False Prophet Alph Lukau Uses MK (OR JUJU) To Control His Congregation

Here’s a perfect example of what a MK (Mind Control) target acts like when under the control of its handler, in this case False prophet/Actor/Magician Alph Lukau’s entire congregation. Instead of him addressing the media to apologize/repent of his misrepresentation of spiritual gifts, he video’s himself convincing his blind, mind controlled congregation to agree that he never said that the “dead” man that was “resurrected” by him WAS DEAD. In fact, the entire world heard him say it! Watch as they sheepishly agree with him as if under a trance!

Now, watch this video (again) of False Prophet Lukau  “resurrecting a dead man”


MIND CONTROL- How False Prophets and Leaders Get You To Follow Them

False Prophet/Magician Alph Lukau Is Making South African’s Look Like Fools!


16 thoughts on “False Prophet Alph Lukau Uses MK (OR JUJU) To Control His Congregation

  1. God WILL NOT be mocked! Whatever a man sows so shall he reap! If you sow mockery to the name of God by faking healings and miracles you reap PUBLIC SHAME!


  2. Ngiye ngixwayisa abantu ngale ndoda nabanye abaprofethi bamanga njengaye. Angazi ukuthi abantu baye bakhipha kanjani izingqondo zabo ebungcweleni futhi bawela ngaphansi kwesipelingi sodemoni njengo-Alph Lukau. Uma singavuli amehlo ethu manje sizokuphi? Ingabe sidinga uNkulunkulu ukuba abhubhise umhlaba kuqala? Ngokushesha maduze kakhulu njengoba ngikholelwa ukuthi uNkulunkulu uzwakala i-alamu manje. Lowo onendlebe ake uzwe izwi likaNkulunkulu futhi ungawa ngaphansi kokupela kwalaba baprofethi bamanga abangenakukunika ukuphila okuphakade.


  3. You are RIGHT in every single thing that you have ever written about this fool. He is a side show for bored or curious people to watch. One thing for sure is that he has no respect for God- I think it’s because he has already sold his soul to Satan. These games that he plays that even a child can see through and making people to think that it’s “God” doing it is dangerous for him and his followers because God warns us about following false prophets. But, can we really label him as a false prophet? He’s more like a clown and a very very very bad actor.


  4. I’ve never heard of this clown before. Thank God Almighty he is not in the United States, we’ve got enough gospel perverts over here already


  5. He uses both! But, i think he hasn’t renewed his ju-ju because now he is hiring Nigerian actors and non-professional actors to put on shows for him in his church. This man has no conscious.


  6. Let me tell you something, I have been thinking about this for a long time now O! Something is not right about this man and most of the prophets that have found themselves in South Africa. We are not doing any better now than before they came here, In fact, how did we allow this to happen?


  7. You got it right! He is using juju and MK to control the minds of his blind congregation. Lukau may have his church members fooled but there are many outside of his church who are watching him, who know exactly what he is- a fraudster. At the right moment the world we see the fall of Alph Lukau and he will do it to himself. It has already begun with this last act of foolishness. Pride comes before destruction according to the bible. There’s none more proud than Lukau.


  8. Le ndoda ifanele ukuba yathunyelwa ngaphandle eMzantsi Afrika nje ukuba iphume kwindiza! Sahlupheka ezandleni zamaBritane iminyaka emininzi, impahla yethu yathathwa kuthi saza saba ngamakhoboka abo. U-Alph Lukau kunye nabanye abaprofeti bobuxoki njengaye bathathe indawo ye-Bhritane kwaye basenza ikhoboka ngokomoya bathatha yonke imali yethu, babulala abantu bethu kwaye badlwengula abafazi bethu.


  9. This man is so played out, despicable, and ridiculous that he’s not even worth talking about! He is mocking God and God will make a mockery out of him!


  10. Keep exposing as God told us to do! He will NEVER destroy the righteous with the wicked so don’t let anyone tell you that “you’re doing more harm than good”. We’ve gotten to this point because the people who claim to love God kept their mouths shut and sat back and watched Satan come in and they are still keeping their mouths closed. All this “don’t judge” is going to cause a great judgment on the land and those who didn’t judge while walking upright before the Lord!!!


  11. This is true. People have now awakened and are seeing the truth behind these false prophets and wizards and he knows it, therefore; he has brainwashed his congregation to stay off of all social media platforms that speak against him so that they will remain blind, dumb and under his control.


  12. He’s got his blind followers wrapped around his pinky finger. But NO ONE can escape God’s all seeing eye. He sees all and reward every good as well as unjust thing.


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