is fabricated and that certain steps must be carried out to legally declare a person to be dead in South Africa, and in this case those steps were not carried out.  Watch the video…

Where is the cotton for the dead mans nose? That’s what they do to corpses in Africa. Lets see Lukau lie his way out of this one.


Morgue officials of Kings and queens funeral services as well as other morgues have confirmed that the man allegedly resurrected by Pastor Alph Lukau in South Africa was actually never dead and was not hosted in any morgue as a corpse. Watch the video below to hear their report:

Here’s one secret of Alph Lukau, whatever ancient charm that the Congo musician Kofi Olomide  is using to draw his crowds is the same ancient charm that Alph Lukau is using to hypnotize/charm his clueless South African victims followers. 


Congo singer Kofi Olomide (He and Lukau have a striking resemblance to one another) They both even use gold microphones!

My South African brothers and sisters, just ask yourselves theses questions:

  1. What is Alph Lukau doing to improve the lives of the impoverished people of South Africa? How is he supporting the economy with his wealth?
  2. He is said to be the richest pastor in Africa, would he give you a ride in his car [that your tithes and offerings paid for] if he saw you trekking? Would he even give the entire church a significant amount of money without them asking for it? Surely he can afford it!
  3. If he’s “Moses” why didn’t he stay in his own country to make that country a better place for his own people?
  4. Is he leading you closer to God and holiness, teaching you to refute the temporal, material things of this world and be modest, separated people? 

No, he isn’t! He showcases his wealth and his illusion of power to keep your eyes fixed on himself and his material acquirement’s while only mentioning the messiah and the Father. He uses a form of mind control by calling his congregation “family” to give them a false illusion that they are one with him BUT if he truly see’s them as his family they should all be rich like him, he should distribute his wealth to them.  He has many of his blind followers calling him Moses and god!  This man is leading thousands of people away from God so that he can be exalted which is blasphemy and abominable!  Why do you patronize “prophets” when you know absolutely nothing about them except what they’ve told you? Alph Lukau should REPENT while there still may be time for him to do so. 

When God makes a fool of Lukau He makes a fool of Lukau’s followers also. 

There is only One God and His Name is not alph lukau! Followers of Lukau should seek God while He can still be found, and repent of following false prophets! 

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
—Matthew 24:24

21 thoughts on “Alph Lukau prophet of Baal, Is Making South African’s Look Like Fools!

  1. Oh my word! No he didn’t!!!!! He has thousands of blind followers who defend EVERY ungodly thing that he does. I pray that the people of South Africa wake up to this man’s schemes and see him for who he really is. HE IS NOT A PROPHET and by the looks of it, he’s not even a good magician. The only thing that Alph Lukau has managed to do properly is to fool the South African’s into believing that he’s something that he’s not. May God lead the South African’s to the truth and cause them to turn from their fetish ways so that false prophets will stop coming to their country robbing them blind and making complete fools of them. Amen!


  2. I couldn’t have said this better myself! When will South Africa stop allowing ourselves to be used as fools. This man is no different than Bushiri.


  3. The fly has fallen into the soup. Lol! This man no be man of God O! If his foolish foolish followers eys aren’t opened by now it’s because his juju has them as blind as a bat.


  4. How shameful. How many South Africans will continue to follow this obvious liar after this? He’s been fooling South Africa for many many years using his money to bribe people to pretend to be sick and then healed by him, pretending to be delivered. Snap out of the spell that he has put you under! Wake up South Africa! Turn from this demon and seek the Living God, the only One Who can raise the dead!!!!!


  5. The damage has indeed been done. Every miracle, prophesy and everything else must be scrutinized at this point. This is the most shameful thing


  6. Im still crying for laughter! This has to be the funniest thing that I’ve heard about all year. He’s not an intelligent false prophet, that’s for sure but then again, none of them are!


  7. Have you heard the way he lied in attempts to cover this foolishness? This man has no conscious at all, I didnt know that South Africans were such gullible people. It’s shameful how black people have no regard for each other especially those in a leadership position.


  8. He is really using mind control on his church members telling them now not to read about him on Social Media and to not believe what they read, but everything on Social Media written about him is the truth. I am so ashamed of my people for allowing strangers to come in and rob us of everything, even our very soul. Kuyothatha ukuthini ukuba amehlo abantu bami bavule? Awukwazi yini ukuthi laba baprofethi bamanga basisebenzisa kanjani? Lo muntu uye waqamba amanga kithi, eqinisweni ubelokhu ewenza njalo futhi sihlala lapho njengezinambuzane futhi siqhubeke simlandela. Usihleka usulu futhi siyamvumela ukuba akwenze.


  9. The worse part about it is that he’s not even ashamed of himself! He sins as if there is no God but I believe that he does it because he already knows his end, he made a deal with Satan and he already knows his fate.


  10. Abantu baseNingizimu Afrika uma uvula amehlo akho uzobona ukuthi lokhu okuthunyelwe kuyiqiniso. Lo muntu, noma yikuphi futhi nomaphi lapho evela khona usenza sibonakale sengathi siyizifiso. Asibona abantu abayiziwula njengoba izwe libona thina futhi sekuyisikhathi sokuthi senze njengokungathi sihlakaniphile njengamazwe aseqede kakade abaprofethi bamanga abavela emazweni abo. Ake senqabe ukuhlekwa usulu ngaleyondoda.


  11. You aint never lied! They do look like absolute fools- those who continue to go to his “church” after all of the lies that have been proven and all of the shame that he’s bought upon himself. He wants his church members to share in his shame. What a pitiful mess!!!!


  12. And the worst thing about it is his followers act as if they have no brain! As if they can’t see through this man’s magic! Only the God of Israel can help us- PLEASE God, help those who want to walk in holiness and in TRUTH!


  13. You’re right about that! I saw his raise from the dead video and it was very embarrassing. It’s so shameful how these charlatans call themselves men of God- they have absolutely no fear of God at all.


  14. Le ndoda ifanele ukuba yathunyelwa ngaphandle eMzantsi Afrika nje ukuba iphume kwindiza! Sahlupheka ezandleni zamaBritane iminyaka emininzi, impahla yethu yathathwa kuthi saza saba ngamakhoboka abo. U-Alph Lukau kunye nabanye abaprofeti bobuxoki njengaye bathathe indawo ye-Bhritane kwaye basenza ikhoboka ngokomoya bathatha yonke imali yethu, babulala abantu bethu kwaye badlwengula abafazi bethu.


  15. Keep exposing because It’s what God told us to do! He will NEVER destroy the righteous with the wicked so don’t let anyone tell you that “you’re doing more harm than good”. We’ve gotten to this point because the people who claim to love God kept their mouths shut and sat back and watched Satan come in and they are still keeping their mouths closed. All this “don’t judge” is going to cause a great judgment on the land and those who didn’t judge while claiming to be walking upright before the Lord.


  16. What will it take for the people of South Africa to open their eyes? This man is not of God, he’s not even a prophet- he is evil. People in other countries look at this man and his followers and laugh ferociously at his foolishness. He has no shame and no regard for anyone except himself and his family. Is he helping anyone to achieve his level of wealth? Does he have more poverty stricken people in his church than rich? Why does he collect money from the poor giving them the false impression that it will be well with them one day? It’s because he is a greedy, selfish man with no fear of God and no respect for the South African people. How long will South Africa be the laughing stock of the world? If wish that South Africans would wake up and send this man and all others like him back to his own country! Isikhathi abantu bami sokuvuka kulobu buthongo futhi bafune ubuso bangempela bukaNkulunkulu. Le ndoda ayithunywanga uNkulunkulu, ifuna irandi laseNingizimu Afrika kuphela futhi iphathwe njengonkulunkulu.


  17. No fear of God AT ALL! South Africans better open your eyes and seek God while He can still be found! Leave the hell pit of Alph Lukau and repent for even sitting under his demonic ministry. Lukau’s only focus is to be seen as a big man, to be seen and respected as if he is somebody…. Can he even give you a ride in his car while you trek? Can he even allow you to enter his home and sit at his table and eat with him? Absolutely not!


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