Israel Is An Unholy ‘Holy Land’ Part 1

black israeli's protest after israel announces deportation

[repost from 2019]Many people don’t know it, but Israel — home to the world’s largest ‘Jewish’ community — also houses an estimated 40,000 African [Hebrew descendants]refugees who started arriving in the country en masse in the mid-2000s to escape war, economic hardship, and persecution only to experience what didn’t exist in Ethiopia- RACISM. 

In the southern part of Tel Aviv,  the capital of Israel, African food stands are a common sight. The streets echo with many languages, including Tigrinya, which many people speak in Eritrea, and Arabic, which is spoken in Sudan.  But all of that may soon change because of Israel’s new, and deeply controversial, push to rid the country of its African asylum seekers. Israel says they are economic migrants that the Jewish state can’t and shouldn’t have to care for; critics say Israel’s moves violate international law by denying legitimate asylum claims and deporting people to countries where they’ll be unsafe again.

Mideast Israel African Migrants

 Ramla High Security Prison that houses mostly Africans 

In March 2018, Israel started issuing deportation orders that gave the black Africans only 2 options, take $3,500 and leave — or face imprisonment. The issue has divided Israelis as well as the larger Jewish community; some argue that Israel’s identity as a refuge for persecuted Jews should extend to non-Jewish asylum seekers as well.  It’s amazing how Israel turns a blind eye to Eastern Europeans who ‘disappear’ into Israeli society, but the state decides to hunt down and chase 37,000 Africans because of the color of their skin out of fear of the ‘Africanization’ of Israel. It’s my opinion that the Jews never really wanted the Ethiopians to live there– the Jews need BODIES, black, strong, abled- disposable bodies that will be sacrificed to fight in their soon to happen war against Palestine, Iran or one of it’s other enemies.  


An Israeli soldier of Ethiopian origin waits for friends as Ethiopian Jews take part in the Sigd Festival on October 31, 2013 in Jerusalem, Israel. Combat reserve soldiers from the Ethiopian community declared they would not turn up for duty after the country’s police chief suggested it was “natural” to suspect Ethiopians of criminal behavior

There is a background of growing unrest among the Ethiopian community in Israel about perceived police discrimination and brutality towards the minority group, with street protests taking place previously following a police attack on an Ethiopian soldier.

Ethiopian Israeli soldiers from several elite military units at one time refused to report for reserve duty after the country’s top police chief suggested that Ethiopian Jews were more responsible for crime than Caucasian Jews.

“We’re sick of the state’s demand that we continue to honor a contract according to which we are citizens with obligations but not rights,” reservists wrote to the Israeli military’s chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot, The Times of Israel reported.

“We will be expressing our discomfort through organized actions of civil disobedience, the first of which will be our refusal to report for reserve duty,” they wrote.

ethiopen israeli soldiers

 Ethiopian Israeli Soldiers 

 Even the Ethiopian Jewish women have to join the military. How can Israel [the ‘Holy City’] FORCE a Jewish woman or otherwise allow her to go against the Torah to wear that which pertaineth to a man?  Deuteronomy 22:5

ethiopian female soldier

 Female Ethiopian Jewish Soldier 


This isn’t new! I found a story that dates back to August 1996 of when terrorists blew up a passenger bus and Jerusalem’s blood bank put out an urgent appeal to help the wounded. Uri Tamiat [an Ethiopian Jew] set aside his plans and waited in line to donate a pint at the bloodmobile outside the Mashbir department store.

blood donations

Tamiat, 25, believed he was contributing in the most personal way to a fellow Israeli in need. But when he stepped off the stretcher and departed the van, Tamiat realized that a technician took his blood and set it aside as infectious waste. Israel acknowledged that it has been the government’s secret policy for years to discard the blood donations of Ethiopian immigrants for fear of AIDS. Revelation of the policy brought one more jolt of humiliation to a community of dark-skinned African Jews still struggling for acceptance after its dramatic airlift here beginning 12 years ago. “It’s one of the most degrading things I’ve ever experienced,” Tamiat said in an interview, “I thought they were saving somebody, giving a transfusion to somebody. They lied to me, and they took my blood and poured it into the garbage. However, as of June 01, 2017  many, many years later the MDA Blood Services Center began to allow blood donations from gay men who have not had gay sex in over a year and Ethiopians, after years during which these groups were barred from donating. Ethiopian Jewish women have been administered Depo-Provera, a hormonal contraceptive according to them WITHOUT their consent or knowledge, to prevent them from having children. Ethiopian immigrants, when interviewed by an investigative journalist, said they were intimidated and told the injections were just protocol vaccinations. This sort of eugenic practice was mastered by none other than Nazi Germany.


Check this out. If you click on the word “this” you will see a video of a Caucasian Jewish woman publicly humiliating Adamo Tagenia a black Jew mistaking him for an African asylum seeker. She was filmed verbally attacking the man in a central Israeli supermarket, as those around remained silent. This is just one occurrence out of reportedly thousands of racial injustices towards black in “the holy land”.


Chief rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, called black people “monkeys” and the Hebrew equivalent of the N-word in his weekly sermon.

On March 17, 2018 one of Israel’s two chief rabbis, Yitzhak Yosef, called black people monkeys and the Hebrew equivalent of the N-word in his weekly sermon.

It is highly unlikely that Yosef faced any repercussions for his racist comments. He was not demoted after saying in a similar sermon exactly two years ago that all non-Jews – Africans, Arabs, or otherwise – could only live in Israel if they agree to serve the country’s Jewish population. Racist comments from state-paid rabbis aren’t exactly a rarity in Israel. Israel’s other chief rabbi, Yisrael Lau, used the N-word to describe Black athletes on his very first day in office in July 2013. 

cheif rabbi

chief rabbi, Yisrael Lau

The state of Israel today receives contempt from some and is condoned by others for its apartheid structure and its brutal oppression of indigenous Palestinians. However, beyond this notorious conflict, there exists an underlying epidemic of racism within the State of Israel.  Israel, with a population little over 8 million, has a minority of Ethiopians Jews which account for approximately 135,000 of its citizens. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Ethiopian Black Jews in Israeli society are marginalized and treated much differently than the majority Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

In January 2014, an Israeli man walked up to an African refugee carrying her one-year-old baby in downtown Tel Aviv, and stabbed the baby in the head three times. Apprehended by the police and asked why he had attacked the toddler, the stabber said, “They said that a black baby, blacks in general, are terrorists.” The stabber of the one-year-old African baby was not sentenced to jail time, because he was deemed to be mentally unstable.


 African baby stabbed in her head while in her mothers arms in Israel

Haftom Zarhum was an African refugee who was shot and beaten to death by a mob of Israelis in the central bus station of the southern city of Beer Sheva. Zarhum was murdered, shot in the head and beaten on the premise that he was a terrorist – although he had done nothing to deserve that designation. The Israeli state lawyer offered four of the Israelis who murdered Zarhum an easy deal: no jail time, only community service. Haftom Zarhum was the first African refugee to be murdered by Israelis in a public place, in full view of CCTV cameras. The following year, two Israeli teens killed another African refugee, Babikir Ali Adham-Abdobeating him to death right outside of the city hall of Petach Tikvah, a Tel Aviv suburb in front of CCTV cameras. There has been a lot of innocent blood shed in this not so holy “holy land.”

                          This is Hafton Zarhum being taken to the hospital where he later                                                                                       died of his injuries.

babikir ali adham

 Babikir Ali Adham-Abdo was murdered by a 20 year old and a 16 year old  in Israel

There have been numerous instances of nationalist rioters that have vandalized and harassed Ethiopian majority neighborhoods. This discrimination isn’t just loosely based on a few extremists as even members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) have demonized African Immigrants. A prominent member of Israel’s right wing Likud party, Miri Regev, called black immigrants “cancer in our body.”   Beyond the racist rhetoric, the facts exemplify the discrimination. 30% of those incarcerated under the age of 18 happen to be Ethiopians. 40% of all Ethiopians in the Israeli military (All men of age in Israel are conscripted by law) have served time in prison.

protests in israel

attorney roni

Attorney Roni Aloni-Sadovnik 

Aloni-Sadovnik recounted that the first of the three women become pregnant at age 10, She was put by court order into the custody of the Welfare and Social Services Ministry’s adoption services department and taken to a shelter for pregnant girls. Aloni-Sadovnik said she had documents indicating that when the girl arrived at the hospital to deliver, she was accompanied by a representative of adoption services and the baby was given for adoption.  The second woman became an orphan at age five. The Justice Ministry appointed an uncle to be her guardian, the uncle used her as a sex slave and she became pregnant at 14 and was put by authorities into the shelter for pregnant girls. Her baby, which she delivered at 15, went for adoption.  The third case involves a girl who was raped repeatedly by her brother and became pregnant at age 15, she was kicked out of school and was living on the streets. Welfare authorities picked her up and kept her in a secret location until she gave birth and the baby was taken for adoption.


Aloni-Sadovnik pointed out that according to Israeli Health Ministry guidelines, an abortion is to be performed without delay under specific circumstances, including rape, incest, and when a mother is too young— all of which applied in the cases of her three clients.

She claimed that the authorities were negligent in not referring the girls to the Welfare and Social Services Ministry’s department dealing with youth at risk and promptly arranging for them to have abortions. The fact that these girls, who had become pregnant by rape and incest, were put into custody of adoption services raised a red flag for her.

“These girls’ families were known to social services. Why did they not see that the child was pregnant? Why no abortion?” Aloni-Sadovnik asked.  Well, since the ‘holy land’ isn’t holy at all, abortion clinics are alive and well in Israel. 


Sheva Enaim women’s health clinic in Beersheba where abortions are done. (Screen capture: Google Maps)

I’m learning that the ‘holy land’ isn’t so holy after all! Maybe it’s because the majority of the so-called Jews there aren’t bloodline Jews, they are mostly Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and it has been a proven fact that they are Jewish converts- none who can honestly claim to be direct bloodline descendants of the Hebrews, God’s chosen covenant people. I’m only stating FACTS! All of this information is re-searchable and can be validated so don’t just take my word for it.  What I’ve highlighted in this post is a mere short list of the hundreds of daily evils that transpire in Israel targeting people of color. The Christians call their churches ‘house of God’ with all of the filthy, sinful acts that take place on and off of the pulpit spreading into the congregations is proof enough for me that the structural church isn’t God’s house, and if it ever was HE LEFT A LONG TIME AGO!  My sentiments are the same regarding Israel. There is NO WAY that this place is “the holy land” with racial profiling, gay parades, and legalized murder [abortions] that take place there. To be honest, Israel sounds a lot like America, just a little worse! By the Jews putting Yah’s stamp of approval on a place filled with violence, hatred, sexual immorality and other uncountable sins by calling it “the holy land” is an abomination to Yah our Creator. 

gay pride parade

Shirtless Israeli men, colorfully dressed drag queens and others partied through central Tel Aviv as tens of thousands of people took part in the city’s annual gay pride parade, the largest event of its kind in the Middle East. Tel Aviv is one of the few places in the Middle East where gays feel free to walk hand-in-hand and kiss in public. The city has emerged as one of the world’s most gay-friendly travel destinations in recent years, in sharp contrast to the rest of the


“Holy Land”? If the land of Israel were holy, it would swallow up this gay parade that takes place annually and regurgitate their corpses!  It is an abomination to call the place that we’ve been taught to call Israel a holy place! We all need to study for ourselves and investigate EVERYTHING that we’ve been brainwashed into believing!   So, which ancient city do you represent Israel, Sodom or Gomorrah?

And I said: “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” (Isaiah 6:5)

“We no longer live in a world in which God is conceived as being transcendent and holy. When people think about God today, they rarely conceive of Him as “the Holy One of Israel,” but are more likely to think of Him as a kind of buddy or friend.”

Holiness is the chief attribute of God and a quality to be developed in his people. “Holiness” and the adjective “holy” occur more than 900 times in the Bible. The primary word for holiness means “to cut” or “to separate.” Fundamentally, holiness is a cutting off or separation from what is unclean and a consecration to what is pure.

In the Hebrew bible, the holiness of God refers to his transcendence over creation and the moral perfection of His character. God is holy in that He is utterly distinct (separate) from His creation and exercises sovereign majesty and power over it. His holiness is especially prominent in the Psalms (47:8) and the Prophets (Ezekiel 39:7), where holiness” emerges as a synonym for Israel’s God. Thus, the Scriptures ascribe to God the title “Holy” (Isaiah 57:15), “Holy One” (Job 6:10; Isaiah 43:15), and “Holy One of Israel” (Psalm 89:18; Isaiah 60:14; Jeremiah 50:29).

God’s holiness signifies that He is separate from all that is evil and defiled (cf. Job 34:10). His holy character is the standard of absolute moral perfection (Isaiah 5:16). God’s holiness—His transcendent majesty and the purity of His character—are skillfully balanced in Psalm 99. Verses 1 through 3 portray God’s distance from the finite and earthbound, whereas verses 4 and 5 emphasize His separation from sin and evil, even as He establishes a relationship with sinful people like Abraham, Moses and Samuel.

God demands holiness in the lives of His people. Through Moses, God said to the congregation of Israel, “You shall be holy; for I the Lord your God am holy” (Leviticus 11:41-45; 19:1-2).

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21 thoughts on “Israel Is An Unholy ‘Holy Land’ Part 1

  1. Shalom,
    I am surprised by this article and this statement. Judaism has nothing to do with Christianity. This land is pagan until the return of the messiah. Judaism today can not sanctify a territory without the blood of Yeshua. Why is there no racism in this country as in other countries ?!

    The war remains spiritual. This country will welcome the Antichrist, the abomination and the desolation.

    Christians always tend to confuse “bless Israel” and “worship Israel”. By this action they are idolatry and reject Lord Jesus Christ. We must bless, but above all, do not idolize Judaism or Jews.

    They are sinners like all of us in the eyes of God. Without Jesus-Christ, no nation can be perfect. Neither holy. Jews are racist, it is not new. But the Arabs too, the French too, the Africans too, the Americans too, and all the other nations too. And it’s natural since this feeling comes from the devil.

    Only spiritual Christians baptized with the Holy Spirit can overcome these ethnic barriers …

    You must be transferred to the kingdom of God to understand.
    Shalom. (Google Translate, sorry I’m french)

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    • Shalom Piast, it is always a pleasure to receive feedback from you. You are most welcome here. Yes, I know that this post will be a surprise to you and most of my followers because I have posted many topics defending who I believe(d) to be the chosen one’s of Yah- the Jews. My eyes are beginning to open and I’m realizing that we’ve been brainwashed to accept and believe a history of a people that seemingly came from nowhere and have REPLACED the Hebrew people of the Torah . The truth has been covered for years and God is showing me a truth that will be very difficult for most people to accept. I will be re-writing, and deleting most of the pages that I wrote concerning the Jewish people.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problem my brother (or sister?), your work is fantastic and very edifying. I thank you for the sharing you give and the protection you offer as a prophet. I like the Jewish people. And history proves and will prove to us in the future that he is really the target of the devil because he remains the chosen people. I trust you in your diction. And I continue to follow you with enthusiasm.

        God bless you and encourage you.
        I pray for you.

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  2. Wow! This is bold, buts it’s nothing but the truth. Not calling out the filth and sins of the Jewish people that is taking place in their holy land is like knowing that your Christian pastor is committing adultey but you sweep it under the rug so that his image won’t be tarnished. Whoever you are THANKS for this truth and I anticipate all subsequent additions to this write up. Yahs people are perishing for the lack of knowledge indeed.


  3. Wow! I can’t wait to read part 2. Thanks for loving the truth more than lies and for sharing that truth. This is an interesting read and the entire world needs to read it! May the God of Abraham continue to be your God and remain with you. Shalom!

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  4. THANK YOU for addressing this issue! The “jews” are so sensitive when it comes to “anti-antisemitism” but they don’t care about or for the black race AND IT’S NO SECRET! There’s nothing holy or special about the jewish people. They are no more divine or special than anyone else. The only special thing about a Jew or ANYONE ELSE is if he or she follows and obeys the laws of the Creator and live a separated holy life. The covenant people are the Hebrews- the REAL ones.

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  5. I’ve never seen so many gays in one place in my entire life! This is Israel? Unbelievable! So, they’d rather mistreat people of color by putting them in jail and bribing them to leave and welcome gays without harassment to mock the creation of God by displaying their abominable lifestyle on the streets of Israel? WOW! The jews are just as confused as the Christians and all other religious groups. Holy is Holy and there is no compromising. I also heard that rabbi mitzrachi say something derogatory about blacks during one of his lectures. I’ll tell you something that I find to be interesting and that is that the word Jew was never mentioned in the Torah and I know that it was elaborately placed in the New Testament and even there the word Jew is only mentioned twice and that’s in the book of Revelations. The people of God are HEBREWS, they were the Israelites- not Jews!

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  6. These sure don’t look like people who would still be alive if they were on real holy ground! I’ve heard of some places in Africa that are so sacred that you would run mad if you even told a lie while standing there! This is an abomination! And for the Jews to every speak against the sins of America and any other place is laughable considering the big log that is in there own eye! If the Jews had REAL FEAR of God and truly believe that this fake Israel is a holy place, they would impose strict laws against homosexuality, racial discrimination and all other atrocities that take place there which is considered an abomination in the eyes of God. At least there are still a few countries left in Africa who won’t tolerate homosexuality or theft or the practice of witchcraft.

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  7. Israel is divided! It is certainly not a holy land. There are many “secrets” in Israel and when anyone tells the truth concerning them it is automatically classified as ANTISEMITISM!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Tell the truth and shame the devil! This is nothing but the truth! Not all Israeli’s are wicked, but the same mindset of white superiority is there as is everywhere! It’s sad that most white people believe that they own the world and blacks were created only to serve them.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. This type of thing has been existent in Israel since the formation of this new Israel. The sad thing is that the news media wont over publicize (if they publish it at all) all of the atrocities that take place over there, namely the crimes against race- that stuff just get swept under the rug and all of the attention is placed on America, what goes on in America and all of the crimes that Americans do, white people and black people. People have been brainwashed into worshiping Israel and those fake Jews the same that they’ve been brainwashed into believing in “the American dream”… it’s really all an illusion!

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  10. Abortion clinics, gay parades, racial profiling…. what makes Israel a holy place? This place is no different from any other place, in fact it’s worse! It’s the perfect setting for the seat of the antichrist!


  11. This is the truth that must be addressed because the Jewish people will be judged together with anyone else. So, I know that you love the Jews based on your other posts supporting them so I know that you are not anti-semetic. What people need to realize is that, no one is beyond CORRECTION even our Jewish brothers and sisters. Clean up Israel my Jewish people, get rid of all of that filth! You’re not supposed to be like other nations, you are supposed to be a separated, holy nation unto God.


  12. Ephesians 5;11 says it all! Sin is sin NO MATTER WHO IS DOING IT even if it’s dont in Israel. I hope that they know that they are supposed to be the light of the earth. They should do everything possible to stop every act of evil in Israel.


  13. …. and if anyone dare to address this TRUTH they are labeled as anti semists! Well, I’m not an anti semist, and ALL EVIL IS EVIL even if it’s a Jewish person or Jewish nation executing that evil!


  14. I know that this is a repost from a couple of years ago but it is still interesting indeed to read. The truth needs to be broadcast no matter how unpopular it is someone has to be brave enough to do it. God is holy!


  15. Wow! They make sure to keep this kind of news out of the news! Most Hebrews (black Americans) have no idea that they aren’t welcomed in Israel. It is a pity how the true Hebrews are hated almost everywhere. God will never break what He said to the Hebrew forefathers, if His people turn back to Him He will turn back to them. To Yah be the glory!


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