False Prophet/Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Buries 3 More Church Members! And Were Secretly Taken To His Privately Owned Mortuary!!!


Almost exactly 3 months since the horrific deaths of 3 of Shepherd Bushiri’s church members (James Nee, Brain Grants, and Beston Khamba)  he’s in the spotlight again after the reported deaths of yet 3 more of his parishioners. The three who were sacrificed 3 months ago were men, this time all 3 were women.  People of South Africa, If you want to stop these ritual killings MAKE BUSHIRI LOOK AT THE CORPSES! 


Three women have died and nine others were injured during a stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church in Pretoria on Friday night, Tshwane West police confirmed.

Spokesperson for the Tshwane West Cluster police, Captain Augustinah Selepe, said in a statement that the police only heard about the stampede on Saturday afternoon, long after the deaths of the three women and officers were immediately dispatched to the scene.

The church is situated at the Tshwane Events Centre in Pretoria and the corpses were quickly whisked away to Bushiri’s privately owned mortuary without informing the police or medical professionals! 

According to Selepe, the police believe (according to witnesses) that a strange thunderstorm prompted the congregation to push each other around during a church service, leading to the stampede. The service began at around 20:00 on Friday night.

On Saturday morning Bushiri’s attorney, Terrance Baloyi of Baloyi Ntsako Attorneys, told News24 that the stampede occurred when people tried to take shelter inside the church during a thunderstorm

Baloyi said some people panicked and he confirmed that three people were killed.


“We regret the incident as a church because it happened within our premises,” Baloyi said at the time.

However, according to the police, the exact cause of the incident is still unconfirmed. Police have also requested that anyone with information about a missing person, who attended the church service, please contact the Pretoria West police station.

“We offer our most [sincere] condolence[s] to the families who lost their loved ones during the stampede, and speedy recovery to those injured,” said Mthombeni.

PASTOR Shepherd Bushiri and officials from his Enlightened Christian Gathering church are facing a case of defeating the ends of justice and of interfering with police work, after they removed the bodies of three women from their Pretoria church after they died, apparently after a stampede, last Friday.


They were taken to a private mortuary owned by Shepherd Bushiri in Pretoria West.

Police yesterday slammed the church for not reporting the incident to the police. Three females had died and 12 were injured during a “stampede to get into the church” during a thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.

The injured congregants were taken to Kalafong Hospital and Pretoria West Hospital. Yesterday police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela, explained the proper procedure. “When this type of thing happens you either phone an ambulance or the police, so paramedics can check if they can resuscitate the person. If the person has died they certify the death.”

He stressed “only authorized people” were allowed to remove bodies, “not paramedics or a person from a private mortuary”.

Bushiri’s lawyer, Terrance Baloyi, said: “We suspended the head of the church who runs the Pretoria branch pending investigations.”

People discussed the bizarre incident on social media. Facebook user Mampe Deborah Letsoale said she had found her mom at RedFord mortuary two days later. “She passed away on December 28 due to Bushiri’s church’s stampede. We were sent from pillar to post by Bushiri’s people they kept my mom’s body at their mortuary in Saulsville.”


“An unexpected thunderstorm came and no one was prepared for it and panicked…” Ritual killings ALWAYS look like accidental deaths. South African’s SHINE YOUR EYES, if he were a REAL PROPHET he would have foreseen the tragedy! He is feeding your people to his demon! 

RIP to the victims of Bushiri’s evil, may Yah comfort those who are grieving. 


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18 thoughts on “False Prophet/Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Buries 3 More Church Members! And Were Secretly Taken To His Privately Owned Mortuary!!!

  1. And he’s now moved to America! This man is anything EXCEPT a prophet! The American’s are so dumb, if one pulls a rabbit out of a hat they will call him a prophet!

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  2. This man needs to be BANNED FROM OPERATING A CHURCH! He is a danger and a menace to society! How many more people must die before the South Africans see this man for who he really is?

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  3. I can’t believe that America was dumb enough to let this @!&* build a church there! When the people there start dying mysteriously I hope that they are spiritual enough to know that they are being used as sacrificial offerings! Anyways, he only targets the dumb and desperate people who are looking for miracles and prophecies

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  4. There is enough trouble going on in South Africa, another type of hell is taking place. We don’t need false prophets, or occultists over here hurting our people any longer. This man must leave!

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  5. This should serve as a warning to all of the Americans who follow these foreign so-called prophets!! People have been warning us but we don’t listen to warnings until after the damage has already been done, and then it’s too late.

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  6. My question is why wont someone trick him and make him look at the corpse? The next time one of his church members dies mysteriously, and we all know that it will happen again, someone should trick him and make him look at one of the dead bodies. But he always seems to fly away on his private jet each time a death occurs. If they really want to stop him, they should either kick him out of their country or trick him but sense he knows that if he looks at the corpse he will die, he will make sure that they arent able to trick him so the best tihg for them to do is to get him out of South Africa- let the dumb Americans deal with his demon of death because soon they will.


  7. This man is evil to the core and so is his greedy wife! How could she support him and his evil, she is no better than he is at least I could have respected her if she left him for his evil ways. I pray that he is punished severely for all of the evil that he has done to the people of South Africa!


  8. What? Is this a joke? This can only happen in Africa, and if he gets away with it it will add more shame to the reputation that South Africans already have of being stupid.


  9. Can you imagine? He was even bold enough to take the corpses to his own mortuary? Ehhhhhhh!!!! Im speechless! Evil has no shame at all!


  10. Abantu baseNingizimu Afrika sekuyisikhathi sokuvuka! Yeka ukuvumela abaprofethi bamanga ukuba bafike ezweni lakini elikhululekile kunelabo futhi bebaphonse abantu bemali ngenkathi behlala ezindlini, bese beqhuba izimoto ezibiza kakhulu ukuthi ngeke bakuvumele ukuba ungene. Ingabe uyakholelwa ngempela ukuthi U-Alph Lukau noma uWald Bushiri bangakunikeza yini enye yezimoto zabo? Uma udinga imali ukukhokhwa ibhilikhithi noma izimali zesikole izingane zakho ucabanga ukuthi lezi zinyoka ziyakhathalela? Banikela wena nemiphefumulo yabantwana bakho kumademoni abo. Benikeze ubuchopho futhi awukwazi ukubona futhi ngokucacile futhi. Ukucwaswa okukhulu eNingizimu Afrika kungukuthi abaprofethi bamanga bangaphandle. Ingabe ulindele ngempela ukuba bakutshele ukuthi bacabanga ukuthi uyisiphukuphuku? Ingabe?


  11. Let this be a learning lesson for South Africans and also a wake up call! We are being deceived by everyone around us and it is time for us to wake up from our sleep! Foreigners have come all packaged differently in hopes to sell themselves to those who don’t have spiritual discernment. South Africa is the FLY PAPER of Africa where we catch a lot of flies and bugs that only come to rob the people in one form or another.


  12. Le ndoda ngeke neze ibalekele ulaka lukaNkulunkulu. Lokho akwenza ekusithekeni ngaphambi kokuba umuntu enze ngokusobala phambi kukaNkulunkulu. UNkulunkulu akahlekisiwe!


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