Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Goes To Jail

Shepherd Bushiri,  who calls himself “Major 1”, and who is called “Papa” by his followers has been arrested in South Africa alongside his wife for fraud and money laundering and it’s about time! 


Bushiri, is a false prophet, an occultist, and the founder of a non-denominational evangelical church called the Enlightened Christian Gathering in South Africa, who has been heavily criticized for performing staged miracles and selling fake mantles, fake miracle water and oils and using black magic and money rituals to take the lives of many innocent South Africans to enable him to remain wealthy and popular. 

Busiri oil


Bushiris money card
Reports emerged that he transported R15 million, equivalent of £860,000 sterling from South Africa to Malawi by private jet and cars.

A statement released by the ECG church on Friday evening alleged that police officers, later identified as members of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks), “stormed” the Sparkling Waters Hotel in Rustenburg at around 7am.

The Hawks also said in a statement on Friday evening that a “prophet” and his wife had been arrested, without naming the pair.

According to the statement released by Bushiri’s church, “They took the prophet and our mother prophetess Mary Bushiri in handcuffs to Pretoria. They have charged our father with fraud and money laundering. As you will remember, from last year, we have struggled with reports that our father was guilty. We have repeatedly learnt from different media houses that we were under investigation.” I don’t know why this lady said “we” were under investigation, it is Bushiri and his wife that were and are under investigation. 

Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said in his statement, “The Hawks’ case against the pair concerns alleged offences of fraud, money laundering, and contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA) committed from 2015 in relation to Exchange Control Regulations related to foreign currency in an amount of 1,147,200 USD.”

Mulaudzi said the couple, who run several sham business enterprises in South Africa, were expected to appear in the Pretoria Specialized Commercial Crime Court on Monday, February 04, 2019. Let’s see if Bushiri can pay his way out of this! 

Bushiris plane

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9 thoughts on “Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Goes To Jail

  1. It’s about time that someone held him accountable for his evil! I hope that he wont be able to pay his way out of this one, it’s easy to bribe judges and police officials in South Africa (so I hear). I pray, for the sake of the people of South Africa and the lives that were lost because of his evil that at least he will be charged for this crime of money laundering. I hope that South Africa seizes all of his money, his property and everything.

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  2. He and his wife are out now on bail, but I pray to the Almighty God that he is punished! Don’t be bribed South Africa! Send him to jail, and then ban him and his wife from your country forever for the sake of your people and for the future generations of South Africans.


  3. Abantu baseNingizimu Afrika sekuyisikhathi sokuvuka! Yeka ukuvumela abaprofethi bamanga ukuba bafike ezweni lakini elikhululekile kunelabo futhi bebaphonse abantu bemali ngenkathi behlala ezindlini, bese beqhuba izimoto ezibiza kakhulu ukuthi ngeke bakuvumele ukuba ungene. Ingabe uyakholelwa ngempela ukuthi U-Alph Lukau noma uWald Bushiri bangakunikeza yini enye yezimoto zabo? Uma udinga imali ukukhokhwa ibhilikhithi noma izimali zesikole izingane zakho ucabanga ukuthi lezi zinyoka ziyakhathalela? Banikela wena nemiphefumulo yabantwana bakho kumademoni abo. Benikeze ubuchopho futhi awukwazi ukubona futhi ngokucacile futhi. Ukucwaswa okukhulu eNingizimu Afrika kungukuthi abaprofethi bamanga bangaphandle. Ingabe ulindele ngempela ukuba bakutshele ukuthi bacabanga ukuthi uyisiphukuphuku? Ingabe?


  4. This is the season that God will expose all doers of iniquity who use His Name to deceive the people. The walls of Jericho come down this year!


  5. I looked this man up and see clearly that he is empty…. not even worth his shoes. I wonder if he prophesied the COVID-19? Why would a person like this not repent? Is it repabation? Has he made a deal with Satan and he knows that repentance is too late for him? I would really like to know his secret.


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