Kanye West’s FEEL GOOD Church is Teaching Ignorant One’s To Rebel Against God

West 1

Kanye West (aka Yeezy) depicting himself as Jesus (YEEZUS)

This is a mastermind business idea by Kanye West who is actually a genius. This is a bit different from Snoop Dogg releasing his gospel album which was all about money; this too is about money…. and a bigger agenda- West’s “SUNday worship” is conditioning us to receive the MARK OF THE BEAST, and he may not even know it! Click on this link to read how  The Real Sabbath Was Changed By The Roman Catholic Church….. 

SUNday 1

 Leviticus 10:10 tells us to put a difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean.  West’s song Simulation Baptize is neither holy or clean, it’s filthy and because I thought that maybe Kanye was truly transformed, this song would be a reflection of his transformation. How can you make an announcement that you’ve been “delivered” and then create such a filthy song using the word “Baptize” in the title to lour Christians to listen to such filth! I can hear the blind Christians saying, “he’s still a babe in Christ” to excuse such inexcusable behavior. No one in his circle is checking him because they are ignorant, how can the blind lead the blind? (Matthew 15:13-14(The Christian Bible) Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them;they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”) West needs to learn how to be HOLY instead of how to be a Christian and that can only be taught by seeing true examples of holiness, and refusal to sin.  God told us to be HOLY- not choose a religious preference.

Kanye 2

Kanye mocking Jesus during his Yeezus tour 

Did Kanye publicly tell others to stop buying his filthy music? No, he didn’t and he wont,  granted, he did publicly announce that he would no longer create secular music but that doesn’t mean anything because a lot of secular music is classified as Christian hip hop.  Did he publicly renounce his position as self acclaimed “Yeezus” and “a god”?  Perhaps his public confession that he is a Christian is supposed to be an understood renouncing of such.  Kanye has a large powerful public platform and any young person who is following him will ultimately google his name, hear his filthy music and think that it’s okay to mix darkness with light.  2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?   Has Joel Olsteen told him this? 

Kanye 3

Kanye West depicted as “Yeezus” on the cross. Kanye West is trying to lure people to follow him just as the disciples and the crowd followed Jesus. Not long ago, he was calling himself  Jesus!  This is a well thought out plan to get the blind masses to follow him [Yeezus] because he knows how blind most Christians are.  1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Do I think that West could be lying about being born again? Absolutely, he could be lying and then again, he may not be but I’M WATCHING HIM!  ANYONE can say that they are “born again” and anyone can say “Jesus is King”. Granted, unlearning bad habits doesn’t happen overnight, it takes TIME but since he’s a public figure who draws immediate attention he needs to set a good HOLY example NOW and he needs to RENOUNCE “SUNDAY WORSHIP” because it is leading people to go against God’s law of keeping the Sabbath day holy which is not on Sunday! Anything that goes against the laws of God is ANTIGOD no matter who likes it or who doesn’t. Those who honor God’s law of keeping the Sabbath day holy show that they belong to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Kanye West Prayer Candle

In 2014, a religious organization started by an unemployed kid from Westchester County was created called Yeezianity and as you probably guessed, it considers Kanye West to be its almighty deity. Self proclaimed as “THE BEST CHURCH OF ALL TIME!!!!” Yezzianity is described as, “A forward-minded group who believes that the one who calls himself Yeezus is the highest living human being and he will help to usher in a New Age of humanity.”  

West has now crossed over into the Christian sector and has attracted people who have never heard of him or his music, and that’s exactly what he wanted to do, he re-invented himself. He wants to sell records and will now be in the gospel artist category as well as the secular sector. It won’t be much longer until he’s ordained as a pastor because anyone can be a pastor in Babylon!  He already refers to himself as an evangelist. 

West West

West is a man who promoted Lucifer publicly and glamorized him! West even said that he is more influential than apostle Paul!  Kanye West planned years ago to cross over into the Christian music sector, and in order to sell Christian music, it would help if you became a Christian, which is exactly what he has done.  I know Kanye’s conversion LOOKS genuine to the blind but it SMELLS like something else to the discerning!  What about the bible that he created removing Jesus’ name and replacing it with his own name, did he publicly renounce that?  Kanye West has subtlety turned himself into “Yeezus” with the help of those who are elevating him more than they are God. 


Kanye West replaces every mention of God in ‘Book of Yeezus’ Bible

Kanye West is still a lover of himself and he has an agenda, I would advise those who truly love him to continue to pray for him and make sure that you’re praying for yourself.  He’s actually more spiritual than the blind fools who worship him are.  West knows exactly what he’s doing, he is a very intelligent visionary. Do I dislike West? Absolutely not! I want him to be genuinely delivered, saved and used by God- and not the Anti-Christ system.  I hope that he will be a holy man that will  lead his family into holiness.

Kanye 4

YOU FOOLS  WORSHIPERS OF KANYE WEST ARE BEING PLAYED by Satan and are being loured into a system that you can’t see…. YET. You idiots who are worshiping him will go to Hell for idolatry! Follow Holiness, Worship The One True God, and Keep The Sabbath Day Holy. Don’t follow Kanye West because  Kanye IS NOT GOD!  and Kanye can’t save anyone!!!! Kanye is a business man who is following the oldest, most lucrative business in existence called C-H-U-R-C-H ! The only qualification needed to be welcomed on today’s pulpit is talent, many gospel artists have been titled “ministers of music” so don’t be surprised when you hear that title attached to Kanye’s name.  It’s GODS WILL that Kanye West be saved, and he can be saved if he wants to. “This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:3-4).

West clothes

Kanye West Sunday Service  at Coachella church clothes weren’t cheap. Sweatshirts ranged from $165 to $225, while t-shirts were $70. The most affordable items were the socks, which were $50.

How Unclean Spirits Take Possession

What Gospel Artists Will do for money!

Watch this video. It shows that Kanye West knows the effect that he has on people… and he’s bragging about it! 

 Without holiness NO MAN CAN SEE GOD [Hebrews 12;14]. Not even Kanye. 

The Real Sabbath Was Changed By The Roman Catholic Church

Not Keeping God’s Sabbath-SATURDAY Will Later Lead To Accepting The Mark Of The Beast (Part I)

Accepting The Mark Of The Beast Unknowingly (Part II)

23 thoughts on “Kanye West’s FEEL GOOD Church is Teaching Ignorant One’s To Rebel Against God

  1. Kanye is a genius just as you wrote. He is not a dummy at all! Snoop Dogg may have dropped his album but Kanye doesnt do anything in a little way, he does things in a big way. He’s going to make what Snoop Dogg did look like child’s play. Most people wont believe what you’e posted and Kanye knows that. He knows how dumbed out Christians are and the sad thing about it is that NO ONE WILL STOP HIM because everyone around him fears him.


  2. You got that right! Kanye is being taught how to be a Christian instead of a holy man and that’s where he is failing and why people don’t believe him. No one even respects Christians anymore because Christianity is a sold out, compromised religion that has no standards which is why Kanye the Christian will have followers but if he were Kanye the holy man he would loose his wife, his career, and all of his followers!


  3. I heard his song simulation baptize the moment it leaked! It is disgusting, and the worst of it is that i know that the Christian community has heard it yet no one is saying anything about it. Christianity my foot! I’m not a Christian, don’t want to be a Christian and don’t want anything to do with Christianity. Christianity is embarrassing in that they go for anything, they stand for anything and they make our God seem as if He’s some weak, blind god that doesn’t judge. Goodluck Kanye, you’re going to need it! I promise you in JUST ONE MONTH if not sooner this man will be back to his old self again because Christianity isn’t a foundation that is strong enough to keep anyone from sinning.


  4. The song is disgraceful! West is filthy!!!! Christians fall for anything so I’m not surprised that West is hot and popping in the Christian sector. Now that the people have realized that the church only wants their money, West is going to get that money by being a different type Christian, a “cool Christian” who is using race, politics, and his filthy music to win people over. This is one of the biggest moves of the antichrist of this century.


  5. I started not to comment, I dont usually comment on such issues, especially about this man but this time I will. Thank You for writing such an honest and blunt message. The main thing that has hurt Christianity is that Christians dont like to be corrected- they automatically call you an enemy of Christianity or say that you’re doing more harm than good. This post shows that you love Kanye and care about his soul and want him to do it the right way opposed to how so many church leaders have had the ball and dropped it! Yes, you go against the grain and that’s why God chose to use you the way that He’s using you. Keep sounding the alarm because you are sounding an alarm of love. I will be praying for Kanye because you are right, no one, especially leaders should take anyone at face value especially during this time of great deception.


  6. My thoughts exactly. There’s nothing wrong with discerning this man, only a foolish person would blindly follow anyone. I have actually seen people worshiping him, especially on YouTube quoting parts of scriptures that say “Ye do I walk ….” referring to the “.Ye” as if it’s Kanye. This isn’t a small matter at all.

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  7. The problem with so called Christians is that they make excuses for disobeying God! God say to judge righteously but they twist the scriptures and say that we shouldn’t judge. This is why God is using His true prophets that have been hidden to rise up now in the midst of Babylon to do what He commanded. If the preachers are too afraid to call sin sin those who are not church affiliated are not afraid.


  8. Did you know that there are people who are actually like really worshiping this man? I saw it with my own two eyes. Man whatever you do keep your eyes on God and don’t be loured into these different traps of the enemy. Don’t go with the flow, go against the flow and that is where God is. Only the strong will survive and escape the second death.. Be strong, be intentional, be very serious because what is going on spiritually is not a joke. This isn’t a joke people.


  9. Nicely written. West is certainly the talk of the town lately, he’s talked about more lately in the Christian community than God Himself. Christians need to be very careful not to follow West but to follow Christ because Satan is very clever and has many ways of distracting people from what God wants them to pay attention to. When I came to God I wasn’t posted all over social media and no one made an announcement that Tiffany Roland gave her life to God, that didn’t happen when my parents gave their lives to God so I can’t understand why a mere man is being idolized because he allegedly has done the same thing. If you ask me, this looks like a big publicity stunt to get peoples eyes and ears onto Kanye and his music. Kanye hasn’t been this popular in a very long time. Keep your eyes on God and not on Kanye.


  10. Keep exposing! It’s what God told us to do! He will NEVER destroy the righteous with the wicked so don’t let anyone tell you that “you’re doing more harm than good”. We’ve gotten to this point because the people who claim to love God kept their mouths shut and sat back and watched Satan come in and they are still keeping their mouths closed. All this “don’t judge” is going to cause a great judgment on the land and those who didn’t judge while walking upright before the Lord


  11. Truths are starting to come out. Truth be told we are all walking around thinking that we are full of knowledge when we actually don’t know much at all. Even the well learned and the super spiritual ones don’t know even a fraction of the truth unless God Himself actually reveals it to him or her. We need to be on our knees more now than ever before people. We need to ask God to give us insight so that we wont be fooled by the tricks of the enemy. Do you think that we’re dealing with a dumb devil? Do you think that Satan will make himself seen clearly and easily detected? Ya’ll need to WAKE UP! How long will you sleep? You believe everything that you see and hear and that’s why the church is messed up the way it is today! Everything seems like only stories but I tell you that one day we will ALL have to stand before our Creator and give an account for EVERYTHING. That day will seem to have come overnight. It’s time to get serious about real salvation. People walking around saying “I’m saved” are very far from being saved. Blessings.


  12. Look here, we are in the days to where IF YOU GOT THE MONEY you can be anyone you want to be. West can be a pope if he wants to and the blind masses will follow him straight to hell. You got Bloomer, that fake prophet that was sleeping with Vickie Yohe, I think his name is David Taylor- look at these pimps in the pulpit, Kanye is trying to get his piece of the tithes and offerings pie. It’s time for the TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD to get on their knees and stay there! God isn’t finished exposing yet…. 2019 was small compared to what’s yet to come. People will come out of the wood works exposing all sorts of hidden, confessed pulpit mess.


  13. What I don’t understand is that there have been people for decades that go to the prisons and homeless people, etc. preaching the gospel with no recognition whatsoever, no endorsements no nothing but Kanye goes to a jail and he’s universally recognized and praised for it. This is just an example of human idol worship.


  14. I pondered on this a bit before responding. The problem with most Christians is that we tend to take things at face value without really discerning the thing first. Satan no fight small small, Satan will blow you while you’re looking at him directly in the eyes. I’m not easily moved by theatrical moves or the drawing of large crowds in know very very well how crafty the enemy is therefore am not moved easily at all. Americans are very easily deceived but I pray that God will bless this man and bring him to true repentance.


  15. Im sure that there are MANY religious people that hate your posts but the truth of the matter is that what you say is right. GOD HAS A STANDARD and mainstream Christianity has seriously dropped the ball. It’s embarrassing to see how far we have fallen from God yet when God uses unlikely people to expose the filth and darkness that has been covering your eyes for years so that you can no longer see God you have a problem with them. Satan is tricking people to look at Kanye instead of looking at GOD! Kanye is not God, ya’ll better be careful.


  16. Hmmmm I guess soon he will be coming to South Africa to con us out of our money like all of the other Western famous people do. Africa, it’s time for us to WAKE UP! Music doesn’t save people, repentance, holiness and the word of God does!


  17. yes, music do not save people and “Christianity” is a man made religion. You Americans don’t know your own history. Jesus is not his name and yes the name does matter. Show me one religion called Christianity in the bible. There is not one. Jesus is King ministry by this man is the biggest trick of the devil. Jesus can never be king only the white people want Jesus to be king. Yashua is a Hebrew, Yahshua Hamasheac in king, the son of God. God is to be worshiped, not the messiah. There is only One God.


  18. Kanye West is going to prove a lot of so-called prophets to be outed as false prophets! Anyone who can’t see past the Kanye West smokescreen has no discernment at all!


  19. You are soooooo right about that! That’s why there are so many homosexuals on the choir in the black church, it’s because they can SANG, and everybody in there knows that he’s gay and wont say nothing. Kanye has more sense than them so-called Christians who want some of his status to rub off on them that’s why the wont check him. He knows that good music will open any church door in America, if it’s secular just mention the name Jesus 3 times and you’re in like Flyn! It’s about them dollars man. He’s hustling like every other pulpit pimp out there has been doing for years but at least he aint on the pulpit holding a bible to do it. I blame YA’LL on this one, not Kanye. Ya’ll dumb sheep followed Kanye and left God as soon as he said “Jesus”, there’s more than one Jesus ya’ll dummies. Just don’t drink the cool aid ya’ll.


  20. Got my good eye on this guy. Look, there is nothing wrong for doubting his conversion, God says to put not our trust in any man…. He tells us to discern also which sometimes takes a minute to see clearly. As much mess that I’ve seen on the pulpit, I will never trust anyone at face value just because they say “Jesus”, and God won’t hold it against me.


  21. He’s being used by Satan to further condition the minds of people to rebel against God by disobeying the commandment of Saturday Sabbath and modesty. Lets be real- most churches wont even preach this because the pastors will be out of business, or they’ll admit that this is the truth but convince the church that there is nothing wrong with them meeting together on Sunday to worship. It is wrong! True repentance means to discontinue doing whats wrong and never return back to it. What happened is that the church compromised in the very beginning by agreeing to Sunday worship services, but did you know that during the early Roman days that wasn’t so? During those days, they even acknowledged that Saturday was the Sabbath. The church committed adultery against God a long time ago, and it’s so far involved until the only way that it can repent is by destroying itself and I don’t see that happening. However, I have been hearing stories lately of some African pastors closing the doors of their churches after learning that they have been preaching a false gospel taught to them by the West.


  22. And this is exactly why I have no respect at all for anyone in organized religion because ANYONE can say he is a preacher! Christianity will allow a serial rapist murderer to “repent” and began singing and preaching in church which is why there is so much rape and molestation going on in church. Now I’m not calling Kanye a rapist or murderer but he is in no way qualified to be up on anyone’s pulpit delivering any message! But then again, if gays can sing solo’s and usher people in, why not have Kanye delivering the sermon.


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