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man-using-computer-keyboard-2-animatedWho am I? I’m just an ordinary Joe, A NOBODY who has obtained a considerable amount of knowledge concerning false prophets, magic, witchcraft, etc. and feel that it is my duty to share with anyone interested what I know and what I continue to learn. I am an American who came from a family of preachers, evangelists and pastors and was raised in the structural Christian church. I am curious by nature and even as a child would question things that I witnessed in the Christian church, read in the Christian bible and have always been curious about spirituality. 

When I traveled to West Africa with my then spouse for the first time to visit family and friends, I witnessed things that I’d never heard of or seen before and soon found myself on a quest for spiritual knowledge that’s not being taught in the Western world but is known by many false prophets and pastors used to cage their unknowing followers. I  married  a West African who shared with me personal encounters, knowledge and direct involvement with black magic and occultism. During my last visit to West Africa I was introduced to a spiritualist who shared amazing stories of how he furnished false prophets from the United States with black magic to perform “miracles and wonders”. My in-laws consist of African “spiritualists” and because of this I have had incredible secret knowledge revealed to me through my spouse. Some information isn’t easy to write, and you may find some writings difficult to believe but they are all true, I have absolutely NOTHING to gain by sharing this information with you except knowing that I KNOW TRUTHS that can help millions of people to see beyond the smoke screen of the false prophets and religion AND I’M NOT KEEPING IT TO MYSELFYou won’t find a PayPal link or anything of that nature on this page asking you for money  and my name isn’t revealed as to not be accused of seeking fame.   I received this information freely and freely I will give it to you!  As you follow this blog I will reveal to you hidden mysteries of black magic and witchcraft from Africa, the Caribbean and India that has been secretly passed on to MANY African and American pastors, online prophets/seers, preachers, evangelists, and even wealthy business people that has been implemented to keep you out of the will of Yah and destroyed together with Babylon. 

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  1. As you continue to share your knowledge,i have a question for you,can you furnish us with names of true prophets of God who you think are sent from God.This will make it easy for people to make comparisons and have a clear understanding of this gift of the prophetic.


    • Samuel, for one to have a “clear understanding” of what a prophet is/isn’t read what the scriptures say about false prophets; its very clearly written. Furthermore, if Christians would focus more on seeking/pleasing God, living a life of PURE HOLINESS and avoiding ALL EVIL your spiritual eyes will open and you will see/hear from God FOR YOURSELF in ways that you can’t imagine and then you yourself would be capable of differentiating between the magicians who mascaraed themselves to be prophets of God, and those who perhaps have an authentic gift of KNOWLEDGE, which is quite different from prophecy. These magicians who claim Divine authority for their lying prophecies won’t go unpunished by God. The secret to being a mouthpiece for God is living a separated life of HOLINESS and HUMBLENESS. A true prophet of God wont have to tell you or try to convince you that he/she is a prophet – true prophets are RARE and wont be found on social media boasting of their material accomplishments. A true prophet of God is so holy and pure with such a fear and hunger for God with an understanding that this world is only temporary and will be destroyed together with all of the gold, money, elaborate homes, expensive cars, good paying jobs AND EVERYONE WHO CHASED THESE THINGS instead of pursuing God and His Kingdom. A prophet sent by God would only talk about God and His Kingdom and the dangers of loving this world, and the things of this world would mean absolutely nothing to him because he knows that they are temporary. I won’t provide a list of prophets for you because I’m not here to endorse people- my only purpose here is to expose those who are false and to help awaken those who have been mesmerized and misled by pulpit magic so that hopefully they will turn from them and run to God. Those who support and entertain false prophets will be destroyed together with them according to God. “The punishment of the false prophet shall be even as the punishment of him that seeketh unto him” Ezekiel 14;9-10. 2 Peter 2, etc….

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      • but JESUS healed folks , raised the dead ,provided wine for a wedding and in the OT GOD gave the widow with 2 sons lots of oil to sell and make money using prophet elijah .are these the same worldly things you condemn.? i have no love for pastors that amass so much wealth but you seem full of hate , rather than a truly compassionate heart for the lost .if you claim these folks are deceived why then do you condemn them to GODS wrath since they are deceived by false prophets?
        you condemn these prophets, so its also up to you to give practical examples of true prophets that christians should eliminate .


      • In South Africa we have a lesser known Pastor called Daniel Phaladi…He is an end time preacher..He runs a campaign called Back to God. Please do some research on him.


  2. Now don’t use the title prophet but I can recommend one pastor in case u need true healing. his name is *********. he is a true man operating under the true power of God. if u watch his manifestations they are far different from those of the false prophets who do fake Deliverence and instead just add you more demons then they control your mind and u end up worshiping them leading you to go to hell which is their primary Mission. secondary they take your money through brainwashing . example of false/satanic prophets is TB Joshua of Nigeria, pastor Vlad(USA) , John Zarvris(new York) val Wolff South Africa. to name but a few. we don’t just hate them, we hate what they do of leading God Children to hell, frustrations, false miracles, temporary miracles, staged miracles, bad dreams, miscarriages after having a dream about those sons of the devils, bankruptcy. To name but A few.


    • Hudson, thanks for contribution. Many people say that “God hates the sin but loves the sinner” but that’s not true! God mentions frequently throughout the texts that he HATES wicked people. In Psalms it states that He hates evildoers (Psalms 5) and that He abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man (Psalms 5 vs 6) In Psalms 11 (ESV) it says “The Lord tests the righteous, but His soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.” David himself also attests of his HATRED towards sinners in Psalm 26-5 David said ” I hate the assembly of evildoers, and I will not sit with the wicked.” There are many verses regarding HATRED toward wicked PEOPLE and not just their sin. Our focus should be on God and Him alone. He is the prophet maker, He is above everyone and should be regarded more often and higher than any man or any thing including a mere human who may or may not be endowed with a spiritual gift.


  3. THANK YOU Mr. blogger for your contributions and for your willingness to help people like me who want to know the truth so that I can walk in that truth. I dont want to be destroyed together with this world, and I certainly dont want to be punished along with those who patronize false prophets. If more of this were being taught they eyes of those WHO REALLY LOVE GOD will be opened.

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  4. I just read above that Val Wolff is a false prophet. I have also watched her videos of healing and deliverance.
    So how is she performing these miracles? Is it demonic


    • Dear Ron. My Name is Hudson Mubiru and am from Uganda East Africa. Am aborn again Christian and I believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ I believe in the power of the holy spirit which Jesus gave the church and all who believe in his name Mark 16:17. I have also been interested in the subject of healing and deliverence which led me to a good research about deliverence minsters and pastors only to discover that many of them are Using will witchcraft powers plus spraying nacotic drugs as “holy water” plus arranging fake staged Testmonies. There are many victims of these witchcraft pastors . When one goes to Val wolf for deliverence, she will only add you more wicked demons. We have other wicked pastors who use the same type of demons of fake deliverence in Africa eg Tb Joshua of Nageria and Samuel Kakande of Uganda. I can identify them by the similar way of the so called demonic manifestations . Then I can tell. I can send you videos of the true deliverence using the power of God then after watching enough videos you will be able to identify an evil witchcraft satanic pastor like Val wolf. It’s not only Val wolf who is a devil but I have a big list . U can email me for more details but my massage for now is to run away from Val wolf because she is a real wolf hiding in sheep skin


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