Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Accused of Having Sex With Church Members

Bush and wifeFalse prophet/occultist Shepherd Bushiri spent five days in jail over fraud and money laundering charges, and had his private jet confiscated following allegations that he fabricated loan agreement papers to acquire it. Now the Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader, based in South Africa, is accused of treating the church “like one big bedroom”. Allegations of sexual abuse and illicit affairs have always circulated around Bushiri but unfortunately he managed to bribe and threaten his accusers causing many of them to publicly recant their stories. 

False Prophets Shepherd Bushiri and Uebert Angel Exposed In Sex Scandal. Video and Audio!

As South Africa’s most vibrant, recognizable civil rights movement, #NotInMyName has been approached by women – former and current congregants – of the Enlightened Christian Gathering who, in strict confidence narrate their ordeals at the hands of the so-called man of God and his many ‘lieutenants’. Recounting her experience, one woman described the ECG as “one big bedroom”.


 5 star hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa 

‘We have testimonies of how luxurious Gauteng hotels are centers for sexual encounters and sickening orgies- the encounters date back to several years’.

#NotInMyName is a responsible mass-based organization which is always calculated in its approach. Before sending a public warning, repeated and subtle efforts have been made to warn the ECG leader, Shepherd Bushiri to desist from his uncouth behavior and tendencies.

‘In a country like ours, overwhelmed by sex pests and sex-for-jobs perpetrators like Timothy Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International church, William Emeka of the God Is Love Ministries church, Jabu Ndaba of the Trinity Apostolic Church #NotInMyName hereby sends a stern warning to Shepherd Bushiri [or whatever his real name is] that we are coming for him.

The recent protests seen outside ECG church following the death of congregants will look like a Sunday kindergarten outing if Bushiri does not come clean, and reform’. States a #NotInMyName spokesperson. 


At the CRL Rights Commission hearings, #NotInMyName was in attendance, monitoring Bushiri as he dazzled the Commission with his prepared speeches and charismatic smiles. There is absolutely no dispute about the ECG church’s significant contribution to the economy in Tshwane – through what is being termed religious tourism. The large crowds that converge at the Pretoria Events Center provides a business hub for numerous people of Tshwane – from vendors to the hospitality industry.

However, any suggestion that the ECG leader is deemed “untouchable” would be utterly ludicrous, and an insult to the hurting women.

“Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo! No amount of expensive designer suits, jewelry, hundreds of bodyguards, expensive Range Rovers, private jets, overzealous yet floundering lawyers, the tired gospel of prosperity or cultism will be able to shield Shepherd Bushiri when #NotInMyName and patriotic South
Africans rise to #Shutdown that ECG church”.

#NotInMyName urges other women in South Africa and abroad who have experienced sexual abuse of any magnitude from ECG to speak out.  #NotInMyName is also fully briefed by poor South Africans who allege that they have lost significant amounts of money in financial schemes that are run within the ECG establishment. In due course, our people will rise to recover what they have lost. 

I have ONE QUESTION for all of the so-called “prophets” out there…. Why didn’t you warn the people about this monster? You’re on Social Media telling everyone who’s pregnant and who will win the next basketball game while there are innocent people being murdered and sexually abused by this occultist Bushiri. There are many so-called prophets who have visited this monster, who have invited him and his wife to their churches, who have accepted and exchanged gifts with him and you mean to tell me that God didn’t give you not even ONE DREAM concerning this despicable sex fiendish murderer?  Especially Benny Hinn who seems to LOVE these sociopaths! What I find to be even more disturbing are the false prophets who are now having visions about Shepherd Huxley since all of this publicity of his recent arrest and allegations. Shame on you all! 

False Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Secret of “Raising The Dead”

False Prophet/Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Buries 3 More Church Members! And Were Secretly Taken To His Privately Owned Mortuary!!!

Bushiri Is Told To GO And Never Come Back!

2 Things That Occultists Disguised As Prophets Wont Do


9 thoughts on “Occultist Shepherd Bushiri Accused of Having Sex With Church Members

  1. You’ve been warning Americans about this false prophet every since he established his church in the United States and I thank you for caring enough for the American people to do that. Many people doubted you but I didn’t, you didn’t make a prophecy but a proclamation that this man is evil. His sins have indeed found him out and I pray that the eyes of the Americans are wide open regarding this pervert.


  2. This evil man and his wife are finally facing just one form of judgement! Evil people believe that they will continue on with their evil forever without ever getting caught, thats the lie that Satan tells them. God isnt finished exposing the evil ones yet.


  3. It’s bad already to be a false prophet and even worst to be a foolish one! Here is a prime example of a small boy who went from poverty to buying airplanes in a very short span of time. He got small power and the demon in his head made him think that he was invincible. He hasnt even seen trouble yet, this one na small matter compared to how his end will be. Only a fool will sleep in the same bed with the devil.


  4. Abantu baseNingizimu Afrika sekuyisikhathi sokuvuka! Yeka ukuvumela abaprofethi bamanga ukuba bafike ezweni lakini elikhululekile kunelabo futhi bebaphonse abantu bemali ngenkathi behlala ezindlini, bese beqhuba izimoto ezibiza kakhulu ukuthi ngeke bakuvumele ukuba ungene. Ingabe uyakholelwa ngempela ukuthi U-Alph Lukau noma uWald Bushiri bangakunikeza yini enye yezimoto zabo? Uma udinga imali ukukhokhwa ibhilikhithi noma izimali zesikole izingane zakho ucabanga ukuthi lezi zinyoka ziyakhathalela? Banikela wena nemiphefumulo yabantwana bakho kumademoni abo. Benikeze ubuchopho futhi awukwazi ukubona futhi ngokucacile futhi. Ukucwaswa okukhulu eNingizimu Afrika kungukuthi abaprofethi bamanga bangaphandle. Ingabe ulindele ngempela ukuba bakutshele ukuthi bacabanga ukuthi uyisiphukuphuku? Ingabe?


  5. Shine your eyes South Africans, if you let this man get away with his evil you will regret it! These false prophets only want to take from your country but have nothing of substance to offer. He was banned from his own country for a reason!


  6. People have been warned about this snake over and over again! What makes me angry is that all of this could have been prevented and his church shut down a long time ago. He bribed the last president, he bribed the driver who knew for certain that he was having sex with that girl, there are many people who are guilty of taking blood money from this monkey but what they dont realize is that they wont enjoy the money that they have taken in exchange for their soul!


  7. This man is an animal and his wife should be ashamed of herself for enjoying his blood money and staying devoted to him and his evil. One day people will know that this life is not forever and that we will be held accountable for every sin. There isnt anything worth losing our soul over, nothing is worth being separated from the safety that can only be found in the TRUE God, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!


  8. The entire Christian family are basically having sex with each other! They have turned Christianity into ONE BIG ORGIE! Just sit back and watch the hand of God rise now in anger, He will no longer remain silent. It’s time for His Chose One’s to get in the boat!


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