Christians Seeking Truth From COUNTERFEIT “Jewish Bible”

Deception in Christendom WILL NEVER END! There are now millions of Christians and Jews who are seeking the truth of God as written in the gospels by turning to Jewish literature, namely the Jewish Tanakh which has now been manipulated by Christian scholars by translating the English Bible into Hebrew and selling them under the guise of the Jewish Tanakh! Christians who don’t know enough about Jewish history or the authentic teachings of the Tanakh would never know the difference! The Christian scholars have written these bibles (they are NOT the Tanakh) and the only difference  between them and the King James Version is the inclusion of Hebrew names and words, but the content is the same as any other standard King James and NIV bible;

These books are a shameless attempt to masquerade Christianity and feed it to unwitting Jews who think it is Jewish or Christians who are seeking for the truth. Some titles read that it is Orthodox Jewish but it is not! It is the Christian New Testament and is the foundation of the Christian religion and this has been done TO STEAL YOUR MONEY and to KEEP YOU FROM LEARNING THE TRUTH!  The only truth that you will learn in these counterfeited Christian tanakh’s is the authentic names of the Jewish disciples, even the authentic names of God BUT THAT’S ALL, it is just a revision of King James and NIV with the inclusion of the Hebrew language. Some go as far as to include Hebrew names as the translators in efforts to convince you that it is an accepted original Hebrew book! 

If you were to obtain an authentic Tanach, one thing that you will learn is THE TRUTH ABOUT TITHING, that the tithe was never money IT WAS FOOD, and if Christians learn that truth and apply it, the kingdom of Christianity will come falling down- AND FAST! There is even a counterfeit Jewish bible that INCLUDES THE NEW TESTAMENT (yes, “Brit Chadashah” is just an attempt to hide the fact that this is nothing more than the Christian New Testament) which is not a Jewish document, has never been a Jewish document and has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism of an kind. The Jewish people have never, nor will they ever, accept the New Testament, no matter how well it is translated into Hebrew – if the Koran is translated into Hebrew it doesn’t make it Jewish. The New Testament has incited anti-semitism for millenia and there is absolutely no ink between true Judaism and the New Testament whatsoever, period.

Any Jewish Bible that mentions King James or NIV on the cover or anywhere in the commentary IS A COUNTERFEIT. Here is a SMALL LIST of counterfeit Jewish bibles and other literature that can be found and purchased online:

1. The Orthodox Jewish Bible Tanakh And Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha The Orthodox Jewish Bible ( Phillip E. Goble)

2. A Rabbinic Jewish Source Commentary And Language Study Bible ( Al Garza Phd , John Gill)

3. 1525 Masoretic Text HEBREW Rabbinic Bible KJV Jewish RARE Mikraot Gedolot FOLIO (Daniel Bomberg)

4. Tanakh (Hebrew Text and English) (by KJV and Better Bible Bureau)

5. The Jewish Annotated New Testament (by Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler)

Pictured on the left is a counterfeit Jewish bible- On the right is an AUTHENTIC Jewish Tanakh. 

The books listed above (and many more not listed) are very misleading in that its title reads “Orthodox Jewish” while its content are pure Christianity. It is evidently an attempt to draw unwitting Jewish readers into Christianity without letting them know upfront and to deceive Christians who want to learn from the Jews to believe the Jews believe the same as Christians. Readers should beware and consult with knowledgeable rabbis who will direct you truthfully. 


May YHVH continue to be with His people. 



4 thoughts on “Christians Seeking Truth From COUNTERFEIT “Jewish Bible”

  1. Very insightful! I am surprised and at the same time not surprised! There’s nothing new under the sun and this is just repeated history. The Tanakh belongs to the Jews and it has not been mistranslated or otherwise corrupted like the Bible has. It makes no sense to me to even want a KJV or NIV written in Hebrew, just because it’s written in Hebrew doesn’t make it a Hebrew Tanakh, it’s just the same mistranslated Christian Bible written in Hebrew.


  2. What a shame! I would expect a lawsuit from someone soon due to the counterfeit books. I’m not surprised but I am very disappointed


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