Beware Of The Immodest Women!

Leviticus 20:26 – You shall be holy to Me, for I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from other peoples to be Mine.

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An Immodestly Dressed Woman Works For Satan whether she knows it or not. An immodest woman has NO FEAR OF GOD and NO RESPECT FOR HERSELF or others around her. Each time a woman goes out into the public sector dressed immodestly, she’s actually being sent out on an assignment by Satan. Her assignment is to seduce the minds and imaginations of men, women and children to cause them to be unholy and separated from God. When a woman says that she “loves God” and dresses immodestly she is actually mocking God even if she doesn’t realize it. 



  • Cause men to sin by lusting after her/ looking at her nakedness
  • Cause little girls to sin by emulating her
  • Cause other women to sin by envying her and emulating her
  • Cause marital problems by sewing seeds of discord
  • Invokes jealously, low self esteem, anger and hatred in others. 

1 Timothy 2:9 – In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety (Christian bible)

Every woman who claims to love God should ask herself, “What message am I trying to convey or what am I trying to accomplish by what I’m choosing to wear?”  Does your clothing illustrate your commitment to holiness?  Women must distinguish between the world’s evaluation of beauty and the true loveliness of inward character not only in how they dress but also in their behavior. Cultivating holiness should be the priority of every woman. Did you know that a very effective way to minister to others is in how you dress? A woman can draw others closer to holiness or draw them away from God in just one second according to the way she dresses. 


Here is an example of beautiful modest dresses. It’s a shame that when an immodest woman see’s another women with her body properly covered she calls her “oppressed”.  A woman of value and high self esteem covers herself. 

Modesty is not anti-fashion .  A woman should adorn herself in a discrete, seemly way (Proverbs 7:10), especially one who claims that she is a follower of God. 

good again

Beautiful Modest Dress

Cultural discretion is a key component.  Women must be aware of the messages and values clothing might communicate in their own culture and carefully consider how women of other cultures often emulate you!  If you are a woman who enjoys dressing immodestly in public to gain attention, to make others jealous, or for any reason at all, repent and put some clothes on!  It’s not too late. 

~ As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion. Proverbs 11:22

15 thoughts on “Beware Of The Immodest Women!

  1. Wow! This is a message that can’t be talked about enough. It’s unfortunate that it’s never discussed in church but that’s probably because the 1st lady dresses immodestly and the pastor enjoys observing immodest women. I’ve seen men literally run red lights and stop signs drooling over women dressed like common whores and the women take that type of attention as a compliment. I am a modest woman and it’s not always easy for me. I fight my evil inclination often during the summer months but it’s a fight that I’m winning more than losing. The flesh is always fighting against the spirit but we must pull strength from within ourselves to conquer our evil desires. Women are powerful, we are the only creatures who can give birth, we bring life which is why Satan loves it when he can use women to dehumanize themselves by dressing whorishly and causing others who admire their nakedness to fall. The “come as you are’” slogan has been perverted in a way that ushered half naked dressed women into the church and even on the pulpit. Unholy behavior as such has become normal in our society so when a holy dressed woman presents herself she is often rejected and stigmatized and no one will defend her. We as a people are definitely in a war- good against evil- it’s a spiritual war which can be seen very clearly especially now during the pandemic. This is really the time for us to wake up and SEE what’s really going on around us. See how we are either being used by God or Satan.

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  2. Even during the church services in the parking lot the girls doing the singing were dressed so inappropriately I couldn’t believe my eyes! Young girls, teenagers, a women all with tight tight jeans on and shirts that exposed their stomachs. Nobody said a word and even worse, no one seemed offended by it. It’s a very dangerous thing when God takes your sight away!

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  3. You know, it’s this kind thing and all of the other despicable human behaviors that has brought this judgement upon the land! The virus doesn’t even scare these kind of people! See them walking naked on the beach this past weekend, now over 108 have been exposed to the virus all because they wanted to go out and flaunt their nakedness! Well, most of them don’t believe in God anyway, neither heaven or hell.


  4. What is very disturbing is how fast Africans are to replicate that which they see on television or movies coming from the Western world. Open homosexuality in Africa is something that I never thought that I would live to see, Open prostitution, abortion…. every evil in the Western world can now be found somewhere in Africa and now Africans are sharing in Gods judgement called COVID 19. Africans even learned the bad words of the Westerners such as,, “shit”, “damn”, “son of a bitch”, etc. Africans use these words frivolously without knowing the true meaning because they were never our words, it is a language that we copied from the white world. It was bad enough that we worship other gods and use juju. Long ago the women in Africa dressed so beautifully and very very modestly, not anymore! You now see them wearing pants, and very tight ones at that. Paying for hair from China because the white influence has made them to believe that the hair God gave them isn’t good enough, even some foolish African men degrade the African woman because God didn’t give her the same attributes of a white woman or Asian woman. The rate of rape has also increased especially child rape. Nakedness in some remote villages is common and accepted and it was never seen as something disturbing until perversion crept in through Western influence of dressing with mini skirts, pornography movies, lesbian and gay movies, pornography books, etc. Africa in all of it’s ignorance was spoon-fed with the filth of the Western world and we ate and enjoyed and are now suffering together with them on top of our own suffering brought on by our ancestral god worship. We will be judged together with the white world for sexual immortality and other hideous crimes. We boast of how intelligent we are and what we would do if we had a better opportunity- better opportunity done come for many-Wétin dey? Congratulations Africa!


  5. What really makes me sick and when I catch men looking at them nasty women’s body’s on the sly! Checking out them booties. Women were made differently then us men, they were made to be beautiful so that here husband would be attracted to her and the process of making babies could commence, but walking around half naked or clothes so tight that you may as well be naked, jeans or them tights are so tight till you can see the womans birth canal is just nasty and only a nasty man would be attracted to that! I can see the beauty in a woman wearing over sized clothes waiting for God to send her a husband so only he alone can enjoy her nakedness. I agree that the immodest women works for Satan because her influence reeks a lot of havoc and teaches the young girls to replace them as street whores when they grow up! If you don’t want to be called a whore stop dressing like one, if you want to be respected respect yourself first.

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  6. I saw a girl twice with her g-string panties showing. I was so vexed in my spirit when I saw it, nobody else said one thing to her. I walked up to her in the DMV and told her to pull her pants up, why would you want everyone to see your panties. She didn’t curse me out or anything, she just pulled them up. I saw another one in Walmart, and again I walked up to her and told her to pull up her pants, that a lady should not be dressed that way. She just pulled them up without saying one thing.

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  7. This is part of the problem today also! Half naked people even boycotting and this does not offend anyone! It’s shameful! Why was I born on this planet? There is not one decent place on this earth unless you stumble upon an indigenous group that have never been introduced to the white man and his “modern” objects. The indigenous groups are more civilized than the so-called civilized people!


  8. I saw a woman at Sams yesterday with her husband (I guess he was her husband) and her pants were so tight you could see the cellulite on her legs! I couldn’t believe that her husband would even allow her to leave out of the house dressed that way. When I was coming up women were modest! But now a woman see’s nothing wrong showing her body parts to the whole world and will call a prostitute a prostitute just because she’s standing on a corner, not because of her immodest attire because most women dress just like prostitute!


  9. I went to the nail salon today (I couldn’t take it anymore) and there was a woman in there with shorts so short I thought she had on panties! It’s terrible how blind to sin women are these days, it’s just down right pathetic!
    Their behavior concerning modesty is deplorable and their husbands don’t say anything to them about it, but they don’t say anything because they are just a bad as the wives are! If the wives don’t dress like whores publicly they are afraid that the husband will look at other women. I would tell any woman that if she’s married to a man that doesn’t support modest apparel, or makes her feel unattractive because she does dress modestly in public LEAVE HIM! That’s a man that needs to be divorced immediately because he’s leading you to a life of misery and a life of sin just to please him- no man is worth displeasing God for. I have a good friend who confronted her husband for looking at a half naked woman running in front of them and he told his wife that she was jealous that the half naked woman was more beautiful than her! I would have slapped him right in his mouth!

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    • No, women should not be taught to leave their husbands for any other reason than sexual immorality and even then forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration of relationship, and spiritual deliverance should be the primary most pursued way of dealing with any infidelity in a relationship that was cultivated and brought together by Almighty God. Mat_19:6 “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” People need to be taught how to dress modestly. Women need to learn to obey their husbands. Most men don’t go about telling their wives to dress slutty. That really doesn’t make sense. Why would a man tell his wife to dress slutty in public to be seen by other men? The natural spiritual order of jealousy is there for men to be jealous of their wives. What oftentimes happens is that women don’t know their need for deliverance from demonic spirits. The Jezebel spirit, seduction, and queen of heaven are very prominent today through the way women dress. Unsubmissive women are disobedient to their husbands and through a jezebel provoking feminist culture, women are taught rebellion.


  10. I don’t know whether I should call myself a Christian girl or not, but I dress in a sexy manner. I adorn myself, and think that I’m dressing up for me, because I wear tight jeans, tight shirts. This is a battle I’m fighting, and it’s not easy for me to break away. In a way, I’m of this world because I dress just like how the majority of women nowadays dress. The media tells us how we should look, and how women should act.


  11. Its a shame! Even old women are dressing like whores, it’s really unbelievable. Nothing is left to the imagination and it’s hard for a guy like me because I’m ready for marriage but there’s no way that I will even date a woman who has no problem walking around wearing spandex pants, no way! I don’t want a woman that every man can basically see her nakedness with all of her clothes on. Yuck! My idea of a beautiful woman is one who leaves something to the imagination. A beautiful face with not too much makeup and dressed like a woman who has respect for herself. A woman with class. I don’t want to be seen with a woman who looks like a whore and I’m certainly not taking one home to meet my mother. She would think that something is wrong with me, heck, I would think that something is wrong with me. I will not settle for just anything, I will stay single first.


  12. TRUE STORY ALERT! So, I was married to a man for 35 years. We had 10 beautiful children together. One day my ex-husband met a younger woman at work, she was much younger and dressed like a whore. Her skirts were so short they looked like to-to’s and she would wear the tightest jeans that she could squeeze in while wearing a but pad to give the appearance of having a big behind. On top of that she wore colored contact lens. My dumb ex-husband fell for the trap! He didn’t know that there was even such things as a but pads and colored contact lens! Anywho, he stopped coming home, stopped taking care of our kids, we became homeless and went through a lot of hardships while my ex-husband was caught in the spell of the whore. He divorced me secretly and married her. She got pregnant, he made her get an abortion. When he got tired of looking at the false but, the contacts, and the fake nails and the tight clothing he began to call me again, he missed me, he missed my modesty. He thought that immodesty was “beauty” and learned quickly that it’s false beauty. He told me of how embarrassed he was to be seen with her, and that she thought that he was rich which is why she targeted him to begin with. He wanted me back, I told him no and now they are both remarried. She found a rich guy this time and he found another younger woman who at least is modest.


  13. What is really sad is the women who dress immodestly, young and old see absolutely nothing wrong with it, and most so called religious men see nothing wrong with it either because I see many married men accompany their immodest wives in public, and in church. I actually sat in my car for 15 minutes before going into the grocery store one day just looking at everyone going in and leaving out of the store… Immodest, every single one of them. I was really taken aback by it, I was actually embarrassed to be in the store amungst all of it. I’ve also seen some women look as if they were ashamed of their immodesty when they see how modest I’m dressed standing in close proximity of them. The beauty of my body is for my husbands eyes and pleasure only. My self esteem isn’t so low that I feel the need to walk around in a fashion to intrigue the lusts of men and/or women. I have respect for myself and I know that God is watching me and that I will be judged based on my immodesty. I wasn’t always a modest women and it wasn’t easy to become modest. I actually learned to respect myself from a man many many years ago, and an Orthodox Rabbi taught me the importance of being modest, not only in the way that I dress but in the way that I behave.


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